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2  System Directory  Budget Assumptions & Directions  Budget Development System  Timelines for Budget Development  Questions




6 A reduction in our operating budget of 1% in FY 08 ‐ 09 and another 1% reduction in FY 09 ‐ 10 For budgetary purposes, enrollment (FTSE) is projected to grow 0%. The unaudited FTSE for FY 08 ‐ 09 was 2251.6 FTSE. If we grow, we will receive $2130/FTSE. If we lose FTSE, we pay back $1950/FTSE. Aside from enrollment growth dollars, Meet & Confer/Collaborative Agreements may be the only possible source for new dollars.

7 Reallocation of SMCC funds within existing 2010- 11 Budget is the primary source of dollars. Any position or activity funded for 2009-10 with OYO funds will need to be requested again. The Active Retirement Program remains in flux depending on Governing Board actions and the college's ability to respond. Increases in utility costs will be mandated; we do not receive any additional funds for increases in utilities or postage.

8  The amount of carry ‐ forward/one ‐ time ‐ only funds may be limited.  The CTC Technology Plan will continue to support the replacement of computers in classrooms, offices and presentation systems. There will be limited capital funds for other items.

9 Account Managers are encouraged to meet with Dzung Tran by Friday, September 11 to review your existing budget. Adjustments can be made from object code 53xxx to 59xxx within your account(s) budget(s) and/or crossed off your budget, but your bottom line figure must remain the same. Do not change "Personnel & Benefit"/Object codes "51xxx" & "52xxx.“ The changes should be approved by the Vice President by Friday, September 11.

10  Create and submit the appropriate Budget Request Forms.  Submit requests on ‐ line by Friday, September 25, 2009 by 5:00pm. The online Budget Request System will be closed at the end of the working day. No late requests will be accepted.


12 An updated Budget Development System Allow you submit multi-detail requests of a project/work under one budget request. The System calculates more proficiently the salary and benefit for your personnel request. User-friendly and easily for you to view and edit your request.

13 Select “Run” to install the system after you click on “Budget Request Form” link.



16 Fiscal Year – Select the fiscal year of The budget requests Mode – There are 3 different modes including Add a new request, View and Edit a current budget request BR List – the list of current or last Year Budget

17 Withdraw your budget request Copy a viewed request View and Print a Request Form View Job and Pay-rate information Save the details of the budget request Close the budget form


19 Select the drop box next to “Mode” in the tool bar menu and choose “Add New BR.”

20 Start Enter data for “Requestor Information” and the “General Information”.

21 Save Select “Save” button on the menu bar after completing this screen.

22 BR-ID System Generate Budget Request ID number. Now Select “OK.”

23 Click on the next tab “Goals & Objectives.”

24 Review College Strategic Plan, Select Priority and Goal; and 1 1 2 Select an current objective or Select “Add” icon for a new objective. 2 2

25 , then select “Save.” Complete each field on this Proposed New Objective

26 A confirming window will be opened. To save a new “Objective,” you select “Yes.”

27 Select an objective or the proposed objective.

28 Enter your “Justification.”

29 Select “Line Item Detail” tab.

30 You can select the sub-tabs under “Line Item Detail” tab, including: “Personnel Detail” and “Non-Personnel Detail.”

31 You can select “Non-Personnel Detail” sub-tab, then Select and/or enter accordingly the data for this page.

32 Select “Save Current Line Item” button to save the non-personnel details.

33 Click “OK.”

34 You can add more line items for the Non-Personnel Detail by selecting “Add New NonPersonnel Detail” icon at the bottom of the window.

35 Remember to select one of “Save” icons for each detail line item.

36 You can delete a current detail line item by selecting “Delete Current Non-Personnel Detail” button at the bottom of the window.

37 Select “Personnel Detail” sub-tab under the “Line Item Detail” tab.

38 Select and enter the information for Job Title, Type, Detail, Grade, Hours per Week Months/Year then Click on “Calculate Total” button.

39 Click on “Save” icon on the menu bar to save your personnel-detail request.

40 You can add more personnel request or delete personnel request as the same as the Non-personnel request process.


42 You can view all detail line items of your request by Select “All Detail (View Only)” sub-tab under the “Line Item Detail” tab.

43 Select “Print “ button to view and print the budget request form. You can zoom the form by selecting the percentage number in the ZOOM drop box.

44 Select “Print icon” on the top left of the window to print the request form. A new window will appear. Select “Print” button in that Print Window.


46 Select “Edit My BR’s” in “Mode” drop-down box after log into the system.

47 “FY 10-11” is automatically selected in “Fiscal Year” drop box.

48 Select you budget request name in the “BR List” drop box then edit the budget request.

49 Click on “Save” icon on the menu bar when you complete the edition.


51 Select “View All BR’s” under the Mode drop box.

52 Select a Fiscal Year.

53 Select a budget request from “BR List” drop box.

54 Select “Copy” icon on the top right of the menu bar.

55 Select “Yes” if you would like to copy this budget request.

56 System will generate new Budget Request ID # …, you should select “OK” …

57 System will change from “View Mode” into “Edit Mode,” and a new copy of your BR request is appeared under the “BR List.” It is ready for you to edit for this fiscal year.


59 Log into the Budget System and Select “Edit My BR’s” under “Mode”

60 Select “FY 10-11” under the “Fiscal Year” drop box.

61 Select you budget request name in the “BR List” drop box.

62 Click on “Withdraw” icon on the menu bar.

63 Select “Yes” if you want to withdraw the budget request, then select OK.


65 Now thru Sept 11 - Make an appointment with Dzung Tran to review current year budget. Consider changes in department Base Budget. Sept 11 - Account Managers submit changes in Base Budget to Vice Presidents. Sept 18 - Vice Presidents transmit approved Base Budget changes to Dzung Tran. Sept 25 - ALL FY09-10 budget requests must be completed in the Budget Request System by 5 p.m.

66 Sep 28 - Oct 4 - College Business Office reviews requests for completeness. Oct 5- 16 - Vice Presidents’ Committees review and rank requests from their areas. Requests are ranked by: Permanent or One-time-only/Carry forward. Equipment/Remodeling. Oct 23 - Vice Presidents’ committee recommendations are inserted in the Budget Request System.

67 Oct 19- 23 - College Technology Committee reviews NEW Technology requests. VPs and President review ranked budget requests for completeness. Oct 26- 30 - College Business Services review and prepare budget request for Exec. Team. Nov 2-13 - Executive Team review of combined rankings. Dec 7 – President’s Leadership Advisory Council reviews of budget recommendations. Dec 19 - Final FY 10-11 submission to District Budget Office.


69 Dzung Tran x38128 Huu Hoang x38127

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