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2 Workshop Agenda  Introduction  Direct Pay  Contacts  References 2

3 Direct Pay What is Direct Pay? New Direct Pay Form Authorized Transactions Submittal of Direct Pay Request Hospitality Expenses 3

4 Direct Pay cont’d What is Direct Pay? Direct Pay is a process to pay vendors directly for routine purchases Direct Pay is also used to reimburse employees who have paid vendors on behalf of the University. These should be listed under authorized direct pay transactions Payments for services listed on the allowable transactions list such as Honorariums have to be made by the University, not by the staff or faculty. Tax requirements for Independent Contractors or Sole Proprietors will be reported to the IRS as earned income on 1099-Misc 4

5 Direct Pay Cont’d Ad for recruitment (not placed by HR) that do not require PO Ads placed in Poly Post Books & Subscriptions Certification & Renewal Fees Citation, booking & processing fees Membership Candidate Lodging & Meals Accreditation Fees Candidate Reimbursement of interview expenses Food/beverages (see CSU Policy 1301.00) Honorariums/Guest Lecturer Direct Vendor Pay - Travel 5 Authorized Transactions

6 Direct Pay Cont’d Submittal of Direct Pay request Direct Pay Form (F-3820)  Complete form  Obtain authorized approval signature  For the Academic Affairs Division, any expense over $5,000.00, the Provost’s signature is required. Back up Documentation  Invoice / Remittance stubs / Subscription order form / * Original Receipts / Copy of the travel Authorization form (if paying vendor directly for conference, workshop) * Original itemized receipt is required. A credit card transaction receipt is not sufficient unless itemized. Receipts/invoices shall indicate “paid” or show a zero balance. 6

7 Cell Phone Reimbursement What do we need from you:  A direct pay form  Proof of payment (cancelled check, credit card or bank stmt, or following stmt that reflects payment from previous bill)  Summary Bill/Invoice 7

8 Hospitality Expenses Hospitality expenses must be directly related to, or associated with, the active conduct of official CSU business The occasion must:  Serve a clear CSU business purpose, with no personal benefit derived by the official host or other employees  The expenditure of funds for hospitality should be cost effective and in accordance with the best use of public funds 8

9 Hospitality Expenses The following restrictions apply to the use of the Operating Fund (POM01): Operating Fund may not be used to pay for any expenditure prohibited by applicable laws, regulations, or agreements including the California Budget Act. Operating Fund may not be used to pay for food and beverages for business meetings attended only by employees of the same work location (i.e. CPP). Operating Fund may not be used to pay for alcoholic beverages, entertainment services, memberships in social organizations, or tobacco products. 9

10 Hospitality Expenses Operating Fund may not be used to pay for gifts. To most effectively comply with federal regulations, there is a limited exception permitting the use of Operating Fund for gifts to federal officials. Operating Fund may be used to pay for promotional item expenditures, except when the recipients of the promotion items are employees. Operating Fund may be used to pay for the participation of employees or official guests at CSU fundraising events to the extent that such expenditures do not exceed the projected net revenue of the activity. 10

11 Hospitality 11

12 6. References Direct Pay  Direct Pay Form :  Hospitality Policy: Payment.pdf Payment.pdf  Vendor Form :  Service Invoice: 12

13 Year End – Important Dates for AP May 15, 2015 Chargebacks June 01, 2015 Direct Pay June 05, 2015 OfficeMax online purchases June 05, 2015 Travel June 05, 2015 Purchases/Returns to Bronco Book Store June 18, 2015 Last day of check run for FY14-15 June 19 – 26 AP records/reviews/submits accruals July 6, 2015 Begin voucher for FY 15-16 July 7, 2015 First check run 13

14 5. Contacts  Al Viteri Director of Acct Servicesext 2009  Helen Lee AP Coordinatorext 2014  Laurie HamiltonTravel ext 2018  Rachel ReynaDirect Pay ext 2029  Linda KatoVendors A – I ext 2016  Elaine LozanoVendors J- Z ext 2160  Valerie EberleInternational Travel ext 4846 ( Risk Management) 14

15 Q & A ? 15

16 Taxes Edward Shore University Accounting Tax Specialist 16


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