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Budget Notes Budget Meeting January 28, 2015. All Forms on Website.

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1 Budget Notes Budget Meeting January 28, 2015

2 All Forms on Website

3 Budget Calendar  February 13, 2015 (Fri.) Noon – Budget packages due to Business Office Accountants  February 24, 2015 (Tues.) Noon – All Capital Outlay requests due to Business Administrator (Electronic and Hard Copy)  March 10, 2015 (Tues.) 4:00 p.m. – Capital Outlay Committee Meeting to Develop Recommendation to Directors.  March 16, 2015 (Mon.) Noon – Deadline to submit student fees changes (submit to Phyllis Elgiar)  April 14, 2015 (Tues.) – Board of Education to approve Capital Outlay – Requestors must be present.  April 14, 2015 (Tues.) – Student Fee Request changes presented to Board of Education for Approval – Requestors must be present.

4 School Supplies/Custodial  Schools do not need to do a school supply (i.e. 0100,0110,0115, etc.) or custodial budget.  Glenna will complete the school supply budget.  Maintenance will set up the custodial supply budget.  Schools will be able to complete Budget transfers or request Host Accounts in July

5 Schools Must Complete:  Carry Over budget (97XX)  School Budgets (98XX)  UHS – Must complete budget for each Extra-Curricular Activity/Club.  UHS does not have to use district form for Extra-Curricular/Club.

6 Benefit Percentage Estimates  Posted on Website  Percentage is 33.85%  Family Plan = $16,615/$19,440

7 Budget Form  Save File First – Do Not Open!  File Name must be Program #/Program Name (i.e. 7801 Title 1, etc.)  It should look like the following when printed

8 No Presentations!!!  However, The Board of Education will be receiving a copy of the Electronic File.  Please spell correctly and use proper punctuation.  Fund 23 will be changed to Fund 10 (Adult Ed and Preschool)

9 PY Reports  Financial – Info can be obtained from Alio Inquiry screens.

10 Inquiry Screen

11 Inquiry Data

12 FY 14 is also Available

13 FY 14 Data

14 Payroll Info - Confidential  Will be provided to each program by your accountant.  PLEASE SHRED WHEN FINSIHED COMPILING YOUR BUDGET!!!

15 Do Not Copy and Paste!!!  Please Please Please

16 Total Budget Tab

17 Revenue Rules  Carry Over vs. New Revenue  Source will not populate if Revenue Code is not correct  If source does not populate, please use correct code or call accountant for assistance

18 Revenue Tab

19 Salary Rules  Input Employee Name  Select or Input “Salary FTE %” – Should use one of the values available.  “Yes” or “No” for Medical Insurance  “Yes” or “No” for Retirement.  Once an employee qualifies for retirement, all wages are subject to retirement.

20 Salary Rules  YOS = Years of Service – Copy from Payroll sheet that has been distributed. This total is years of service in Uintah School District.  Enter number of “Contract Days” – Typically same as salary schedule but there are a few exceptions (i.e. Counselors)  Enter “Salary Schedule” – Use the step as specified on the payroll sheet that has been distributed.  Admin Stipend – Calculate at FY 15 +3%

21 Salary Rules  Description will Auto Fill  Base Salary will Auto Fill  If Base Salary amount is “0”. Fill in appropriate amount.  A school year is typically 36 weeks.  Use FY 2015 Part-Time Schedule Amounts  Be aware if contract days and salary schedule days are different and make adjustments accordingly.  Salary amount DOES NOT include Teacher Salary Increase ($4,200 or $2,500)

22 Salary Rules  Enter Medical Code – W= Waiver  S, C, F, or HS, HC, HF.  Input account code string.  All Salary objects begin with a “1”

23 Salary Tab

24 Salary tab – Days Discrepancy

25 Salary Tab

26 Benefits Tab – No Entry

27 Non-Salary Objects

28 Summary of Changes  Changes to Line Items  Changes to FTE’s  Requests for Positions  Just include in Word Document

29 Budgets are Due 2/13/2015  Electronically

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