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Introduction. Corporate Health – Hub & Spoke The Corporate Healthcare Paradigm.

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1 Introduction

2 Corporate Health – Hub & Spoke

3 The Corporate Healthcare Paradigm

4 What is the Employee/Dependents Disease Load? Which Healthcare Provider Gives Best Care? Which Healthcare Provider Gives Value-for- Money? Inter-City Healthcare Comparisons

5 The Corporate Healthcare Paradigm Requirement s Accurate Electronic Medical Record of Employee Provided by Healthcare Providers - Discharge Summaries - Operation Notes - Investigation Records - Health Checks Program to Integrate Disparate Healthcare Records held in Corporate Office

6 The Corporate Healthcare Paradigm Employee Electronic Medical Record Medical Details Financial Details Administrative Details Central Hub and Spoke Database, Instantly Accessible

7 ROMANY A complete Healthcare Solution

8 The Team

9 The Core Development Team Dr M M Ghosh MD MS FRCS Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata Surgical Team Leader, Operaton Smile India Director MRM Technologies Kolkata Member, Indian Association of Medical Informatics Adjunct Professor in Medical Technology IIT Kharagpur Over 18 years Experience in Developing Medical Software Dr Rosina Ahmed MD FRCS Consultant Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata Director MRM Technologies Kolkata Member, Indian Association of Medical Informatics Member, HL-7 International Eastern India Assessor - NABH India Over 10 years Experience in Development of Clinical and Administrative Systems Mr Subrata Bose MCA Executive Director Kris Systems, Kolkata Member Indian Association of Medical Informatics Over 20 years Experience in Development of ERP Solutions for Financial and Manufacturing Industry

10 Our Clients Large Hospitals in Metros Wockhardt Hospita and Kidney Institute, Kolkata (Recently Acquired by the Fortis Hospitals Group) Diagnostics Centres EKO Diagnostics - Largest Diagnostics Network in Eastern India, with Hub Centre in Kolkata and 9 Spoke Centres From Cuttack to Ranchi to Siliguri Large Hospital Groups in Non-Metros Ruban Memorial Hospital and Ruban Emergency Hospital, Patna Nursing Homes in Mofussil Areas Sharanya Hospital, Burdwan, Bansal Nursing Home, Howrah International Healthcare Network Operation Smile International - Across 51 Countries Cover an Extensive Range of Healthcare Providers

11 Multi-Tier Architecture

12 Clinical Process Driven – Electronic Medical Record Multi-level User-Authentication and 100% Audit Trailing User-friendly screen layouts and navigation Customized screens for different user groups Minimum Training needed for Usage & Administration Direct Data import interface with Hospitals/ Clinics/ Diagnostic Centers SMS Alerts Software Features

13 Designed with IBM RationalUP Developed in Microsoft Dot NET Uses Oracle 11g RDBMS Backbone Conforms to HL7 Standards Global Standards

14 Packages Options to create open-ended packages for Healthcare Providers having variables: Ward Expenses Doctors Fees (Attending, Referred, Consultants, RMO) Operations including Consumables and Disposables Diagnostic tests Pharmacy by Value Options to automatically integrate bills for services offered beyond the scope of packages

15 Corporates/ Insurance TPAs CORPORATES Create Flexible Corporate Packages Schedule Employee Checkups Billing as per contracts with Hospitals Accounting by Healthcare Provider INSURANCE Pre-authorisation Management Compare Actual vs Authorised Bills Additional Bills for Direct Payments Accounting for TPAs

16 Employee Health Management Track OPD Appointments Online Bed Availability Status in Empanelled Hospitals Monitor Admissions, Discharges and Transfers Manage Waiting Lists for Operations for Employees Create Daily Employee Status Record Comprehensive Employee Health Records Past records available at all levels, whenever needed Discharge Summaries auto-integrated from hospital data

17 Electronic Medical Records

18 Superspeciality Services Referral to Superspecialty Hospital Process Monitoring Billing for Services Comparison of Superspecialty Services

19 Administrative Reporting Instantly Online - Total Employee Numbers as In-Patients HealthCheck Status Sick Leave Analysis Analysis of Use of Healthcare Facilities by Dependents Parametrised Analysis of Overuse/Misuse Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Healthcare Spend

20 Central Clinical Database IPD OPD OT Day Care Employee Disease Load Monitoring Clinical Audit & Outcome Analysis Multi-disciplinary Care Targeting New Developments Inter-City Monitoring of Products & Services

21 360 o Data Analysis – Treatment Plan Functional Analysis Patient with Multiple Trauma (ISS > 18) Where to Treat? Which Hospital? Resource Utilisation – Diagnostics, OT, ICU? Need for Specialist Intervention? Where?

22 360 o Data Analysis – HUB & Spoke Young Mother – C/S for Twin Pregnancy One Baby Needing Level III Neonatal Care Billing & Cash Collection Across Two Sites? Vaccination Scheduling? How should these Patients be Treated? In a Small Nursing Home? Transferred to Multi-Specialty Hospital? At what point? Communication between Units

23 Comprehensive Employee Health Program Identification of Disease Burden in Staff and Dependents Analysis of Probable Healthcare Requirement for FY Assessment of Best Value Health Care Providers Inter-City and Inter-State Comparison of Health Care Providers for Particular Diagnoses Efficient Management of Expensive Superspecialty Care Optimisation of Healthcare Spend

24 Thank You

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