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ICASS Service Center FY 2015 Data Call: What’s New?

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1 ICASS Service Center FY 2015 Data Call: What’s New?

2 Discussion Topics FY-15 Data Call in ICASS 3.0 Data Population from ICASS 3.0 to 4.0 Lease Module and Depreciation Worksheet Removed “Uniformed” Personnel New Distribution Factor Lite Posts: Optional Standard GSO Cost Centers Financial Management Changes – 6211 - Budgets and Financial Plans – 6225 - Financial Management Services – Vouchering Sub-cost Center FAP Annual Assessment Sub-cost Center Diplomatic Security Realignment Looking forward to FY16 2

3 Changes FY14 to FY15 Multi-year exercise to redesign the software. The 4.0 delayed from FY14 to FY15. Policies were implemented based on the 4.0 software. In FY14 posts were allowed to implement via a work- around. Actions required to transition from 3.0 to 4.0 software. 3

4 FY-15 Data Call in ICASS 3.0 Collect FY15 workload count and time allocation. Enter FY15 data in the ICASS software 3.0. June 13, 2014 Distribute workload and time allocation reports to customer agencies by June 13, 2014. Detailed instructions on FY15 Data Call are provided in FY15 Data Call Checklist. 4

5 Data Population from ICASS 3.0 to 4.0 Post submits FY15 Data Call in 3.0. Software developer populate ICASS 4.0 with FY15 Data Call. Software 4.0 provided to post in the Initial Requirements stage. Data crosswalk actions to set up the 4.0 for the Initial Budget will be provided to post in August. 5

6 Lease Module Gone The Lease Module is removed. Lease Budgeting Module in the Real Property Application (RPA) used by OBO for budget request data. OBO will establish the FY 2015 initial targets based on RPA data. Post obtains lease costs from the RPA and enters data directly in the USDH or OBI worksheet. 6

7 Depreciation Worksheet Removed The Depreciation worksheet will not be included in the ICASS 4.0. GFMS calculated depreciation data will be used in the budget. To be posted on the ISC SharePoint site. 7

8 “Uniformed” Personnel Distribution Factor There is a new capitation distribution factor “Uniformed”. “Uniformed” personnel may exist under: – DoD agency codes – HHS/CDC Public Health Service Officers – Coast Guard 8

9 “Uniformed” Personnel Distribution Factor The ICASS 4.0 includes this distribution factor in all capitation-based cost centers except 6222-Payrolling Services 6441-HR Services-USDH 6445-HR Services(Lite) 9

10 “Uniformed” Personnel Distribution Factor Enter the workload count for “Uniformed” personnel in the “Other” factor group. In the comments box, note the number that are uniformed versus other. 10

11 Lite Posts: GSO Cost Centers Activate up to three “Standard” General Service cost centers. Cost centers will use the same distribution factors as in Standard (e.g., use kilometers driven for 6139-Motor Pool Services.) 11

12 Lite Posts: GSO Cost Centers Enter workload in “Other” Factor Group 12

13 Budgets and Financial Plans Lite Posts 6211-Budgets and Financial Plans will be a separate cost center. The distribution factor is number of hours spent on Budget and Financial Plans. Create a sub-cost center in ICASS 3.0 to capture the workload for Budgets and Financial Plans. 13

14 Budgets and Financial Plans Lite Posts (ICASS 3.0) 14

15 6225-Financial Management Services Three cost centers discontinued: ‒6221- Accounts & Records Services ‒6223 – Vouchering Services ‒6224 – Cashiering Services 6225-Financial Management cost center includes – Accounts and Record Services – Cashier Services – Vouchering Services (sub-cost center) 15 New Standard Posts (ICASS 3.0) Standard and Lite Posts (ICASS 4.0)

16 6225-Financial Management Services 16 ICASS 3.0 ICASS 4.0

17 Vouchering Sub-Cost Center 17 All posts, Standard and Lite, must create a sub-cost center for Vouchering. Workload for non-cashier vouchers are entered in the sub-cost center. Standard posts remove all workload and time allocation from 6223-0000 main cost center. USDH and LE Staff time allocation also shifted.

18 Vouchering Sub-Cost Center 18 Lite Post (ICASS 3.0) Enter workload in sub-cost center

19 Vouchering Sub-Cost Center 19 Zero in main cost center Enter workload in sub-cost center Standard Post (ICASS 3.0)

20 FAP Assessment Sub-Cost Center Sub-cost center 6144-X144 used to capture ONLY the annual assessment costs. No USDH or LE Staff time allocated to this sub-cost center The workload count in 6144-X144 should exclude: 20 –Residences for short-term positions –Residences for new positions just buying into the furniture pool

21 FAP Assessment Sub-Cost Center 21 Workload counted in 6144-0000 “Zero” in the sub-cost center 6144- 0144 “Zero” in the sub-cost center 6144- 0144 Example: Example: Agency 1235.0 FAS has one USDH at post and joins FAP. In the first year FAS pays the full buy-in to the pool, but not pay the annual FAP assessment.

22 FAP Workload Count 22 For Location Budgets, if the FAP is by location, then a sub-cost center for each location is needed. Designated Residences (e.g. CMR and DCMR) are not included in FAP workload count. Residences for Public Diplomacy positions belong under 1967.0 – Public Diplomacy. MSG Detachment Commander Residence belong under 1931.0 – State MSG Support.

23 Diplomatic Security Realignment In FY 2015 workload counts for Diplomatic Security positions that were previously counted against 1900.0-State will be shifted to 1942.0-State-DS. Regional Security Officer (RSO) Security Engineering Officer (SEO) Security Technical Specialist (STS) Security Protective Specialist (SPS) Couriers Seabees RSO OMS Bodyguards 23

24 Diplomatic Security Realignment Static Count (Shift on May 1, 2014) – Capitation – Square Meters, Number of Leases, etc. Cumulative Count – No retroactive action is required for FY15 – Workload count based on official report (ILMS, RFMS, etc.) – Workload count based on post-maintained logs 24

25 Looking ahead to FY2016 Lite Posts that will activate new GSO Standard Cost Centers in FY2016 need to begin cumulative workload counts. Standard Posts with large reproduction centers under cost center 6135 -Reproduction Services may establish a method of counting that more equitably distributes costs for the different services provided. 25

26 References http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/Home.aspx http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/Home.aspx ICASS Home: http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/Home.aspx http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/Home.aspx http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/ pxhttp://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/ px. Budget cables & Instructions: http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/ px. http://rm.m.state.sbu/sites/icass/Pages/ px E-mail: 26

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