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Board Orientation August 29, 2006. Origins of Clean Air Partners Originally founded as a joint project of COG; BMC; DC, MD, and VA; and private sector.

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1 Board Orientation August 29, 2006

2 Origins of Clean Air Partners Originally founded as a joint project of COG; BMC; DC, MD, and VA; and private sector organizations in 1994. Subsequently formalized as a nonprofit in 1997 by COG and BMC. 2007 will be the 10-Year Anniversary of Clean Air Partners

3 Purpose Educate the public about the health effects of ground level ozone and particle pollution. Motivate employers and individuals to take efficient and effective voluntary actions that will improve air quality in the Baltimore-Washington region.

4 Board Authority & Responsibility The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Partners. Between meetings of the entire membership, it shall be responsible for the general policies and programs of the Clean Air Partners and for the control of its funds.

5 Board Authority and Responsibility Prepare agenda for membership meetings. At Annual Meetings, report on program and financial results and propose the strategy and budget for the following year’s work plan. Adjust strategy and budget to meet unanticipated needs or changed situations. Approve contractual relationships required to execute Clean Air Partners sponsored and supported programs and for providing routine administrative services for the organization. Raise funds for the organization. Recruit new members.

6 Organizational Chart Clean Air Partners Board of Directors Part-time Managing Director [Clifton Gunderson] Marketing & Outreach [PRR] Program Evaluation [VCU] Air Quality Curriculum [EEE] COG (Program Support And Administration) BMC MDE (In-Kind Support)

7 Committees Executive Committee Technical and Policy Membership and Recruiting Finance and Fundraising Marketing and Education Nominating Special Projects

8 FY 2007Revenue Summary -based on FY 2007 Work Program and Budget, May 2006- SourceGrant/Sponsor $Cash $Total $ (%) MDOT$250,000$250,000 (40%) VDOT$108,000$108,000 (17%) DDOT$54,000$54,000 (9%) COG$50,000$50,000 (8%) Membership Dues$10,000$10,000 (1%) Carry Over -COG Carryover -Grant Carryover$20,000 $38,950* *May 06 estimate $58,950 (9%)* *May 06 estimate Conference$1,000$1,000 (<1%) Media Sponsorship $100,000$100,000 (16%) GrantsTBD TOTAL$120,000 (19%)$511,950 (81%)$631,950

9 FY 2007 Budget Overview Program AreaGrant/Sponsor $Cash $Total $ (%) 1. AQAD$181,500$181,500 (29%) 2. Voluntary Business Emissions Reduction $40,500$40,500 (6%) 3. Marketing & PR$100,000$140,000$240,000 (38%) 4. Curriculum Development $20,000$9,000$29,000 (4%) 5. Program Evaluation$42,950$42,950 (7%) 6. Membership Services$11,000$11,000 (2%) 7. Program Administration$87,000$87,000 (14%) TOTAL$120,000 (19%)$511,950 (81%)$631,950

10 FY 2007 Priorities Communicating new standard for ozone to the public, meteorologists, AQAD participants, Rideshare programs, and new target groups (child care providers). Continuing to measure awareness/changes in behavior (Code Orange). Implementing the new Voluntary Business Emissions Reduction pilot with printers in Northern Virginia (obtain commitments on 10 or more Code Orange and Code Red Days); explore expanding to MD and DC.

11 2007 Priorities Implementing the air quality curriculum pilot in 3 Northern Virginia school districts; expand to MD and DC based on availability of funding. Enhancing content, look, navigation, and functionality of web site. Continuing to diversify funding sources (new grants, members, and sponsors). Recognizing the 10-year anniversary of Clean Air Partners (2007). Identify and obtain funding commitments for new initiatives in FY 2008 and beyond.

12 Potential New Initiatives (FY 2008 and Beyond) Expansion of Air Quality Curriculum to DC and MD Schools ($12,000) Anti-Idling Program at Elementary Schools ($102,000-$270,000) Gasoline-Powered Lawn Mower Exchange ($160,000) Child Care Center Initiative ($50,000)

13 2006 Sponsor Commitments $142,500 Mirant ($50K) Constellation Energy ($15K) Fairfax County ($15K) Washington Gas ($15K) WMATA ($15K) Prince George’s County ($10K) VA Dept. of Rail and Public Transportation ($10K) Montgomery County ($5K) Commuter Connections ($5K) Lockheed Martin ($2,500)

14 FY 2007 Marketing & Communications Plan (May 2007) Goal #1: Increase Awareness of Air Quality -Strategy #1 – Renew & Refresh the Brand -Strategy #2 – Media Launch to Announce the New Standard Goal #2: Drive Voluntary Action to Improve the Air -Strategy #1 – Generate Mass Media to Deliver the Message -Strategy #2 – Generate Programs that Drive Measurable Behavior Change Goal #3: Increase Active Partners -Strategy #1 – Retain Current & Increase Future Sponsors -Strategy #2 – Extend Current Membership & Actions Taken by Members to Increase Program’s Reach and Visibility

15 FY 2007 Marketing & Communications Plan (May 2007) Unfunded Program Ideas -Baseline Marketing Driven Awareness Research -Implement Proven Programs that Drive Measurable Behavior Change

16 2006 Public Awareness Campaign DC Media Event – EPA National Air Quality Awareness Week (May). 2 new radio ads (Perfect Mom and Apologizing to Skip). Radio buy (late June-early August) and promotional events. Meteorologist outreach. Baltimore Event (July). WMATA bus/rail ads (August/September).

17 Electric Lawn Mower Promotion

18 After Dark Tank Party

19 METRO Promotion

20 Additional FY 2007 Initiatives Logo redesign. 10-Year Anniversary preparations. “Lead By Example” pilot (Prince George’s County).

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