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A Quarter of a Century of Responsible Growth Ramez Farag Company Communications Manager Middle-East & Pakistan.

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1 A Quarter of a Century of Responsible Growth Ramez Farag Company Communications Manager Middle-East & Pakistan

2 P&G At a Glance

3 Our Heritage

4 P&G at a Glance Countries of Operations~75 Countries Where Our Brands Are Sold 180 Consumers Served by Our Brands4.6 billion (Approximate)

5 Worldwide Operations Market Development Organizations North America Latin America Western Europe Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa Asia

6 Leadership Brands

7 P&G In Egypt

8 Egypt 1986 Start of operations Employees: 50 Brands: 2 Investments: 12 Million EGPs

9 Capital Investments Million EGPs

10 Exports Progression Million US$

11 Our Brands in Egypt

12 Exports We export over 35% of our production capacity To more than 37 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe Exports volume of over 225 Million US Dollars Egypt’s 5 th biggest exporter of chemical goods

13 Today… Investments Close to 3 billion Egyptian Pounds Exports More than 225 Million US Dollars Employment Close to 1500 talented Egyptians 27 years of thriving business in Egypt

14 Sustainability at P&G

15 P&G’s Sustainability Framework Our Programs: Our Enablers: Environmental Sustainability Social Responsibility EmployeesStakeholders Ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

16 Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability ProductsOperations

17 Products

18 Designing products to delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources

19 2020 Goals for Products Replace Petroleum-Based Materials with Sustainably Sourced Renewable Materials 25%* Cold Water Washing 70% of total washing machine loads Packaging Reduction20% (per consumer use)* Consumer solid wastePilot studies in both developed and developing markets to understand how to eliminate landfilled/ dumped consumer solid waste * vs. 2010 baseline

20 Cold Water Detergents

21 Compact Detergents Less dose – less chemicals to the waters Less energy used in production and washing Less transport – cleaner air (logistics) Less packaging material – less waste

22 Pampers Dry Max 12-13% less solid waste 8-11% reduction in energy demand 10% reduction in product weight

23 Operations

24 Powering our plants with 100 % renewable energy

25 zero Having consumer or manufacturing waste go to landfills

26 2020 Goals for Operations Renewable Energy Powering our Plants 30% Manufacturing Waste< 0.5% (disposed) Truck Transportation Reduction20% (km/unit of volume)* * vs. 2010 baseline


28 Reducing Diapers Manufacturing Waste

29 Social Responsibility

30 Improving life for millions of children in need every year

31 Supporting the Millennium Development Goals


33 Pampers 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine A Powerful and Simple Mechanism More than 200MM vaccines raised to date globally protecting 45.5 million moms and their babies

34 Mokattam Recycling School

35 A world-unique non-formal education experience Links learning to earning The recycling process is the curriculum © Dana Smillie Courtesy of CID

36 Who is benefiting? Children Consumers Environment Company - Reducing poverty, by contributing to household income - Gaining access to education (Over 150 children to date) - Building self confidence and esteem - Protecting their health - Protecting their investments in our products - Delighting them with a genuine product - Some 1MM empty shampoo containers recycled to date - Limiting counterfeits, protecting thus image of our brands - Volume loss avoidance - Building corporate reputation

37 Employee Engagement

38 Engaging 100% of our people in regular volunteering activities Employee Engagement

39 Packed 2,790 Boxes, a whole month food supply for more than 2,790 less privileged families Egyptian Food Bank


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