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Working with Info Tech, Inc. Teresa Franklin Trnsport Product Manager October 6, 2007 A Primer for Trnsport Users.

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1 Working with Info Tech, Inc. Teresa Franklin Trnsport Product Manager October 6, 2007 A Primer for Trnsport Users

2 Overview of Info Tech Founded in 1977 –Transportation Construction Management Software –Statistical and econometric consulting –IT Solutions Developed initial DOT applications in 1982 AASHTOWare ® prime contractor for Trnsport ™ Developed Bid Express ® Internet bidding service Corporate office in Gainesville, Florida –Regional offices: Atlanta, Austin, DC area Approximately 200 employees ITI is 30 Years Young!!!

3 Topics for Today Typical Trnsport calendar Working with the Trnsport Task Force (TTF) Working with the TUG Chair and TAGs Support agencies’ use of Trnsport Develop, enhance and maintain Trnsport Provide implementation services Other services

4 Typical Trnsport Calendar July – Maintenance, Support and Enhancement (MSE) Contract Begins –New MSE work starts, plans for year refined –New Ballot Item review begins September – First Fiscal Year (FY) TTF meeting –Recap of previous FY and current FY plan –Strategic planning –Trnsport User Group (TUG) meeting preparation October – Annual User Group Meeting –Participate in Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings –Provide demo room –Ballot item review, complexity and comments

5 Typical Trnsport Calendar November – Annual User Ballot –Develop recommendations to TTF from ballot results December – Second FY TTF Meeting –Mid year product updates/releases as needed –Trnsport News semi-annual newsletter published January – Third FY TTF Meeting –Next FY MSE Work Plan preparation –Review and refine strategic plan March –Review and plan next FY TMRs –Attend AASHTOWare task force chairs meeting

6 Typical Trnsport Calendar April – Fourth FY TTF Meeting –June client/server release content lock –Next FY MSE Work Plan refinements June – Final FY TTF Meeting –End of year release shipments –Trnsport News semi-annual newsletter published Ongoing throughout FY –MSE Administration, Maintenance and Support Services –Agile, test driven development of web Trnsport –Obsolete TMR Review

7 Working with the TTF Attend five TTF meetings each year –Provide status of all activities –Respond to action item requests Attend weekly TTF meetings on web Trnsport Assist in developing plans –Long Range Work Plan (LRWP) –Maintenance, Support & Enhancement Work Plan (MSE) –Development of web Trnsport Product Backlog review and recommendations –Requested proposals

8 Working with the TUG Chair and TAGs Ballot Process –Automated Ballot System (ABS) maintenance –Support ballot process and tool modifications –Subject matter experts support TAGs throughout the FY User Notifications from TUG Chair –Posting of emergency fixes for urgent/critical TMRs –TTF approval of Agency funded enhancements –TTF appointment of Technical Review Teams (TRTs) Support TAG participation in web Trnsport reviews

9 Working with the TUG Chair and TAGs Learning about diversity in agency personnel and business rules –For example, TUG Chair Brian Parnell introduces a couple of his “coworkers” at the South Carolina DOT

10 Supporting Agencies (core) Account Managers –Build and maintain long-term customer relationships –Maintain awareness of implementation activities –Develop tactical plans & solutions to meet agency needs –Delivery of agency proposals, product demos Customer Support – Team Approach –Support Specialists – track and resolve initial requests –Subject Matter Experts – provide in-depth product and/or business expertise for issue resolution –Developers – provide further technical expertise

11 Account Managers Pamela Barry Southeastern Region Ward Zerbe Eastern/Midwest Region Stan Silva Central / Mountain Phil Rodriguez Central / Mountain Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Nova Scotia Puerto Rico South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia Wisconsin ConnecticutDelaware District of ColumbiaFederal Lands Hwy MaineMaryland MassachusettsMinnesota New BrunswickNew Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Ontario Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont Virginia Alaska Arizona California Hawaii Idaho Nevada Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming Colorado Kansas Missouri Montana Nebraska New Mexico Oklahoma Texas Utah Sid Hodgson is Account Manager for the Philippines DPWH Chad Schafer is Account Manager for Michigan

12 Supporting Agencies (optional) Service units –A mechanism for agencies to acquire Trnsport related services through AASHTO Types of Services –Implementation and training –Agency specific support services –Conversion to fund development and enhancements Monthly Status Reports provided to TTF and Agencies on Service Unit Usage

13 Product Development & Enhancements Oversight provided by TTF –TTF may appoint Technical Review Team (TRTs) web Trnsport Product Backlog –Pending product requirements –Prioritized by TRTs –Work Plans approved by TTF Ballot Items AASHTO Funded, TTF Directed Agency Funded, TTF Approved –Joint development (formal and informal) –Single agency

14 Product Maintenance TMR Selection, Prioritization and Bundling –MSE funded, TTF approval –Agency funded TTF approval of Urgent and Critical Items Emergency Fix Validation and Notification TTF TMR Backlog Review –Ongoing review of TMRs and selection for resolution –Confirm priorities and classification –Verify in current releases –Removal of obsolete items

15 Technology/Platform Upgrades Separate budget in the MSE Work Plan Validate and upgrade products to current technical environments –Operating systems –Web browsers –Database management systems –Development tools TTF Platform Subgroup –Recommendations from Info Tech Leads –Future supported and unsupported platforms

16 Cloverleaf ™ Website Primary tool for collaboration –Call Ticket and TMR reporting and status –web Trnsport Message Board (NGT Forum) –Hosts TEA & TUG websites, product related list servers Primary tool for information –Product Update postings –Release status and work plan documentation –People and organizations –Products and platforms –Trnsport newsletters –Meetings and events

17 Implementation Services Implementation Planning Impact Assessments Project Management Requirements Analysis Data Analysis and Mapping Configurations/Customizations Product Installation and Testing Customized Training and User Documentation

18 Other Services For potential new Trnsport licensees –Provide product information –Presentations and demonstrations (via web or on-site) For current licensees –Estimation and bid data analysis –Provide full-time on-site staff for Trnsport-related needs Bid Express –Electronic bidding, plan sheets, small business network Annual Collusion Detection Workshop Network security and implementation services

19 More Information… Primer tri-fold and Contractor’s Report Web – – E-mail – – – Phone –(352) 381-4400 (main number for all offices)

20 Working with Info Tech Teresa Franklin Trnsport Product Manager October 2, 2007 A Primer for Trnsport Users

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