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Cost Report Training Fiscal Year 2012-13 August 22, 2013 Paradox Refresher 1.

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1 Cost Report Training Fiscal Year 2012-13 August 22, 2013 Paradox Refresher 1

2 Paradox Information Recap the Paradox program Where to find the application to download What the requirements are for installation How to maneuver in the Paradox application Create / Edit / Delete records Send Paradox application to DHCS - FMAB 2

3 The Paradox Application  Relative Database used to collect expenditure reporting from Counties.  It has been around for over 18 years  Still applicable for use today  Technology is running away  Stand alone application on each end  Files transferred via e-mail 3 3

4 Money pools for reporting expenditures Several options to chose from : Behavioral Health Services subaccounts (BHS) DMC reimbursement for eligible clients County funds Carry forward funds FY 2011-12 SAPT Block Grant Other funding sources When a government program doles out money It will have restraints and requirements attached Report of expenditures 4 4

5 Money Pool Restrictions Not all available money is unrestricted or discretionary in its availability to use. Certain expenditures disqualify certain types of money available to use Fiscal Data Element Report is an excel tool that allows users to see the appropriate Service Code Program Code combination for each type of money ages/CostReportSupportFiles.aspx ages/CostReportSupportFiles.aspx 5 5

6 Cost Reporting with respect to Substance Use Disorder Prescribed annual Cost Reporting process Due on November 1 (Health and Safety Code) Following the end of the previous fiscal year Noted in Annual or Amended contract(s) with State It will consist of Signed County Certification letter Paradox Application Supporting Drug Medi-Cal documents (if applicable) 6 6

7 First Step, obtaining Paradox  Paradox Application is available online for download.  /CostReportParadox.aspx /CostReportParadox.aspx  Will run in a Windows 7 32 bit environment or lower  Currently two patches associated with Provider Files and Narcotic Treatment Programs  /NTP_Patch.aspx /NTP_Patch.aspx 7

8 Providers and Partners Tab Dept. of Health Care Services Providers and Partners Tab Scrolling to the bottom On the lower left hand side Link for Substance Use Disorder, SUD Services On the right side, Fiscal / Cost Reporting Bar 8

9 Providers and Partner’s Tab Scroll Down 9

10 10

11 Paradox is located on the Web 11

12 New this year file Paradox packaged into file Installation files will be have to be extracted first Installation EXE file will work just like last year Save to your local computer, C:\ (or shared drive if applicable) Paradox Application program C1213_0 Will create a load icon to place on your desktop 12

13 Help for Paradox Application Call your assigned Fiscal Management and Accountability Branch (FMAB) analyst Email E-mail box is monitored for questions as well as Cost Report submissions 13

14 Recording in Paradox (PDX) Create multiple records in Paradox for same Service / Program Based upon DMC reimbursement or not Non-DMC DMC Other Different set of federal or state requirements 14

15 Paradox and the Cost Report Complex Combination Report  57 different county business processes  Combines non-DMC and DMC information  Combines mixed funding sources Federal Local Realignment Other  Distills information into one uniform report 15

16 Gathering field (providers) information  Multi-step process – talk to your providers  Crosses internal business procedures and protocols  Gathered and distilled to Cost Report requirements Cost Report in PDX DMC Forms in Excel Funding Restrictions 16

17 Help is available  Cost Report training and information Changes, requirements and DMC Forms  Paradox Control Space Bar Look up tables  Assigned analyst – phone call or e-mail away  Fiscal Data Element Report Formatted and filtered in Excel 17

18 DMC Settlement Forms Data Entry Form  Only form where inputs can be made (except for NTP)  Collects all Costs by categories Submitted and Denied unit information Revenue collected as required by law  Data is only as good as the information that is entered 18

19 Information manually transfers from DMC Forms to PDX -  Units  Individuals  Costs  Groups  Other as necessary 19  Non-DMC  DMC  Minor Consent  Admin Annually each November 1 (per HSC) Cost Report is due to DHCS

20 When DMC Reimbursement = $0.00  Services have been provided, Costs were incurred  UOS is denied for DMC reimbursement = $0.00  Non-DMC program absorbs costs associated with the denied / disallowed DMC unit  From DMC to Non-DMC  Reflected on returning 835 as a $0.00 reimbursement 20

21 Sorting a Mixed Group  5 people in one group session  2 people are DMC eligible  2 people are NOT DMC eligible  1 person is DMC eligible Minor Consent 21

22 How would you report  2 UOS (claims) for DMC eligible clients 1 Record in PDX for DMC (33/97)  1 UOS (claim) for DMC Minor Consent 1 record in PDX for DMC M/C (33/92)  1 record in PDX for NNA (33/1) 2 individuals  1 group session 5 participants 3 records 22

23 Reporting Number of Sessions Total Sessions = 100, Participants = 600 Pro-Rate by participant mix ratio ParticipantsNo of Sessions Minor Consent – 10017 NNA – 20033 DMC – 30050 Distribute DMC ADMIN costs as applicable within the DMC program codes 23

24 Submit Cost Report to DHCS  COMPLETE and ACCURATE Cost Report is due NOVEMBER 1 from the close of the previous fiscal year County Certification signed and attested to its accuracy  It’s outlined in the county contract 24

25 Who says, November 1  Exhibit D – County Contract – Final  ARTICLE V. INVOICE/CLAIM AND PAYMENT PROCEDURES C. Year-End Cost Settlement Reports …. Pursuant to HSC Section 11758.46 (j)(2) Contractor shall submit to the State, on November 1 of each year, … previous fiscal year: (a) Document 2P, County Certification Year-End Claim for Reimbursement (b) – (f) Appropriate Drug Medi-Cal Forms by provided service type Document 2P(a) - 2P(i), (if applicable) (g) Electronic program as prescribed by the State that contains detailed cost report data 25

26 Submit the Cost Report  By e-mail Scanned copy of County Certification (followed by original in the mail or overnight service) Paradox Files DMC Forms  By Mail / Overnight – Attn: Irma Nieves Original Signature County Certification DMC Forms Do NOT send to your assigned analyst 26

27 US Mail Address Irma Nieves Dept. of Health Care Services SUD – PRTSD – FMAB 1700 K. St. Mail Stop 2629 Sacramento, CA 95811 27 Overnight Mail Address Irma Nieves Dept. of Health Care Services SUD – PRTSD – FMAB PO Box 997413 Mail Stop 2629 Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

28 Received at DHCS  Series of desk-edit criteria of submitted information Looking for omissions of information Looking for reasonable entries Looking for complete records in PDX 28

29 The Paradox Past  Developed in 1992 by the Borland Company  DOS 3.0 attributes Support for 10MB disks and tree-structure filing File Allocation Tables (FAT16) for 20MB disks  Relational database program  Corel and Integrated with C++ 29

30 Paradox at DHCS / Cost Report  Requires the RUNTIME 9 engine on local computer  Paradox Application can be loaded onto Desktop (single user) Network (multiple users)*  Downloaded from DHCS’s Website  FAQ posted for additional assistance 30

31 Paradox Platforms Will work only in a Windows Platform Is compatible with Window’s 7 32 bit Paradox is: NOT compatible with Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 NOT compatible with Apple OS 31

32 Cost Report Information 32

33 Cost Report Support Files 33

34 Paradox Application 34

35 What do you get at download  Preloaded data from FY 2011-12 V.0  Provider File – Patch available  If missing providers from FY 2011-12  NTP_Patch required  if NTP services (SC 48) offered  New Formats for FY 2012-13  FY 2012-13 Funding Tables Will give funding errors 35

36 How does Paradox work Logic of something true / false Logical Sequencing of order, for example, If – Then Numeric 0 – 9, Alpha a – z Provider – numerically (6 digit) Service Code Provider Code Funding line 36

37 Framing a Paradox Record Provider Name and 6-digit Provider Code Service provided Program type identified Program defines client makeup Type of and quantity of money expended Number of people and / or units Other unique data as required 37

38 Fiscal Data Element Report - FDER 38

39 Where to find 1213 FDER 39 From the Cost Report Support File webpage.

40 Paradox Make-Up  Database tables work behind scene  Each Record Contains: Provider Information Service Codes Program Codes Funding Lines Additional information as required Must separate DMC regular and DMC Minor Consent 40

41 Opening Paradox 41

42 Running Reports 42 Indicates where the information will be displayed.

43 Paradox Navigation and Help  Arrow buttons for movement Left / Right and Up / Down Scroll through and drill into  Control Space Bar Help Menu  Control Delete Funding Line or Amounts Program or Service Code 43

44 Moving through Paradox Provider 1Provider 2Provider 3Provider 4 Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Service 4 Service 5 44

45 Moving around in PDX records 45 No ancillary data requirements

46 Selecting Print Targets 46

47 Creating (Editing) a record 47 From the Data Entry tab, the Fiscal Data link

48 Using the control space bar 48 Highlight provider code box, use INSERT key to clear Following on screen instructions, in the black highlighted box, press the insert key and control space bar for a drop down list of providers

49 Using the control space bar 49 Provider Code box will show Provider Lookup Screen

50 Using the control space bar 50 Service Code box will display a list of service codes

51 Using the control space bar for Program Code look up 51

52 Using the control space bar for funding line information 52

53 Using the control space bar for Funding Line information 53

54 Tying the Non DMC to DMC record - check box 54

55 A completed DMC record 55

56 Paradox Business Edits 56

57 Paradox Business Edits 57

58 Paradox Business Edits 58

59 Fiscal Detail Report 59

60 Fiscal Detail Report 60

61 Funding Line usage 61

62 Paradox Tools  Summary Report Information  Error Reports  Limitations 62

63 Submitting PDX Files to DHCS 63

64 And technology ran away! 64

65 65 Email Not all electronic media accepted Acceptable

66 Paradox Submission / 6 Critical Files  Budget.db  CURCNTY.DB  CurrProv.db  Provider.DB  rptTitle.DB  ServUnit.db  Local drive - C:\C1213_0\Data  Network drive - N*:\C1213_0\Data 66

67 C1213_0 Data Sub-Directory 67

68 Sending in your Paradox files 68 Golden County FY 2012-13 Cost Report to Irma Nieves

69 Yes we have a new mailbox It is easy to remember AOD CostReport 69

70 Heave up… a big sigh of relief 70 get it; it’s a Paradox

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