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US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS GALVESTON DISTRICT Presented by: Kenneth Adams Deputy for Small Business Galveston District.

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1 US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS GALVESTON DISTRICT Presented by: Kenneth Adams Deputy for Small Business Galveston District

2 Who Are We The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a worldwide organization that provides engineering services, environmental restoration and construction support for a wide variety of civil projects as well as some Military projects. What We Do Major Programs within the Galveston District: * Environmental * Civil Works * Support for Others * Disaster Response *Military Projects (Fort Bliss/BRAC)

3 Galveston District

4 Small Business Awards FY 2008 -Total Obligated $463,112,361 Total $’s to Category Goals Achieved Small Business 150,661,840 40.0% 32.53% Small Disadv. Business 78,672,768 18.0% 16.99% Women-Owned Sm. Business 27,748,148 5.8% 5.99% HUBZone Small Business 102,514,226 10.0% 22.14% Service Disabled Veteran- Owned Small Business 19,843,121 2.0% 4.28% Historically Black Colleges & Universities Minority Institutes - 13.0% 0.0%

5 $120 M $566M $11M $17M IIS ENV CW MP FY09 Dollars by Program Total Dollars: $714M

6 FY09 Overall SB Projections

7 FY09 SB Projections by Program

8 FY10 Dollars by Program Total Dollars: $440.5M

9 FY10 Overall SB Projections

10 FY10 SB Projections by Program

11 FY 2009 Military Projects IBCT - 1 POV Parking IBCT – 2 POV Parking IBCT - 1 Urban Design and Landscape IBCT - 2 Urban Design and Landscape Fires Brigade Landscape Community Infrastructure Landscape BCT – Organizational Vehicle Parking BCT – 3 POV Parking Lots BCT – 3 Urban Design and Landscape

12 FY 2009 Projects Channel to Victoria Freeport Harbor Inside Channel Dredge Sims Bayou to Turning Basin Repair Mooring Buoys at BRF & CRL Dredge San Benard to Live Oak Repairs to Structures & Security Fencing; Cathodic Protection Fill Voids at Addicks and Barker Dams Bathhurt to South Post Oak Channel Reach 8A Dredge Corpus Christi Ship Channel and Jewell Fulton Channel Ditching/Dewatering of Placement Areas 5 &6, Texas City Design and construct repairs to 2 nd outlet structure, Clear Creek

13 FY 2009 Projects Design and Construct Repairs to Flood Control Project, White Oak Bayou Dredge Barbours Terminal Channel & TB Dredge Sabine Neches Waterway Rehab Multiple Placement Areas, Houston Galveston Navigation Channel Repair Mooring Buoys, Gulf Intercoastal Waterway Dredge Galveston Harbor & Channel New and Maintenance Dredging and Construction, Texas City Construction of Placement Areas, Chocolate Bayou Grass Planting, Bolivar Marsh

14 FY 2009 Projects Construction of Clodine Ditch, Buffalo Bayou Paint and Rehab Structure, Restore Roadway on top of dams, Buffalo Bayou Raise Levees at Placement Area 85, Freeport Rehab/Debris Removal at High Island to Bolivar, GIWW Dredge Mooring Basin CRL, Enlarge Pelican Island, and Brazos Mooring Facilities, GIWW Widen GIWW at Port Isabel, Complete Breakwater at PA 220, Rehab PA 226, Increase capacity at PA 240, Rehab PA 164/165/166/175A, Dewater and Repair PA 23 on the GIWW

15 FY 2009 Projects Rehab Levees at PA 117/118/116A, Construct Geotubes at PA 19 on GIWW Increase Capacity/Erosion Protection at PA100, Levee Work 58A on GIWW PA8 Hurricane Ike Damages, Levees, Access Road, Debris, Bank Erosion, Spillbox; PA11. Levee Repair, dewater, spillbox repair, erosion protect and access road on Sabine Neches Waterway Repairs to Jetty Walkway, Mouth of Colorado General Debris Clean-up, Wallisville Repairs to PA-3, Storm Damage Dolly, Dust Control, Brazos Island Harbor

16 FY 2009 Projects Design and Construct Repairs to Project, Packery Channel Sabine River to High Island, San Bernard Watershed, Brazoria County Shoreline, Neches River Basin, Coastal Texas Protection, Lower Brazos River, Texas Reconstruction Galveston Island Harbor; Taylors Bayou; Keith Lake; Mud Island Marsh; Galveston MUD; Moses Lake; South Padre Island; Galveston RSM, Texas CAPS Dredge Colorado River to Upper Matagorda Bay, Erosion Repair, GIWW Breakwater for Boat Basin, Port Arthur Office West & South Non-Overflow Dam Repairs; Repairs to Recreation Sites; Repair River Bank Erosion; Repair Guide Walls, Wallisville Construct Maint. Bldg. at Brazos River Locks; Repair Road to West Floodgate; Navigation Safety Improvements, GIWW

17 FY 2009 Projects Sediment Removal with option for MLK plug removal, Sims Bayou Dredging Channel to Victoria; Dredge Aransas Bay; Breakwater Construction Dredging Mouth of Colorado River; Construct New East Jetty; Dredge Colorado River to Bay City Dredge Freeport Harbor Entrance Channel Dredge Main Channel; PA Work; Channel to Anahuac; Channel to Smith Point, Double Bayou/Trinity River & Tribs Bolivar Marsh Channelization; North and South Goat Island & Wave Trip; Bolivar Marsh Evia Island PA Rehab, HGNC & Bolivar Marsh Dredge Bayport Terminal Channel and TB; Quanity Increase to Bayport Terminal Channel and TB, Hurricane Ike, Bayport

18 FY 2009 Projects Maintenance of 8 Drainage Structures and Bank Erosion, Channel to Victoria Dredge Channel to Port Bolivar Dredge Entrance Channel, Corpus Christi Placement Area Rehabilitation of Rosa Allen, East/West Clinton, Filterbed and House Tract Stimson, Houston Ship Channel Repairs to Building and Structures, Port Bolivar Repairs to Buildings and Facilities, Port Arthur Office

19 FY 2010 Projects Dredge Bayport to Morgans to Pre-Hurricane Ike Depth; Dredge Redfish to Bayport to Pre-Hurricane Depth, Houston Ship Channel Recreation Multi Purpose Trails, Sims Bayou Dredging Channel to Port Lavaca & Harbor of Refuge, Matagorda Ship Ch. New Work Construction; Dredging and PA Work, Cedar Bayou Sewer System Construction, Fort Bend Construction Sabine Neches Canal, Dredge Additional Shoal due to Hurricane Ike, Sabine Neches Waterway Execute PPA & Initiate Construction, Corpus Christi Ship Channel High Island to Brazos – Initiate Construction, GIWW

20 FY 2010 Projects Texas Environmental Infrastructure, Cameron County, Texas – Harlingen Irrigation District System Improvements Texas Environmental Infrastructure, Adams Garden Irrigation District – Canal Rehab Texas Environmental Infrastructure, Brownsville Public Utility – SeaWater Desal. Texas Environmental Infrastructure, City of Trinidad - City Lake Rehab and Dredg. Texas Environmental Infrastructure, San Jacinto River Authority – Surface Water Conversion Texas Environmental Infrastructure, Upper Trinity RWD – Ray Roberts Lake Water Pipeline Texas Environmental Infrastructure, - Brazos River Authority-Saltwater Barrier

21 Galveston District Location:2000 Fort Point Rd, Galveston, Texas 77553 Websites:Galveston: Fort Worth: Points of Contact: District Commander, David Weston, 409-766-3001 Chief of Contracting, Tom Benero – 409-766-3850 Deputy for Small Business, Ken Adams – 409-766-3006

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