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FBI Facility Acquisition Programs July 22, 2010. 2 12/3/07 Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch National Security Branch Science and Technology.

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1 FBI Facility Acquisition Programs July 22, 2010

2 2 12/3/07 Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch National Security Branch Science and Technology Branch Information Technology Branch Human Resources Branch Facilities and Logistics Services Div Finance Division Inspection Division Records Management Division Resource Planning Office Security Division Special Staff Offices Deputy Director Associate Deputy Director Director Chief of Staff 56 FBI Field Divisions FBI Organization FBI Headquarters

3 3 FBI Field Locations

4 4 FBI Field Offices - primary facilities for housing FBI operations nation-wide. Initially, many FOs were in poorly secured, multi-tenant buildings and also lacked seating capacity with resultant fragmentation. After Oklahoma City bombing  shift to single-tenant, secure Field Office Buildings. 12 Field Offices completed from OC bombing thru 9-11:  Albany, Columbia, El Paso, Kansas City, Little Rock, Mobile, New Haven, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Richmond, St Louis, WFO. Post 9-11, all existing Field Office Buildings were evaluated for:  Adequacy of Space and Growth Capacity  SCIF space and seating – needed for TS connectivity  Field Intelligence Group seating  Joint Terrorism Task Force space  Security – ISC Level IV FBI Field Office (FO) Program

5 5 Ten-Year Field Office Acquisition Plan established in Heavy reliance on private sector funding and Lease-Construct approach. 25 FO projects will complete between 2001 and  7 FOs from 2001 to mid-2006: Albuquerque, Baltimore, Birmingham, Cleveland, Dallas, Newark, Pittsburgh.  18 FOs between 2006 and 2012: : Chicago, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Springfield, Tampa 2009: Jacksonville, Louisville, Omaha, Houston (only Federal Construction), Jackson : Denver, Knoxville, Indianapolis, Charlotte. 2012: Phoenix, Portland, Minneapolis, Cincinnati – all awarded. FBI Field Office Program Summary

6 6 Louisville FBI Field Office 120,197 SF ML Harris Company Completed: Apr 2009

7 7 Jacksonville FBI Field Office 129,672 SF BC Development Completed: Mar 2009

8 8 Omaha FBI Field Office 112,337 SF Noddle Companies Completed: Oct 2009

9 9 109,819 RSFAward: Nov 2006 HighwoodsCompleted: Nov 2009 Opened: Jun 9, 2010 Jackson FBI Field Office

10 10 175,155 SF Alex Palmer Co Award: Dec 2007 Completed: Jun 2010 Opened: Jun 30, 2010 Denver FBI Field Office

11 11 99,130 RSF FedCar Devel Award: Aug 2007 Compl: Jul 2010 Knoxville FBI Field Office – in constr

12 12 110,531 RSFAward: Feb 2009 FedCar DevelCompl: Jan 2011 Indianapolis Field Office – in constr

13 13 171,460 RSFAward: Jul 2009 Highwoods DevelCompl: Jul 2011 Charlotte FBI Field Office – in constr

14 14 211,237 RSFAward: Feb 2010 Ryan CoCompl: Mar 2012 Phoenix FBI Field Office – in design

15 15 The Economy’s Impact (on lease development) Example - Barry Real Estate was awarded 3 FBI Projects in 2009 but has been unable to proceed… Friday, March 26, 2010 Barry losing chance to develop FBI, Archives buildings by Douglas Sams Staff Writer “Struggling Barry Real Estate Companies Inc. may lose the chance to develop four massive federal buildings because it is unable to secure a construction loan.” “Barry Real Estate recently sold its interest in the … NARA Building in St. Louis, and may also sell its development interests in three planned FBI buildings in Portland, Ore., Cincinnati and Minneapolis.”

16 16 134,157 RSF Award: Jan 2009 Barry RE – being transferred to Molasky Development Portland FBI Field Office - awarded

17 17 162,530 RSF Award: Mar 2009 Barry RE – just transferred to Molasky Development Minneapolis Field Office - awarded

18 18 108,874 RSF Award: Apr 2009 Barry RE – just transferred to Molasky Development Cincinnati FBI Field Office - awarded

19 19  Largest Lease-Construct Building Program in the history of the US Government FBI-sponsored Program & Business Process Improvements: LEED Silver Rating - Required Standardization:  Acquisition type  Schedules  Reporting Standard Design Concept:  Flexible, “Open Office” Plan  Resource and People Areas  A Challenge for privately-owned, leased buildings Field Office Program Initiatives

20 20 Standard Design Example 1 st Floor Example Only

21 21 By the end of 2012, 37 (out of 56 total) FBI Field Offices will have been completed Remaining Field Offices: 6 Authorized Lease-construct FO Projects will complete in 2013:  Boston and Honolulu – award pending.  Norfolk, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and San Diego – early in acquisition. 6 FOs, currently in Leased space, don’t yet have Projects Authorized:  Anchorage, Buffalo, and Seattle – unplanned as of present.  Memphis, Milwaukee and Atlanta – planned for Existing building leases. 7 Remaining FO projects  shifted to Federal Construction. What’s Ahead for the FO Program?

22 22 FBI Federal Construction Field Offices  Shift from build-to-suit leased projects to GSA federal construction and renovations Federal New Construction: Miami, San Juan Federal Renovation: NY, LA, Detroit, San Francisco To be Determined: Philadelphia FBI “Owned” Projects  Limited number of FBI Owned Facilities Quantico and CJIS (WV) primary sites  Special purpose projects DOE Labs, DoD locations

23 23 FBI Construction Project Overview Quantico  New Dorm/Classroom facility – FY11 budget  HRT Tactical Support Building/Warehouse – awarded  Center for Intelligence – awarded  Firearms Support Facility – under design CJIS, Clarksburg, WV  Biometrics Technology Center – in solicitation  Joint FBI and DoD funding Terrorist Explosive Device Analysis Center (TEDAC)  New facility to be located at Redstone Arsenal  Currently under design

24 24 Quantico Dorm Project Scope  325 rooms (500 beds)  12 secure classrooms (50 students each)  8 secure classrooms (25 students each)  24 breakout rooms (8-10 students each)  250 student conference room  350 student cafeteria (dining hall and kitchen) Design/Build – FY11 Construction Funding  To be executed by NAVFAC

25 25 NEW TRUCKPORT NEW WAREHOUSE AND LOADING DOCK NEW TSB ADMINISTRATION BUILDING NEW PARKING LOT HRT TSB/Warehouse FBI Complex Quantico, Virginia Contract Award 5/3/10 James Construction Approx $14,000,000

26 26 Contractor: Desbuild Inc. $6,500,000 (Design-Build) Construction Start: 2/16/10 Est. Completion: 8/11 Center for Intelligence Training (CIT) New Training Building FBI Complex Quantico, Virginia

27 27 New Training Building FBI Quantico, Virginia Firearms Range Support Facility Approx $6,500,000 (Design- Build) Contractor: Grimberg Currently at 70% design stage

28 28 360,000 SF - approx 1400 people Office Building and CUP expansion Bids due August 17, 2010 Occupancy Spring 2014 CJIS Biometrics Technology Center

29 29 CJIS Biometrics Technology Center

30 30 Project Scope  Supports a staff of about 465 people  Main Lab/Office/Training300,000 sf  Repository 55,000 sf  Central Utility Plant25,000 sf  Other support facilities35,000 sf Current Status  Design Underway (HOK)  Phased construction -1 st phase FY11  USACE will be contracting agent for construction and CM services Terrorist Explosive Device Analysis Center (TEDAC) Redstone Arsenal

31 31 Terrorist Explosive Device Analysis Center (TEDAC) Redstone Arsenal


33 33 Questions? Contact: Pat Findlay, Assistant Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Facilities and Logistics Services Mike Donnelly Deputy Assistant Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Facilities and Logistics Services

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