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Amtrak’s Long Distance Business Line Mark Murphy General Manager, Long Distance Services.

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1 Amtrak’s Long Distance Business Line Mark Murphy General Manager, Long Distance Services

2 2 The Long Distance System 15 routes, carrying more than 4.7M riders in FY 2013 A vital public service: –15% of ridership –11% of frequencies, but 43% of passenger-miles – 43% of identified passengers with disabilities who use Amtrak – Only Amtrak trains in 23 of the 46 states we serve Two trains carry a fifth of all LD passengers: – Empire Builder (11.3%) – Coast Starlight (10.1%) 2008 DOT IG study estimated that an 85% average OTP would save $136M (in 2006 dollars) –About $160M today –In FY 2006, LD OTP was 30%

3 3 The LD Business Line Unified organization – Terminal services – Road operations – On-board services – Route directors – Amtrak-operated commuter services (e.g., Metrolink) Three geographical regions –Southwest (LA, Dallas, Albuquerque) –Central (Chicago, Denver, St. Louis) –Southeast (Richmond, Miami, New Orleans) Partnering with other business lines – NEC (Silver Service, Cardinal, Lake Shore, Capitol Limited) – State-supported (California Zephyr, Empire Builder, Coast Starlight, Midwestern State-supported services) P&L responsibility for all Amtrak Long Distance services

4 4 The LD strategic concept Deliver value by planning and implementing an optimal mix of short and long-term initiatives to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery while improving the bottom line. Improvement Opportunities Challenges / Risks Understand areas of opportunity and develop plans to drive improvement: Employee Growth Equipment/Facility Utilization Route Directors Safety Understand areas of challenge and develop plans to mitigate risk: Increase Coach Capacity Reduce Financial Footprint Optimize Process Standardization Improve Host Railroad Relationships We’re not trying to chop our way to success

5 5 Some specific challenges The Southwest Chief On-time performance (OTP) Sean Lamb photo

6 6 Amtrak’ s Southwest Chief Colorado New Mexico Kansas Route Miles Under Review (632.4) Remainder of SW Chief Route At stake: service in 9 communities across three states with over 66,000 passengers in FY12 La Junta This route connects Albuquerque and Kansas City with Los Angeles and Chicago

7 7 LD train performance is bad and getting worse

8 8 Not just more delay – longer delay “YTD” is year to date

9 9 Legend At or above average OTP 0-10% below average OTP 10-20% below average OTP Over 20% below average OTP The Amtrak System, 2014 Trouble Areas

10 10 The bottom line Amtrak is strongly committed to the long distance services Our goal is to make the existing services better financial performers: – More riders – More revenue – Better cost recovery The decline in OTP over the past year is serious enough that it threatens every one of these goals Fixing it is Job One We are currently pursuing matters through the STB – CN preference case – Request to monitor train handling on freight railroads

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