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1 Network Infrastructure & Services Advisory Committee December 5, 2014.

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1 1 Network Infrastructure & Services Advisory Committee December 5, 2014

2 Agenda NI&S Advisory Committee 2 1.Wireless Infrastructure 2.eduroam 3.UC Mobility (Soft Clients) 4.Residential Wireless 5.Residential Emergency Telephones 6.Cellphone reimbursement plan? 7.Listserv replacement 8.Miscellaneous 9.Q&A

3 Infrastructure Upgrades Wireless 3 $1.5M infrastructure investment Nearly 3,000 new access points Substantial replacement of 802.11g access points Reduction in the number of wireless service modules (WiSM) Expanded coverage + improved capacity

4 Network Growth- Number of Access Points Wireless Infrastructure 4

5 Access Point Capabilities Wireless Infrastructure 5

6 eduroam Wireless 6 Worldwide, single sign-on, secure network access system Federated trust agreements among members Reduces the dependency on guest registration 5,500 worldwide institutions (200+ in United States)

7 eduroam project timeline Wireless 7

8 Project timeline UC Wireless (Soft Clients) 8

9 Project Proposal Residential Network Upgrade 9 Collaborative engagement (NI&S, DSA, Budget Office) Comprehensive wireless coverage in all residential building Upgrade all wired access infrastructure to support Gigabit speeds Upgrade core connectivity with at least 10x speed increase/building Wireless controller and NAT infrastructure upgrades Approximately 2,200 WAPs in 38 buildings Possible timeline March 2015-July 2016

10 Project Proposal Residential Emergency Telephones 10 Collaborative engagement (NI&S, DSA, OEM, VTPD) Phone locations specified by DSA/OEM Phones only provide access to 911 (Indoor Blue-light) Possible timeline May 2015-December 2015

11 Cellphone Policy Changes NI&S Advisory Committee 11 NI&S has become aware of a draft plan circulated by a committee made up of Internal Audit, and Budget Office staff to provide financial reimbursement for use of personally owned cellphones. No advanced discussion regarding the financial or security implications of this change were held with NI&S.

12 Listserv Replacement NI&S Advisory Committee 12 Goal is to replace proprietary Listserv software and move to Google Groups for same functionality. Timeline, admittedly ambitious, is to begin using GG for new classes in August 2015. Project team is being built; IT Staff engaged/customer membership is being solicited. Google Administrative E-mail accounts (GAE accounts) can also play a role in allowing groups to collaborate. Each GAE account can have it’s own calendar and drive space. Goal is to offer these for both personal (individual) use and group use. Coupling with Google Groups, this should be a useful and powerful set of tools.

13 NI&S Advisory Committee; miscellaneous ‣ Outdoor wireless pilot ‣ Disaster Recovery work ‣ UI work ‣ Surveys ‣ Suggestion Blog

14 Discussion NI&S Advisory Committee 14 Questions? 1.Special challenges for “Wintermester” 2.Special challenges for Spring semester? 3.Special challenges for Fall 2015? 4.Forecast of trends.

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