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IFAC International Federation of Automatic Control.

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1 IFAC International Federation of Automatic Control

2 IFAC’s AIMS  Promote control science and technology  Advance international collaboration  Stimulate research, development and application of automatic control and systems engineering  Promote dissemination and exchange of information  Stimulate improvement and extension of education

3 IFAC Founded September 1957 IFAC Members:National Member Organizations The NMOs represent control engineers from each of the following : AFRICA South Africa Tunisia AMERICA Canada USA Argentina Brazil Chile Cuba Mexico Peru Venezuela AUSTRALIA Australia ASIA China Hong Kong Indonesia India Israel Japan Korea Rep. Singapore Vietnam EUROPE Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Rep. Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy Ireland Kosovo Lithuania Macedonia Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovak Rep. Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom


5 IFAC EVENTS  World Congresses  Symposia (the Technical Board defines the Masterplan)  Conferences  Workshops Approximately 30 events per year


7 IFAC COORDINATING COMMITTEES AND TECHNICAL COMMITTEES 1. Systems and Signals 1.1. Modelling, Identification and Signal Processing 1.2. Adaptive and Learning Systems 1.3. Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems 1.4. Stochastic Systems 1.5 Networked Systems 2. Design Methods 2.1. Control Design 2.2. Linear Control Systems 2.3. Non-Linear Control Systems 2.4. Optimal Control 2.5. Robust Control 2.6. Distributed Parameter Systems 3. Computers, Cognition and Communications 3.1. Computers for Control 3.2. Computational Intelligence in Control 3.3. Telematics: Control via Communication Networks THEORY TECHNOLOGY 4. Mechatronics, Robotics and Components 4.1. Components and Technologies for Control 4.2. Mechatronic Systems 4.3. Robotics 4.5. Human Machine Systems

8 IFAC COORDINATING COMMITTEES AND TECHNICAL COMMITTEES 5. Manufacturing and Logistics Systems 5.1. Manufacturing Plant Control 5.2. Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control 5.3. Enterprise Integration and Networking 5.4. Large Scale Complex Systems 6. Power and Process Systems 6.1. Chemical Process Control 6.2. Mining, Mineral & Metal Processing 6.3. Power and Energy Systems 6.4. Safeprocess APPLICATIONS 7. Transportation and Vehicle Systems 7.1. Automotive Control 7.2. Marine Systems 7.3. Aerospace 7.4. Transportation Systems 7.5. Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 8. Bio & Ecological Systems 8.1. Control in Agriculture 8.2. Biological and Medical Systems 8.3. Modelling & Control of Environmental Systems 8.4. Biosystems and Bioprocesses 9. Social Systems 9.1. Economic & Business Systems 9.2. Social Impact of Automation 9.3. Developing Countries 9.4. Control Education 9.5. SWIIS

9 IFAC PUBLICATIONS  Periodicals AUTOMATICA Control Engineering Practice Annual Reviews in Control Journal of Process Control Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Journal on Mechatronics Affiliated Journals Newsletter  IFAC Proceedings  IFAC PapersOnLine

10 IFAC Awards Presented at each Triennial World Congress THE GIORGIO QUAZZA MEDAL 1981 Prof. John F. Coales 1984 Prof. Iakov Z. Tsypkin 1987 Prof. Karl J. Aström 1990 Prof. Petar Kokotovic 1993 Prof. Edward J. Davison 1996 Prof. Alberto Isidori 1999Prof. Brian D.O. Anderson 2002 Prof. Lennart Ljung 2005 Prof. Tamer Başar 2008 Prof. Graham Goodwin 2011 Prof. Hidenori Kimura THE NATHANIEL NICHOLS MEDAL 1996 Prof. Jürgen Ackermann 1999Prof. Gunter Stein 2002 Dr. Carl Nett 2005 Dr. William F. Powers 2008 Prof. Gerd Hirzinger 2011 Dr. Siva Banda INDUSTRIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2002 Yasuo Ichii, Shoji Murayama and Takahiro Yamasaki 2005 Serge Boverie 2008 Not awarded 2011 Anton van Zanten HIGH IMPACT PAPER AWARD 2011 Profs. David Mayne, J.B. Rawlings, C.V. Rao and P.O.M. Scokaert

11 IFAC Awards  IFAC Applications Paper Prize  IFAC Young Author Prize  IFAC Harold Chestnut Control Engineering Textbook Prize  IFAC Poster Paper Prize Congress Awards Journal Awards  AUTOMATICA Paper Prize  CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE Paper Prize  Journal of PROCESS CONTROL Paper Prize  EAAI Paper Prize  Mechatronics Journal Paper Prize

12 IFAC Fellows The IFAC Fellow Award is given annually to persons who have made outstanding and extra-ordinary contributions in the field of interest of IFAC, in the role as an Engineer/Scientist, Technical Leader, or Educator. The first Fellows were elected at the IFAC World Congress in Prague in July 2005.

13 The persons distinguished in 2005 were B.D.O. Anderson, J. Ackermann, K.J. Åström, M. Araki, T. Başar, L. Basanez. J. Benes, J. Bernussou, R.Bitmead. E.J. Davison, J. Gertler, G. Goodwin, R. Isermann, A. Isidori, S. Kahne, P. Kokotovic, H. Kwakernaak, L. Ljung, M. Mansour, C. Nett, A. Niemi, W. Powers, J.A. de la Puente, Y. Sawaragi, W. Schaufelberger, G. Stein, M. Thoma, P. Uronen, T. Vamos, F. L. Xiong In 2006, the following persons were elected IFAC Fellows P. Albertos, M. Athans, J. Balchen, H.F. Chen, S. Engell, W. Findeisen, K. Furuta, M. Gevers, G. Guardabassi, D. Hrovat, P. Ioannou, M. Masten, D. Mayne, T. McAvoy, B. Polyak, T. Soederstroem In 2007, the following persons were elected IFAC Fellows F. Allgoewer, J. Cruz, J.M. Dion, C. Georgakis, H. Khalil, H. Kimura, V. Kucera, I. Landau, Lei Guo, W. Marquardt, E. Mosca, R. Tempo, P. van den Hof, F.Y. Wang In 2008, the following persons were elected IFAC Fellows S. Bittanti, R. Braatz, E. Camacho, X.R. Cao, C. Cassandras, T.Y. Chai, T. Edgar, E. Gottzein, A. Haddad, M. Krstic, A. Kurzhanski, F. Lewis, M. Morari, M. Safonov, A. Vicino IFAC Fellows

14 In 2009, the following persons were elected IFAC Fellows Frank Doyle, Peter Fleming, Lino Guzzella, Jie Huang, George Irwin, Tohru Katayama, Giorgio Picci, Bruno Siciliano, Tzyh Jong Tarn In 2010, the following persons were elected IFAC Fellows Panos Antsaklis, Siva Banda, Ross Barmish, Chris Byrnes (elected posthumously), Ruwei Dai, Denis Dochain, Tyrone Duncan, Shuzi Sam Ge, Jessy Grizzle, Shinji Hara, Mustafa Khammash, Wook-Hyun Kwon, Li Qiu, Anders Lindquist, Andrew Teel, Masayoshi Tomizuka, Ali Ulsoy In 2011, the following persons were elected IFAC Fellows John Baillieul, Bassan Bamieh, Shanker P. Bhattacharyya, Edgar H. Bristol, Jie Chen, Patrizio Colaneri, Panagiotos Christofides, Arthur Krener, Jay Lee, Zongli Lin, Reza Moheimani, Ian Song, Lihua Xie

15 WHAT IS IFAC ALL ABOUT ?  Enthusiastic engineers and scientists from about 50 countries  organizing approximately 30 technical meetings per year  investing time, energy and expertise  for the benefit of the control engineering community.

16 IFAC SECRETARIAT Schlossplatz 12 A-2361 Laxenburg AUSTRIA Tel:+43/2236/71447 Fax:+43/2236/72859 e-mail:

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