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BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 1 2014 SC PM Workshop July 15-17, 2014 Brookhaven National Laboratory Cathleen Lavelle Diane Hatton, Joe Eng.

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1 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 1 2014 SC PM Workshop July 15-17, 2014 Brookhaven National Laboratory Cathleen Lavelle Diane Hatton, Joe Eng

2 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 2  One of five multi-program science labs managed by DOE-SC  Established in 1947; operated by BSA since 1998  Approximately 3,000 scientists, engineers, and support staff; 4200 facility users; 1,000 scientists visit each year  BNL operates world-class user facilities for research  Key missions in:  Basic Energy Sciences  Nuclear Physics  Bio-medical Sciences  High Energy Physics  Energy Supply / Climate Change  Seven Nobel Prizes BNL Overview

3 BNL at a Glance: FY 2013 DOE SC - Physical Assets 5322 acres 310 buildings Human Capital 2882 FTEs (3012 heads) Direct/indirect: 0.59/0.41 480 undergrad/grad students 4134 facility users 1377 visiting scientists 3 FY 2013 Total Lab Operating Costs: $629.9 million ($652.8)* FY 2013 Total DOE/NNSA Costs: $22.6 million FY 2013 WFO (Non-DOE/Non-DHS) Costs: $52.5 million FY 2013 WFO as % Total Lab Operating Costs: 8.3% FY 2013 DHS Costs: $0.8 million *including OLABS ($8.5M) and A/R Other ($14.4M) FY 2013 Funding by Source ($M)

4 4 Historical Project Budget and 5 Year Project Outlook Historical Annual Construction Budget (10 year average not including GPP/IGPP) Line Item—$109M MIE—$21M Operating Expense*—$467M Projected Annual Construction Budget (not including GPP/IGPP) Line Item—$12M MIE—$46M Operating Expense*—$561M *Operating includes all operating. Historically, operating funds associated with construction projects are not reported separately.


6 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 6 Project Management Center Organization Recent Change at BNL: Provide centralized tools and standards to BNL project managers: Large Capital Asset Projects and Small projects (tailored approach) Keep core staff small Centralized Resource Pool Process Improvement Transfer knowledge Support/Train Dept. resources

7 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 7 BNL’s Major Projects  Completed Projects CFN, ISB, RSLII  Ongoing Projects NSLS-II NEXT (NSLS-II Experimental Beamlines) ABBIX (Advanced Biological Beamlines) US Atlas Upgrade Partner/Other Beamlines  Future Projects sPHENIX Electron Ion Collider TPC greater than $20M

8 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 8 Large Projects managed within Directorate Central Project Management Center (PMC) provides support, tools, systems, process, training, resources Institutional Risk Management Committee (IRMC) –Comprised of Lab Director and senior management –conducts periodic project reviews status/issues (quarterly) –Scope, schedule, cost, ESH, procurement, staffing, risks, PM concerns Institutional Key Performance Parameters (IKPIs) – monitored quarterly reporting of major project performance Director’s Reviews in advance of DOE reviews (Internal/External) and EVMS Annual Laboratory Self Assessment Standardization of PM Systems and Reporting Managing Major/MIE Projects Lab Oversight

9 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 9 BNL Project Projection ProjectsProgram Sponsor TPC ($M) & BNL's WBS FY StartFY FinishCD-Status NSLS-IIBES$91220072015CD-3 NEXTBES$9020132017CD-3 ABBIXBES$4520132016CD-3 Equiv Operations (NxtGen) & Partner BeamlinesBES$4320142017TBD NSLS Hazadous RemovalBES$5-1020152016TBD APULHEP$1220112014CD-4 ATLAS PH-IHEP($33) $1220142018CD-1 ATLAS PH-IIHEP($200) $35-4520162022TBD LARP-LHC Accelerator Luminosity UpgradeHEP($200) $35-4520152024TBD LSSTHEP($150) $4020132019CD-3 LAR1-ND (Short Base Line Exp)HEP($13) $320142018TBD Dark Side Dark MatterHEP($10) $220142018TBD Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) RelocationHEP$520142017CD-2 Equiv LBNEHEP($1,500) $5020132028CD-1 HFTNP$1620112015CD-3 sPHENIXNP$5020152020TBD BLIP RasterNP$520142016CD-3 Equiv LEReCNP$1020142018CD-2 Equiv Electron Ion Collider (EIC)NPTBD20182026TBD EIC DetectorNPTBD20182026TBD RSL IISLI$5120102014CD-4 CFR-ISLI$25-3120162018TBD CFR-IISLI$30-3620182020TBD CFR-IIISLI$40-4520202022TBD Central Computer BldgSLI$27-3320222024TBD UESC3rd Party$1520142017CD-3 Equiv Alternative Finance Office Bldg3rd Party$3820172021TBD Portal to Discovery3rd Party$5020172021TBD AEGIS3rd Party$7020162019TBD

10 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 10 Internal/External Director’s Reviews Advisory Committees for Project guidance IRMC –Institutional Risk Management Committee (Project Management Reviews) Home grown systems that provide tools/data for PM/CAMs ( cost estimating, Risk ID, configuration management and cost/schedule reporting). Central Project Management support provides tools, templates, systems, process, training, resources What works well at BNL

11 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES 11 Applying tailored Project Management for small R&D projects – Risk based graded approach Communicate Lessons Learned across projects – Directorates/projects act in isolation Develop Project Management “track” and formal training for Project Managers Streamline systems – Peoplesoft/Project SW tools interfaces need to be established. IT support required. Improvements BNL is working on


13 13 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES BNL Manages Projects with Proven Systems and Software Deltek Cobra ™ Cost and Earned Value Management Solution Deltek Cobra ™ Cost and Earned Value Management Solution Scheduling Software Financial Management System Standard Rates & Burdens Burdens Rates Escalation Milestones Critical Path Deliverables Resource Loading Authorized Funding Commitments Actual Costs Performance Baseline Analysis Reporting Fiscal Year Budgets

14 14 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Web based Cost Estimating (CED) Integrated Project Database (IPD/IPDv2) Web based Cost Estimating (CED) Integrated Project Database (IPD/IPDv2) Primavera 6.2 Schedule Primavera 6.2 Schedule Cost/Schedule Baseline Development/Measurement WBS & WBS Dictionary Resources: -Labor hours -M&S $ -Travel $ Schedule: -Activities -Durations Risk ID & Assessment BOE Resources Develop Logic/dates Timephase resources Milestones Resources Schedule EV assessment Rate Tables Burdened Esc $ Cobra Cost Baseline Reporting Activities, Durations Iterative Process to develop Proposed Baseline

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