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U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations Protecting America 24/7.

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1 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations Protecting America 24/7

2 Our Mission We guard both our nation’s physical and economic security. We control the legal access to the U.S. and protect the U.S. by keeping people and things that would do us harm out of our country, while facilitating the international trade and travel that is the life blood of our economy.



5 Miami Field Office 5 Ports of Entry Miami International Airport Miami Seaport Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach Key West More than 2,100 employees

6 Miami Field Office Workload Data MFO Traffic Volume Statistics CategoryFY 2011FY 2012FY 2013 Commercial Aircraft 118, , ,649 Commercial Air Pax/Crew 10,573,506 11,051,244 11,564,912 Private Aircraft 32,098 31,095 32,215 Private Aircraft Pax/Crew 128, , ,815 Vessels/Small Boats 21,458 20,451 19,490 Vessel/Small Boat Pax/Crew 5,832,073 5,535,558 5,540,789 Total Passengers/Ped/Crew 16,533,670 16,711,425 17,236,516 6

7 OFO Mission: Anti-terrorism The Threat Remains… While Mission Complexity Increases and External Demands Accelerate  CBP is constantly refining and enhancing its anti-terrorism operations to combat evolving threats.  In Fiscal Year 2013, as a result of CBP's Pre-Departure targeting efforts, 5,378 high risk travelers, who would have been found inadmissible, were prevented from boarding flights destined for the U.S.

8 OFO Mission: Facilitate Lawful Travel In FY 2013, CBP Field Operations inspected more than 360 million travelers at 329 ports of entry. OFO intercepted approximately 132,000 inadmissible aliens at the POEs, and arrested 7,976 criminals Woman hiding in trunk of car Man hiding amid paint supplies in the back of a pickup truck

9 OFO Mission: Cargo Security In FY 2013, CBP’s Office of Field Operations processed more than 24 million truck, rail, and sea containers. Total cargo containers processed increased by 1% from FY2012 to FY2013. Over the last 5 years, containers processed have increased approximately 19% - that’s an average of 67,337 containers being processed daily! OFO secures and facilitates imports arriving in the U.S., accommodating growing volumes of trade in an increasingly complex global marketplace. CBP has established a strong foundation of partnerships with trade stakeholders and employs state-of-the-art non-intrusive inspection technologies to screen commercial traffic, facilitating the flow of legitimate trade.

10 OFO Mission: Seizing Contraband In FY 2013, CBP Field Operations seized approximately 540,000 pounds of drugs, over 241,000 rounds of ammunition, and over $74 million in currency

11 OFO Mission: Trade Enforcement In FY 2013, CBP Field Operations processed more than $2.3 trillion in trade, processed 25 million cargo containers and conducted more than 24,000 seizures of goods that violated intellectual property rights, with a total of $1.7 billion – a 38% increase in value from FY 2012 If it’s part of your life, it’s part of our job.

12 OFO Mission: Agriculture Quarantine Inspection In FY2013, CBP Field Operations intercepted more than 1.6 million prohibited animal and plant products and prevented more than 161,000 agriculture pests from entering the country If it’s part of your life, it’s part of our job.

13 ContainersPOVs Air Passengers Staffing has remained flat CBP Officer Staffing  Roughly 25 million cargo containers in FY 13, a 20% increase since the FY 09 economic downturn; annual projected growth of 1% - 2%.  Total air passenger volume is up over 16.5% compared to FY 09.  Air travel expected to grow 4% - 5% annually for the next several years. Current Trends: Volumes Increasing

14 B USINESS T RANSFORMATION  Automate paper processes  Increase use of mobile technology  Expand Trusted Traveler and Trade Programs W ORKLOAD S TAFFING M ODEL  Identifies CBPO Staffing Needs  Rigorous, Data-Driven Model  Validated, Flexible Approach A LTERNATIVE F UNDING S OURCES  CBP Received Authority to Enter into Public Private Partnerships (Section 560 (FY13) and Section 559 (FY14))  Raising Customs & Immigration User Fees  Full Cost Recovery for Agricultural Quarantine Inspection Services Resource Optimization Strategy

15 Our Strategy To Manage Growth Effectively  Implement Business Transformation Initiatives to Maximize Existing Resources  Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative  I-94 automation and other paper forms  Automated passport control kiosks  Mobile technology  Expand Trusted Traveler Programs  New scheduling software  Express Connect and One-stop

16 Automated Passport Control

17 The APC Concept CBP Officer Traditional Primary Line Simultaneous Processing Sequential Processing U. S Customs and Border Protection

18 What’s Next Business Transformation:  Focus on increased used of automated passport control kiosks  Expand use of mobile technology Workload Staffing Model:  In FY14, we asked for 3,811 CBP officers based on the need indicated by our staffing model  Congress recognized our staffing needs and provided funding for 2,000 additional officers  Working to recruit, hire, and train highest caliber individuals to meet this hiring mandate by the end of FY15  CBP will submit an updated staffing requirement as part of the FY15 budget process Alternative Sources of Funding:  Implement public-private partnerships authorized in FY13 (reimbursable services)  Identify additional public-private partnerships authorized in FY14 (reimbursable services and donations of real and personal property)  Pursue increases in customs and immigration user fees

19 CBP Field Operations Core Values Vigilance Integrity Service to Country OFO Proud!

20 Contact information Stephen Maloney, Supervisory Program Manager (office)/ (cell) Jose Castellano, Border Community Liaison (office)/ (cell)

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