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MuCool Outlook and Plans  Over the past year we have had a very successful program that will be detailed in the next two sessions: u MuCool Test Area.

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1 MuCool Outlook and Plans  Over the past year we have had a very successful program that will be detailed in the next two sessions: u MuCool Test Area – Popovic u Beamline Instrumentation – Hoffman u RF – Moretti, Norem, Li u LH 2 Absorbers – Cummings, Lau, Darve u Gaseous H Absorbers – Johnson u MuScat – Rakhno  MuCool Test Area is now complete Setting up for KEK LH 2 absorber tests and RF

2 MuCool Outlook and Plans  KEK Test u First test of LH 2 Absorber u Setting up in MTA s First Tests in March

3 MuCool RF Test Program  MuCool has had a very active test program using the Lab G facility  Tests: u Open Cell Cavity s 54 MV/m u Closed Cell Cavity s 34 MV/m u High Pressure H 2 filled test cell s 80 MV/m u Investigate materials, surface coatings, window design, B field effects, pressurized cavities

4 MuCool Outlook and Plans  RF Testing u This past year tests have focused on 805 MHz studies of the single-cell –closed cell cavity s Window design –Materials –Surface treatment –Damage mechanisms  Our one major setback has been the premature deactivation of the Lab G test area u Due to problems with 805 MHz Klystrons in the Linac, the Lab G Klystron (+system components) has be removed and sent back to the Linac. u Lab G is now decommissioned  The loss of Lab G has a serious impact on the MuCool RF program

5 MuCool RF Test Program  Our activities were limited during the Tevatron shutdown due to the in- availability of cryo support to cool down superconducting magnet.  A rather aggressive program was planned for the Lab G facility starting in January u Using Closed Cell Cavity in B field s Aluminum grid “window” s Curved SS window s Chromium window s Hollow Aluminum grid w/ gas cooling s Curved Be windows s “Button-Cell” material tests s High Pressure H 2 cavity tests u This was estimated to be a 6-9 month program  Fall 04 we will receive the first 201 MHz test cavity u Shift R&D focus to 201 MHz tests

6 MuCool RF Test Program  In addition to the impact on direct MuCool activities, loss of Lab G impacts u IIT PhD student s Mechanical and EM studies of grids s Current situation will present some delay – need to minimize impact on student u Muons Inc. s High Pressure H 2 filled cavity s Working within a 2 year schedule (from Aug 03). 6-9 delay would have severe impact on their likelihood for successful completion within this time limit.  With Lab G de-commissioned, we would like to bring 805 MHz (& 201 MHz) test capability to the MuCool Test Area As Soon As Possible u YESTERDAY!!

7 MuCool RF Test Program Initial MTA Setup

8 MuCool RF Test Program  In order to get back “on-line” - Desired schedule with required effort u Jan 19 th start (1 month duration) s Design and install weather shield over RF trench in MTA. –1 mm + $5k u March 1 st start (1 month duration) s Install 805 MHz waveguide and 201 MHz coax –4 mm + $1k u March 22 nd start (1 month duration) s Remove vacuum and water systems from Lab G and install in MTA –4 mm + $5K u March 22 nd start (1 month duration) s Install water mains, electrical panels, cables, data network in MTA –4 mm + $15k u May 1 st s Testing can commence in MTA  Need the manpower resources from Fermilab, M&S shown above likely covered within existing MuCool budget u However, FY04 MuCool budget does not cover the cost of moving magnet from Lab G to MTA s $15-20k

9 MuCool RF Test Program  Once the 201 MHz prototype cavity arrives at Fermilab in Fall 04, our focus shifts to 201 tests  If we do not have most of the 805 program complete by this time, finishing it will be delayed significantly u Additional complication is working in the KEK absorber tests. Cannot run RF & LH 2 together s First round of KEK LH s in March s 805 Testing May-Sept (Possible 2 nd KEK test) in this time window also possible  We anticipated that 805 MHz testing will continue once the 201 MHz program begins, but at a much reduced level of effort. u KEK absorber tests complete  Our goal is to re-established 805 MHz testing as soon as possible while not jeopardizing having 201 MHz capability in the MTA by Sept 04 u We have met with Fermilab AD management and we have been given assurances that they will do whatever that can to get the MTA RF test program operation as soon as possible. s Mechanical/electrical resources (technicians) s Cryo (move of Lab G magnet) s Safety analysis

10 FY 04 Budget and Plans for Fermilab  Goals for FY 04 u Provide 201 MHz (and 805) RF capability for MTA u Move RF studies from Lab G to the MTA u Support Japanese convective absorber test in MTA u Finish installation of as much of the cryo- system for the MTA as possible.  Costs u MTA overrun s (HVAC)$70k u RF(MTA) s Waveguide hardware$10k –($70k covered in FY03) s Vacuum System 30k s Water & AC power 25k s Waveguide Trench 50k s Contingency 40k

11 FY 04 Budget and Plans for Fermilab  Costs u Cryo (MTA) s Compressor and Refrigerator193k s LHe Transfer line 64k s Flow Absorber/Hydrogen system 81k s Contingency 65k

12 FY 04 Budget and Plans for Fermilab u Lab G (goes to MTA) s Instrumentation 25k –Microphones –Thermocouples for window –Optical system to measure window movement –DSO (on loan from other group – they want it back s LHe 50k s Move Magnet to MTA20k u Japanese absorber tests s LHe transfer line and boxes10k s Quad-log software 3k s Misc. cryo 2k s Electrical 3k s LHe30k  Total Costs$771k  Funding: u FY 03 US-Japan $49k s Should cover convective absorber test u MTA Contingency 50k s RF trench u FNAL TD FY 04 50k u FNAL BD FY 04 50k s LHe costs u FY 04 US-Japan ? u MC 385k

13 FY 04 Budget and Plans for Fermilab  Total Funding: $584 + ? u The difference will have to come out of cryo implementation for the MTA – impact start of construction of flow-absorber s Have asked AD to support moving Lab G magnet s Some savings in LHe costs – MTA cryo plant to come on sooner possibly  Delay construction of Flow-absorber until FY 05 u Hope to start in this year u Conceptual design mature u Detailed engineering can still be done in FY 04 is manpower is available. u Funding short-fall only implies construction delay

14 MuCool Outlook and Plans Conclusions  Although the loss of Lab G will lead to some scheduling difficulties over the next 6-9 months u KEK u 805 MHz RF Testing u 201 MHz RF Testing  We anticipate being able to complete the KEK LH 2 absorber program and 805 MHz RF test program and still be ready for the 201 MHz cavity when it arrives in the Fall of 04  Expecting Fermilab AD to assist in all ways possible to bring RF testing to the MTA by May  Scheduling is an issue, the Budget is tight, but should be able to do most of what we want to do in FY04 u Some additional funds could help flow-through absorber program

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