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Northeastern University Location –67 Acres in heart of downtown Boston –Less than 1 mile from Fenway Park Coop program is largest in U.S & 2 nd largest.

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2 Northeastern University Location –67 Acres in heart of downtown Boston –Less than 1 mile from Fenway Park Coop program is largest in U.S & 2 nd largest in the world Coop since 1909

3 Northeastern University Total Enrollment 25,000 On campus 7000 –15195 Full Time Undergraduate –2871 Freshmen –5254 Grad and Law –4454 SPCS –3500+ On Coop

4 Northeastern University ResNet Staff Size –3 Full Time Staff Manager, Floor Supervisor, Service Desk Analyst –1 Full Time Coop (or 2 part time grad students) –30 Part Time Students Student Employees –Average 10 hours per week –Average pay = $ 9.75 / hour –Average years at school 2.25 years

5 ResNet Challenges New Service Offerings late 2006 to 2008 –Wireless throughout campus (not student rooms) –Cable Television –Hardware Replacement (Fee based) –Dell Warranty Service –Expanded hours & evening Coop appointments –Expanded Summer Conference Support Growth of on campus population –30% increase from 2008 to 2009 Offer students more than just a job

6 Future Service Offerings Expanded ResNet facility Retail store front Customized training classes for students Instructional videos in ResNet store


8 Projected ResNet Workload On Campus Student Population Total Customer Volume Cases Per Student Per Year FY 2006 650061500.9 FY 2007 650074501.1 FY 2008 (Estimated) 700095001.4 FY 2009 (Estimated) 8400134401.6

9 ResNet Goals Increase staff size –Larger pool of applicants –Efficient initial screening to process large number of applicants Expand scope and depth of training –Completely revise training methods Maximize retention –Offer more than just a job

10 Revamped Hiring Plan Partnership With Enrollment Management –Letters issued to enrolled students in May – 50 – 75 mile radius –Goal is minimum 50 applicants for 8 to 12 jobs –Requirement of 200 to 250 letters Brief, scored phone interview (40 questions) 15 first round interviews Special summer pay rate

11 Results of Pre Freshman Hiring Avoid training during the year if possible Summer help always available Group training improves learning curve Greatly improved service at move in Help guarantee 2-3 years service

12 Training Program - Overview Justification Logistics Key Concepts

13 Training Program - Justification Growing Need for Extensive Training High turnover due to Co-op Program Large Local Student Pool Separate from Help Desk/Call Center Full Preparation for Move-in Desired No Rushing!

14 Training Program - Logistics Breakdown of Topics Additional Training Tools Trainee Staffing Numbers Trainee Scheduling Trainer/Lecturer Scheduling Classroom/Lab space req’s

15 Training Program – Key Concepts Clarity Applicability Universality

16 Training Program - NEU Model 8-12 Trainees, main trainer, guest trainers 3 days a week for 4 weeks 27 Distinct “Modules” –PowerPoint –Word.doc 12 Break/fix components using VMWare images Utilize campus classrooms space and RRC space

17 Creating a Module from Scratch Review Policies/Procedures Outline PowerPoint Review Word Doc

18 Annual Module Review Review last year’s modules Collect and outline changes Changes.doc Update.ppt Review changes Update.doc

19 Annual Module Review - Final Conduct after all modules are updates Full review by 1-2 senior techs Time each module Repetition/redundancy check Formatting check “Drag” check

20 VMWare Image Creation Determine Service Needs Base Image –Size limitations –Updates/Service Packs Create break/fix scenarios –Malware –Corruption –Settings/configuration Test for difficulty Hardware resources

21 Putting Together a Schedule Aim for themed days/weeks Pacing Mix It Up –Team Building –Break/Fix –Building tours –Different speakers/lecturers

22 The NEU RRC Training Program

23 Day 1 – Getting To Know You Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork Introductions Office Tour Expectations and Etiquette Team Building

24 Week 1 – Getting to Know NEU ResNet Etiquette and Customer Service Appropriate Use Policy Network Overview HuskyCable Remedy Front Desk Procedures Online Registration Pingers, Pinger Fixes, and Blonders Port Checks Troubleshooting Prior to Room Visits

25 Week 2 – Basics of Remediation Working with Student Machines Best Practices of Malware Removal Tools of the Trade Backup and Reformat Process The Unattended Project Finding Drivers Windows CLI and Robocopy “Midterm Exam”

26 Week 3 – Advanced Training, Pt. 1 Anti-Virus Software Issues Advanced Troubleshooting and Repair –Software section –Hardware section Network Settings and Configurations Using Linux in the RRC Advanced Mac Training

27 Week 4 – Advanced Training, Pt. 2 Advanced Vista Training Boot Camp, Parallels, and VMWare Fusion Network Stability and Security VMWare “Final Exam” Post-training Evaluations

28 General Notes on Giving Modules Expound and Explain Questions, questions, questions Individual vs. Group Attention Informal, but focused Go “off script” occasionally

29 Once Training is Over… Scheduling Shadowing Supervised Remediation Final Evaluations Standard 2-day “Boot Camp”

30 Training Wrap-up Strong In-class Bonds FTS-Tech Relationship Creates Opportunities to Lead and Grow Makes the Freshman Experience easier Make the Move-in Experience much easier

31 Boot Camp (2 Days) Objectives –Meet new staff –Team Building –Organizational overview –ResLife segment on residence hall etiquette –Network overview –Review of move in plan


33 Improving Retention Hiring method has extended average affiliation Added value to ResNet experience –Periodic meetings with multiple goals ResNet business ResNet fun (prize drawings, contests) FREE FOOD –Staff gatherings/activities Friday Night Gaming Résumé Assistance

34 Coop Opportunities Guest Speaker Program (once per semester –Hiring Managers present to ResNet staff –Win-Win goal Students learn about company products, culture, full time and part time opportunities, desired background Company presents opportunities available and demonstrates why students would want to work there Students have inside track and company has multiple quality applicants to choose from

35 Guest Speakers NEU Security MIT Lincoln Labs (8 hires in 3 years) EMC Corporation FBI New England Patriots IT Dept. (Kraft Group) Enterasys Corporation Eliassen Group

36 Alumni Connection Goal is to foster alumni relationships Alumni Dinner –Review Accomplishments –Updates on last year’s ResNet grads –Senior Management Attendance –Alumni Speakers Return to talk of experiences –Emphasis on Networking

37 Keys to Our Success Acceptance of ResNet capabilities by Senior Management Gather detailed financial and operational data to support your needs Actively Promote ResNet

38 THANK YOU!! Northeastern University

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