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December 4, 2009. Big Themes Strategic priorities remain the same – Community Engagement – Created office with CAS faculty member (Greenbaum) – Global.

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1 December 4, 2009

2 Big Themes Strategic priorities remain the same – Community Engagement – Created office with CAS faculty member (Greenbaum) – Global Literacy and Impact – internationalizing with GAP program, strategic partners, INTO – Integrated, Interdisciplinary Inquiry – created neuroscience and diabetes collaboratives with seed money for faculty, more coming – Research and Innovation – Fastest growing in award dollars in the nation (2000-2007) – Student Success – this is the year of student success; a broad ranging university task force builds on actions already underway in CAS; PBK application submitted

3 Big Themes (cont.) We are growing through financial adversity – Our CAS Compact plan was well funded—received new faculty, GAs, postdoc and advising lines – Kicked off capital campaign with balanced priorities in the liberal arts and sciences – New space is coming (Patel, ISA, IDRB)

4 Office of the Dean State of the College – Graduate and Undergraduate Studies – Research and Scholarship – Facilities, Safety, and Security – HR and Budget – Faculty Affairs

5 From 30,000 ft


7 Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Undergraduate Student Success Initiatives University Student Success Task Force Good assessment follow through (SACS) New Health Science Major Change in Major GPA calculation D/F Policy – CMMB, IB, CHM Upgrades to Blackboard Expanded learning commons in library Professional Advising Model – 9 new advisors with more to come next year

8 Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Graduate Student Initiatives CAS Graduate Program Support and Expansion – Goal is to have 25% graduate enrollment on Tampa Campus – Grad School: 43 new recurring PhD GA lines (12 depts. $711K competitive stipends) – 14 additional PhD lines (one time) – General Education Council: 16 new recurring GA positions Fall (>$230K) Since 2007 >80 new GA positions constitutes more than $1.3M investment in CAS

9 CAS Research News

10 Faculty Accomplishments in Research & Scholarship Not surprisingly … 50% of this year’s USF Outstanding Research Awards went to CAS faculty! Kathy Borman Jason Rohr Peter Harries Pat Rogers Kristina Schmidt Kevin Yelvington Jon Antilla

11 CAS Federal Contracts & Grant Awards FY 04-05FY 05-06FY 06-07FY 07-08FY 08-09 Earmark$1,628,455$4,805,803$0$4,129,618$2,763,344 NSF$2,265,633$2,035,426$3,228,886$3,591,784$3,491,405 NIH$5,881,411$3,832,285$2,844,732$3,133,388$3,660,246 Federal$10,697,966$12,571,006$8,410,838$15,915,056$19,781,491

12 Facilities, Safety, and Security Interdisciplinary Science Building The architectural firm HOK continues to meet with the affected Science departments to design the new ISA building; SKANSKA has begun construction Minor PECO Money The Provost’s Office has provided funds for minor projects to correct Fire and ADA code violations in CPR, SOC, PHY, BSF, and LIF. (Sprinklers, exit signs, walkways, restrooms, and some painting) Classroom Door Locks The Provost’s Office is paying for all classroom locks to be converted to electronic time locks. Most of this conversion will occur over Winter Break.

13 Accomplishments Contributed to the elimination of quarterly budgets at USF Instituted an administrative complexity model to better align staffing levels and faculty (non-chair) administrative roles Continued funding for CAS Performance Bonus Program Instituted some shared staffing models to better manage department workloads (e.g., shared advising and additional shared research post award support) Implemented Careers @ USF to help manage recruitment via web Budget/HR

14 Challenges Identify recurring resources to fund instructional costs (after Federal stimulus funding is gone) Stabilize methodology used for distribution of RIA funding and identify recurring resources for faculty start-up expenses Identify funding sources and opportunity to provide base salary increases to staff. Last base increase was over 3 years ago. Reduce workload and issues for departmental staff related to USF business systems (travel, attendance & leave) Budget/HR

15 ACCOMPLISHMENTS RECRUITMENT for 2010-11HIRES in 2009-10 Post Doc 2 Instructor 7 Assistant Professor16Assistant Professor19 Assistant/Associate 2Assistant/Associate 0 Associate 2Associate Professor 1 Associate/Full 1Full Professor 1 Full/Chair/Director 3Director 2 Faculty Affairs TENURE AND PROMOTION Tenure and Promotion15 Promotion 6

16 Awards Distinguished University Professor Pat Rogers, Eminent Scholar, English Theodore & Venette Askounes-Ashford Distinguished Scholar Award Earl McCoy, Professor of Integrative Biology Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award Phillip Sipiora, Professor of English Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award Kiki Caruson, Associate Professor of Government & International Affairs Stacy Holman Jones, Associate Professor, Communication Michael Miller, Assistant Professor of Government & International Affairs M. Scott Solomon, Assistant Professor of Government & International Affairs Faculty Affairs

17 Awards (cont.) USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award John Antilla, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kathryn Borman, Professor of Anthropology Peter Harries, Associate Professor of Geology Pat Rogers, Eminent Scholar, English Jason Rohr, Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology Kristina Schmidt, Assistant Professor, Cell Biology, Microbiology & Molecular Biology Kevin Yelvington, Associate Professor of Anthropology Challenges CAS Governance – under development by CAS Advisory Council Instructor Career Path – to be developed and implemented by Spring 2010

18 Faculty Affairs Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Retirees! Amna Mohamed English Language Institute Virginia Zsurka English

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