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November 2011 PTC India Financial Services Limited.

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1 November 2011 PTC India Financial Services Limited

2 Our Vision and Mission Vision Be the most preferred financial services partner in the entire energy value chain. Mission To partner and forge strong relationships with credible stakeholders to provide complete financial services for all links in the energy value chain. 2

3 Business Activities of PFS Scope of business activities  Invest in Greenfield projects, Brownfield projects and provide expansion capital on an ongoing basis To the companies engaged in identified target sectors  Invest in identified projects Power Exchange Tolling projects Biomass projects Wind projects Coal projects Investment in cross border transmission link  Term Financing  Financial solutions and advisory Strategic financial partnership to bring in :  Fund management best practices  Strong relationship with global investors To provide Investment and Financing solutions for the broader Energy Value Chain PTC’s lineage Debt Financing Equity Financing Structured Products Fee Based Services Across energy Value Chain 3

4 Shareholding Pattern as at September 30, 2011 4

5 Our Shareholders 5 Top 10 shareholders as at September 30, 2011 Name No. of shares % Equity Name No. of shares % Equity PTC India Limited337,250,00160.00Life Insurance Corporation Of India 13,882,5952.47 GS Strategic Investments Ltd48,666,6678.66Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd 12,147,3462.16 HSBC Bank (Mauritius) Limited A/C GMFA Asia Venture Ltd 20,691,9203.68State Bank Of India11,355,6012.02 Macquarie India Holdings Ltd19,466,6673.46Capital International Emerging Markets Fund 10,220,7351.82 Emerging Markets Growth Fund, Inc. 15,933,4502.83HDFC Trustee Company Limited - HDFC MF Monthly Income Long Term 5,610,6131.00 Other institutional shareholders as at September 30, 2011 Corporation BankIndian Overseas Bank Citigroup Global Markets Mauritius Private LimitedUnion Bank Of India Aviva Life Insurance Company India LimitedIndian Overseas Bank General Insurance Corporation Of IndiaIBM Diversified Global Equity Fund BNY Mellon Vietnam India & China VIC FundGovernment Of Singapore Investment Corporation

6 Highlights of Income Statement 6 Q2 FY 2012 Q2 FY 2011 H1 FY 2012 H1 FY 2011 FY 2011 Interest income 300.43189.31540.94318.04742.56 Interest expense 160.4186.07312.61160.01426.51 Net interest income 140.03103.25228.33158.03316.05 Other operating income 223.40161.66309.84189.11294.56 Operating expenditure 70.2416.54159.8741.11147.70 Foreign exchange translation loss 43.55- -- Profit from operations 249.64248.37334.75306.03462.90 Other Income 54.4110.59119.9228.8951.41 Profit before tax 304.05258.96454.67334.93514.31 Tax expense 77.6854.81125.9279.83144.04 Profit after tax 226.37204.16328.75255.10370.27 Amount’ Rs. in millions * Includes fund raising expenses, provision for contingencies and other expenditure incurred during H1 FY 2012

7 7 Operational Highlights

8 Highlights 8 Profit after tax increased by 29% to Rs.328.75 mn in H1 FY 2012 from Rs.255.10 mn in H1 FY 2011 Net Interest Income increased by 44% to Rs.228.33 mn in H1 FY 2012 from Rs.158.03 mn in H1 FY 2011 Return on Assets of 1.90% for H1 FY 2012Nil NPA as at 30 th September 2011 NIM stands at 6.57% in Q2 FY12 as compared to 4.97% in Q1 FY12. NIM in FY11 was 6.42%. Net interest income considered for NIM excludes interest income on temporary surplus funds Spread stands at 3.88% in Q2 FY12 as compared to 3.03% in Q1 FY12. Spread in FY11 was 4.63%.

9 Resource Mix 9 As at September 30, 2011 As at March 31, 2011 Shareholders' Funds Share Capital5,620.83 Reserves and Surplus (including ESOPS outstanding) 4,886.274,556.10 Loan Funds Debentures2,900.00 Term loans from banks2,359.142,377.89 Short term loans387.50- External commercial borrowings488.00- Long term infrastructure bonds420.86 Deferred Tax Liability42.6749.87 Total17,105.2715,925.55 Amount’ Rs. in millions

10 Overview of Major Equity Investments Equity InvestmentsCapacity (MW) Outstanding as at 30.09.11 (Rs. Million) Investment Status Indian Energy Exchange Limited N.A.57.66 Operational since June 2008. PFS holds 21% after divesting 5% stake during FY 2011. Further divestment is underway. Ind-Barath Powergencom Limited 189435.03 The project is fully commissioned. PFS has completely exited in October 2011 Ind- Barath Energy (Utkal) Limited 7001,050.00 Financial closure has been achieved. All clearances received and project is on track to be commissioned by March 2012. Meenakshi Energy Private Limited 9001,094.64 Phase I (300MW) project is expected to be commissioned in December 2011 Phase II (600 MW) project is on track after financial closure and expected to be commissioned in March 2013. East Coast Energy Private Limited 1,3201,333.85 Project on track after financial closure. Clearance from Expert Appraisal Committee, MoEF received on recent environment issues. Received FIPB approval for swap of shares to the holding company. R S India Wind Energy Private Limited 99611.21 Rs 539.44 million invested in 99.45 MW wind power project. Phase I (41.25 MW) of the project fully commissioned and phase II is under implementation Rs 71.77 million invested in WTG manufacturing facility housed in a subsidiary company Total4,582.39 10

11 Portfolio Mix – Debt Assisted Projects 11 As at September 30, 2011

12 12 Fuel and PPA for Coal Based Projects (Debt) 12 Fuel Source Total No. of Projects (Amount Sanction) To% of total sanction PPA with PTC (Long / Short Term) PPA with State Utilities / Captive 100% Domestic Coal Linkage Sanctioned & Disbursement started (Case 1 or process of FSA started) 2 (106.87) 6.68%12 Sanctioned but disbursement yet to start Group Company having own mines 1 (200) 12.49%1 (Captive) Others 1 (125) 7.81% 100% Captive Coal Block Sanctioned & Disbursement started 5 (319.17) 19.92%32 28.11% Sanctioned but disbursement yet to start 2 (450.00)2 (Captive) 100% Imported Coal through own mines 1 (120.00) 7.50%1- 70% Domestic Coal linkage + 30% Imported Coal Sanctioned & Disbursed 1 (120.00) 7.50%2- Sanctioned but documents yet to be executed 1 (160.00) 9.99% Total14100%76

13 13 Way Forward Focus on renewable power and other emerging segments of power sector Continue to develop strategic partnerships with international finance institutions Offer comprehensive structured financing solutions to private power sector developers Consolidate position as preferred financing solutions provider, especially for smaller & medium power projects Maintain optimal mix of equity investments and debt financing Expand fee based services and CER financing

14 Thank You 14

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