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TouchNet How Can It Be Used at Your University? Presented by: Carole Wilson Becky Smith.

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1 TouchNet How Can It Be Used at Your University? Presented by: Carole Wilson Becky Smith

2 Agenda  Brief Overview of Marketplace uStores and uPays  Finding & Defining Your Customers  Using uPay  Using uStores  Questions Overview

3 UNC Wilmington: Growth As of 4/11/12

4 Overview UNC Charlotte: Growth

5 STMS AmEx TouchNet Marketplace Payment Flow Overview

6 Finding Your Customers  Issue:  Make sure everyone is aware of eCommerce and revenue policies  Umstead Act  Unrelated Business Income Tax  FIT Compliance  Solution:  Annual questionnaire to every department  Must select Umstead Act provision that allows activity  Current Sales Activity – timing, sources, purpose, methods of receipts  Anticipated Sales Activity  Unrelated Business Income Tax questions Find


8 Customer Alignment  Issue:  Determine appropriate portal  Limited Resources  Solutions:  Initial:  Meetings  One on One Demos  Now:  Application form  Criteria - initial  Working On:  Criteria  Online Demos Define

9 Customer Alignment  Application Form: Evolving Tool Define

10 Using uPay The uPay features of Marketplace allow you to configure online payment pages that you can connect to your existing campus web applications uPay

11 Types of uPay Sites - UNCW  External Applications  Admissions Pro -Admissions Dept application fee  Ruffalo Cody - Annual Giving donations  NeuLion - Athletics Ticket Sales and Seahawk Club donations  Apply Yourself - Graduate School application fee -  eTix - Cultural Arts and Student Theatre box office tickets  AceWare - Public Service camps and conferences –  Outside Web Hosting Services  Creative Writing magazine subscriptions - One Cow Standing  Research Foundation sales of merchandise - Blue Tone Media uPay

12 Types of uPay Sites - UNCW  UNCW Developed Applications  Advancement  Alumni Association Events  Enrollment Fees  ITSD Binaries Technology and Laptop Repair store  Extension Program Fees  Housing Deposits  Orientation Fees  Currently using WebServices technology but will be requiring them to use uStore or TouchNet TLink services for better PCI Compliance uPay

13 Upcoming uPay uPay Will interface with Blackboard to use Student OneCard

14 TouchNet Internal: Online Giving Housing - Deposits - Conferences Athletic Foundation - FSLs Transcripts OIP-OEA IUA/Grad Adm External: Cardinal Tracking ApplyYourself/Hobsons iModules Destiny OneCE VisualZen Cvent AdmissionsPro Ruffalo Cody Now - UNC Charlotte uPay

15 New- UNC Charlotte  Readmission Fees  Event Registration  Web content management initiative  Need – Event management tool  Integrate with existing websites  Create bridge to TouchNet for paid events uPay

16 Events uPay

17 Events uPay

18 Events uPay

19 Events uPay

20 Using uStores uStores is a self-contained e-commerce solution, combining online storefronts with inventory control, order fulfillment, and financial reporting. It also allows institutions to take control of security by placing financial transactions in the hands of appropriate campus authorities, while the responsibility for storefront appearance and contents is given to authorized campus groups. uStores

21 UNC Charlotte  Diverse: Site: Violins of HopeViolins of Hope Site: Office of Educational OutreachOffice of Educational Outreach uStores

22 Types of uStores  Charlotte Research Institute:  2012 Venture Challenge  Biotechnology Conference  Belk College of Business  Events  Student Organizations  College of Engineering  2012 BioEnergy Symposium  EPIC: NC Smart Grid  Engineering T-Shirt Store  College of Arts and Architecture  Chamber Music for Teens Workshop  College of Health and Human Services  Senior II Exit Exam Fee  Lab Packs  Counseling Center  MAT Registration  Office of International Programs  ELTI Application Fee  TOEFL Exam Fees  Advancement  Violins of Hope  Honor with Books  Student Accounts  College of Education: Office of Educational Outreach uStores

23 Types of uStores - UNCW  Accept Donations  Advancement - Recurring Payments  Pay Fees  Admissions Application Fee  International Programs Study Abroad Fees  Advisory Board Dues uStores

24 Types of uStores - UNCW  Tickets to Events  School of Business Breakfast Panels  Communication Studies Productions  School of Education conferences  Sell Products Developed Through Research  Face Recognition Downloadable Database  MARBIONC sale of Rotifers (microorganisms) uStores



27 Types of uStores - UNCW  Other  Publishing Lab – Renowned Authors  Campus Recreation – Classes, Equipment Rental, Guest Passes  Music Department Community Private Lessons  Student Media Advertising  Paint the Town Teal Merchandise – locally delivered uStores




31 Possible Upcoming Stores  Testing Services  Technology Transfer  Surplus Sales  Campus Dining  Crossroads Intervention Kits  Controller Office – External Invoices – connection to Banner NonStudent AR? uStores

32 Private uStore  Sharky’s Game Room memberships  Authenticates against Banner before allowing user to purchase  Live at end of July uStores

33 Carole Wilson 910-962-7315 Becky Smith 704-687-5757 Ideas? Questions?

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