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FY 14 NGAI Membership Campaign Plan “Just Ask” as of 29 Sep 2013 1700 hrs.

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1 FY 14 NGAI Membership Campaign Plan “Just Ask” as of 29 Sep 2013 1700 hrs


3 Changes from 2013 Membership Drive 1.Educate/Encourage units to collect NGAI, EANGUS, and NGAUS Dues as one Adjutant’s Fund Dues and cut one check to NGAI to cover all. (Online is still an option) 2.Educate units on availability of $200 to GO/06/05 HQs that have achieved 90% NGAI/EANGUS/NGAUS membership by 15 March 2014. 3.NGAI BOD members will contact units of assignment and/or unit reps once a month and report to BOD each board meeting. 4.1 st priority for selecting Unit Reps are those sent on Fellowships 5.NGAI pays for lunch at next J1 Quarterly Training scheduled for 7 November 2013.

4 Duties of NGAI Board Members and NGAI Unit Reps NGAI Board Members 1. Assist NGAI unit reps in assigned units 2.Ensure NGAI reps are assigned down to Co/Flight level 3.Monitor NGAI membership %s in assigned units 4.Contact Unit or Unit Reps once a month and report at monthly BOD mtg NGAI Unit Reps 1.Educate unit members on NGAI benefits and activities 2.Assist with NGAI membership management 3.Post NGAI info in units 4.Post NGAI membership % in units 5. Ensure/assist NGAI reps are assigned down to Co/Flight level

5 FY14 NGAI Board Member Unit Assignments Army Margaret Washburn – JFHQs Chip Mitchell - JFHQs Scott Wolf – 38 th DIV HQs David Jordan 38 th CAB Cathy VanBree – 76 th BDE Rick Shatto – 76 th BDE Kevin Hollinger – 76th BDE Angelique Averett- 219 th BfSB Shane Carnes – 38 th Sust BDE Rodney Spade – 219 th BfSB Dave Endris – 219 th BfSB Greg Rhoades – AMCCO Lee Baker – AMCCO Kenny Newlin – 81 st TC Troy Joslin – 81 st TC Items Air Scott Kasmer – JFHQ Jim Wilson – 181 st Intel Wing Rick Wood – 181 st Intel Wing Brandi Eason – 181 st Intel Wing Matt Hollowell – 181 st Intel Wing JR Newman – 122 nd Fighter Wing Judi Perkins – 122 nd Fighter Wing Matt Brown – 122 nd Fighter Wing

6 FY 14 NGAI Unit Rep Assignments NGAUS (2013) Fellowships CW2 Todd Brandman – 76the BDE 1LT Chip Mitchell - JFHQs CW2 Brad Egan – JFHQs CPT Phillip Christian – 81 st TC CPT David Eaton – 38 th CAB CPT Adam Balbach – 76 th BDE 2LT Gregory McBride – 76 th BDE 1LT Curtis Gummer – 219 th BfSB CPT Dave Kaelin – 38 th Sust BDE Capt Matthew Hollowell – 181 st Intel Wing Capt Barbara Martin – 122 nd FW

7 FY 14 NGAI Unit Rep Assignments EANGUS (2013) Fellowships CSM James Martin – 76 th BDE CSM Michael Mullins – 76 th BDE SFC Jody Roberts – 81 st TC E9 Anna Snyder – JFAC-IN E9 Jeff Spickelmier – 122 nd FW CSM Steven Bishop – AMCCO SFC Brendan Wilczynski – 291th BfSB

8 FY 14 Company Grade Committee Signed up at French Lick 2013 CPT Harmonie Foster – 113 th Spt Bn/76 th BDE CPT John French – 2/151 Inf Bn/76 th BDE o/a 1OCT (previous 219th BFSB) CPT Amber Anderson – 738 th MED Co/81 st TC CPT Cecil Pendleton – HHC/76 th BDE CPT Casey Nunn – 1-163 FA Bn/76 th BDE CPT Morgan Seitz – ISU/AMCCO 2LT Tim Mantsch – 1313 Eng Co/81 st TC Capt Matthew Metzger – 122 nd FW

9 J1 Quarterly Training NGAI Education Opportunity 7 November 2013 Tasks to Accomplish 1.NGAI Leadership and Membership Committee attends if able 2.Educate S1s, Readiness NCOs, Career Counselors, Unit Reps on: -NGAI BOD Unit Reps -Unit Reps /Fellowship Recipients -Adjutant Fund Management Concept -Online Registration -Format/Program for managing membership -NGAI Check Station Posters -NGAI Events -NGAI Membership Competition 3.NGAI pays for lunch approx. 50 personnel

10 NGAI Education Package 1.What is NGAI? 2.What are membership benefits? 3.How do I join? Methods of Delivery (NGAI Rep and Influencers) Posters Fact Sheets Info Cards Websites

11 What are Membership Benefits? 1.Secures current and future ING Benefits from being taken away, ie Quadrennial Review recommendation to cut drill pay in half 2. Professional Development Funding – NGAI (Sponsor 10 Jr NCOs) – EANGUS (Sponsor E5/6) – NGAUS (10 CPT/CW2 or below) 3. Educational Grant Fund – Provides $1,000 Grant for Education Expenses – Gave $10,000 in FY13 4. $10,000 Term Life Insurance – First year free to each new ING member – Paid within 72 hours – Cost $3.66 a month – Can be rolled over to Whole Life Insurance Policy 5. Every Soldier/Airmen Receives Free $1,000 Life Insurance Policy

12 How do I Join? 1.NGAI Website 2.Contact your unit NGAI Representative 3.Contact your Commander or 1SG/CSM 4.Contact your Bn/Sqdn S1


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