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Missouri Department of Transportation Realty Asset Management Plan Presented by – Nathan Briggs.

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1 Missouri Department of Transportation Realty Asset Management Plan Presented by – Nathan Briggs

2 Background MoDOT … Owns an ever-increasing portfolio of real estate and its value is as follows: Right of Way- $1,908,752,202 (399,091 acres) Excess- $9,016,558 (1,441 acres, 725 parcels) Capitol Improvements - $184,637,724 (land and improvements)

3 Background (cont.) MoDOT’s... Responsibility to the public for stewardship of this investment has been the focus of several external groups State Auditor’s office Legislature Blue Ribbon Panel Various newspaper articles

4 Background (cont.) MoDOT... Determines if it has a current or future need for the property, and if not, the department leases/disposes of it...

5 Revenue from Disposals FY 2000 Disposals – 171 parcels, $1,347,000 FY 2001 Disposals – 104 parcels, $2,629,000 FY 2002 Disposals – 80 parcels, $1,138,000 FY 2003 Disposals – 179 parcels, $1,551,000 FY 2004 Disposals - 149 parcels, $3,358,000

6 Revenue from Leases FY 2000 Leases - $813,500 FY 2001 Leases - $978,035 FY 2002 Leases - $947,441 FY 2003 Leases - $994,213 FY 2004 Leases - $628,574

7 Challenges Realty Asset Management has not been a top priority Right of Way and Construction program is top priority Legal changes that affect our procedures – Statutory challenges Appellate Court decisions Policy Issues Philosophical differences Best price Good neighbor Balance

8 FHWA Peer Review Recommendations Full-time property manager to work with districts Conduct a business process review for approving disposals and leases Central Office coordinated training of process Identify what is eligible Develop marketing plans

9 Property Management Focus Group Recommendations Inventory database Unified policies and procedures Threshold parameters Single point of coordination Standard terminology and definitions Education and advertisement

10 Outcomes Making property management a high priority How – Chief Engineer directive; joint commitment of districts Coordinated leadership How – Nathan Briggs to assumed position February 1, 2004 Establish disposal goals How - Inventory How – Phase 1 budget approved for implementation of new inventory system and initial work has begun

11 Outcomes (cont.) Establish new disposal process How – Short-term action plan including policy, checklists, flowchart; Long-term action plan will focus on developing new processes for more effective disposal District threshold parameters How – Districts are empowered for all disposals $50,000 or less if preset conditions are met.

12 Outcomes (cont.) Unified procedures How – Create a current, unified procedures manual for real estate Education How – District visits to update on new procedures

13 Inventory Functional Requirements What will the application do? Contain all realty asset data Supply functionality to buy, sell and maintain realty assets Image documents Provide reporting Retain history

14 Inventory Project Staging Phase I Data tables and structure in place Partial functionality Anticipated completion calendar year end 2004 Phase II Full functionality Begin by start of FY06

15 Inventory Data Integration Functions seamlessly with other existing systems Transportation Planning Right of Way Parcel Acquisition SAM II

16 Realty Asset Inventory Phase I System enforces realty asset sold to be excess System provides visibility to all realty transactions Disposal transactions not “closed” until deed delivered

17 Inventory Features Web based using MoDOT’s Intranet Universal and simultaneous access state-wide Parcel driven Parcels located via TMS Location Referencing System Parcels split and sold in part

18 Inventory Phase I Deliverables GASB Parcel conversion Property Inventory Record (PIR) conversion Parcels Transactions (disposals) Realty Asset Sale Checklist Contacts Comments Imaging of documents Ease of reconciliation (financial and CI)

19 Inventory Phase II Deliverables Right of Way parcel acquisition interface Building structures Inspections Leases Environmental Cultural Arcview queries Correspondence

20 Questions

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