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NSS ICT Introduction 2009-2012. Curriculum Core Elective Coursework.

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1 NSS ICT Introduction 2009-2012

2 Curriculum Core Elective Coursework

3 Core Based on the knowledge learnt in F.1-F.3 ICT F.1 – Office Applications F.2 – Multimedia elements & web authoring F.3 – Programming, networking & database And some advanced knowledge

4 Core – Internet and its Applications NSS ICT Curriculum and Assessment Guide Communication, Resource sharing Router, Switch, Hub

5 Core – HKCEE CIT questions CE CIT 07’ Paper 1A Q.6 Mary conducts a survey with data computation and analysis and then produces a newsletter. Which application software should she use? (1) Word processor (2) Spreadsheet software (3) Presentation software A. (3) onlyB. (1) and (2) only C. (1) and (3) onlyD. (2) and (3) only

6 Elective Module C – Multimedia Production and Web Site Development Module D – Software Development

7 Elective – Module C Multimedia Production Five Multimedia Elements –Text –Image –Animation –Sound –Video Web Site Development –Presenting information on the Internet –Web authoring tools (Dreamweaver) –Dynamic and interactive web pages (Facebook, Xanga, e-business)

8 Shining World - we make and live our world with love

9 Elective – Module C Web Site Development


11 Allows students to show creativity in different types of multimedia products Interesting and interactive Many resources can be found on the Internet

12 Elective – Module D Software development Programming concept –Arithmetic operators –Selection –Iteration Y = X * 3 If Mark >= 50 Then MsgBox(“You pass the exam”) Else MsgBox(“You fail the exam”) EndIf For i = 1 to 100 MsgBox(i) Next

13 Elective – Module D Software development Learn the basic programming concept from the beginning No need to memorize too much

14 Elective – Module D Software development Sudoku

15 Elective – Module D Software development Puzzle

16 Successful Cases in IT

17 Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg born May 14, 1984 an American computer programmer (Harvard student) He wished to get people connected around the campus, so he has created the online social website. IT realized his dream and brought him wealth. Facebook, social-networking site, is now worth $1.5 billion four years after launching

18 CEO of Apple Inc Steve Jobs an American businessman co-founder, CEO of Apple Inc. the former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. demonstrated innovation in design to technological advancement.

19 Apple has sold a total of 17 million iPhones -- including sales of both the original iPhone and iPhone 3G - - since launch, according to the company's vice president of iPod and iPhone product marketing. The 13.7 million iPhones sold in 2008 beat Apple's target of 10 million by a wide margin. Other successes including: –Apple's iPhone developer programme, which boasts 50,000 members –the number of applications available via the company's App Store now exceeds 25,000 –800 million total downloads on the App Store so far, Apple said.

20 Are you ready to contribute something amazing? "Innovation has nothing to do with how much you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it." Steve Job at Fortune, Nov. 9, 1998

21 Founder of Yahoo! Jerry Yang ( 楊致遠 ) Born in Taipei, Taiwan the co-founder, former CEO of Yahoo! Inc Ranks 261 on The 400 Richest Americans 2007


23 令寬頻快 8 倍 中大生首奪美科研獎 研究 心得﹕不盡信教授所言( 7-9-2005) 【明報專訊】研究講求不斷嘗試,屢敗屢戰,要抱有求真之心及懷疑態度才能成功。中大電子工程學系博士生霍美寶,就是抱  「不盡信教授所言」的批判精神進行研究,花近兩年時間,成功提升光纖輸送資料技術,若將技術用於寬頻,傳送速度可較現時 加快 8 倍。研究成果令她成為首位奪得「美國電機及電子工程師學會優秀研究生獎」的香港人。 破傳送限制 增畫面解像度 霍美寶得獎的研究,成功研發出一個激光光源同時發出多個波場的技術, 打破目前一般光纖每秒傳送 100 億 個數碼信號的速度限制,將傳送資料速度提升 8 倍 。她介紹,技術可加快寬頻傳送影像的速度, 令畫面的解像度更高。中大電子工程學系教授許正德表示,正待加強技術的穩定性,改良後便可將研究商品化推出市場。 小時不玩 Barbie 玩玩具車 年僅 26 歲的美寶,自小醉心於電子產品,「我小時候沒有玩 Barbie 公仔,我玩車,又整電筒。」提及研究心得,她認為教授給的 意見未必一定正確,討論過程中會提出自己的看法,要「有耐性,不服輸」。 「失敗乃成功之母」這句話雖然老套,但美寶卻視它為研究的金科玉律。她說﹕ 「 你失敗得愈多,就會學得愈多,因為當你成功的時候,未必會花時間去細看 箇中的事物,但失敗時就會特別用心去找資料,嘗試解決問題。 」這種對失敗的體會, 其實正正來自當天的挫折。「提交論文後,別人的回應卻十分負面,指我未有顧及很多問題,手持那份評語時,那種挫敗感比起 我不能完成實驗時更加沉重」。 帶領美寶研究的許正德教授,讚賞她對研究「認真、執著及追求完美」的態度,美寶 不會盡信教授的觀點 ,而自行 找很多資料,看看其他人的做法和想法,許正德說﹕「美寶的獨特之處,是會用不同角度去看同一件事」。許教授笑稱,指導美寶 做研究一點也不容易。 ICT is about problem-solving skills

24 Tiffany Sum was born an interdisciplinary art monkey in 1980 in Hong Kong, SAR China. Obtained her BA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong and MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Awarded the Best Interactive Work at RE/ACT festival in Germany (2006) Finalist for the 13th Hong Kong iFVA Festival (2008). Being an Assistant Professor, Sum is currently teaching at California State University, Long Beach.

25 Why does IT need women?

26 Women are generally good at communication (both verbal and written) Bring different points of view when compared to men, creating diversity in innovation leads to the design

27 IT helps you to realize your dream!





32 Career Path in IT

33 Is it your future after studying ICT? XX Broadband $100 for 4 GB USB!

34 Your future after studying ICT Project ManagerIT consultant

35 Doctor? Researcher? Huge Database to store patients’ record Making Vaccines to cure swine flu

36 Lawyer? Businessmen? Protect Privacy Real time communication around the world Updated information from the Internet


38 Imagine your future in computing From entertainment and communication to conquering disease or eliminating hunger – computer technologies provide solution to make a better life. A high-tech world calls for inspired and talented people. Technological advancement are creating new jobs every day!

39 When you fill in the form, X2: ICT (Module D) Module D – Software Development Can take Literature at the same time X3: ICT (Module C) Module C – Multimedia Production and Web Site Development Can take Visual Arts at the same time

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