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LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 FREE STATE BRANCH NEWSLETTER Vol 12, No 1, April 2010 Message from the Branch Committee: Our elected PRO, Ms Elizabeth Francis,

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1 LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 FREE STATE BRANCH NEWSLETTER Vol 12, No 1, April 2010 Message from the Branch Committee: Our elected PRO, Ms Elizabeth Francis, had resigned as PRO due to work related issues and the Committee decided to ask the branch members for volunteers to fill the portfolio until the next elections. Nobody was prepared to help out, and therefore no newsletters could be published. The Committee then asked three of its members, Ms Raspby Ramugondo, Mr Monde Madiba and Ms Erna Mostert to assist in the matter. Members could have sent any articles or news to them and they would compile everything to produce an informal newsletter. We thank the members who contributed to this effort! 1

2 Ms Erna Mostert and Ms Anna-Marie Jonker with the speaker, Prof Theo Neethling, in the garden of the Bainsvlei Public Library HUMAN RIGHTS AND INFORMATION The Free State Branch of LIASA had a branch meeting on Tuesday 2 March 2010 at the Bainsvlei Public Library (a branch library of the Mangaung Municipal Library Services) with the theme of “Human rights and information” as part of the Human Rights Day celebrations later in March. The speaker was Professor Theo Neethling from the Department of Political Sciences at the University of the Free State. He talked about human rights in the Africa context. Africa is underdeveloped, has diseases/viruses, corrupt governments, is illiterate, is poor, has inadequate water and there is malnutrition in many states. All this effects large portions of Africa’s people and are actually human rights violations. Conflict is also a big problem. Since 1970, more than 30 wars have been fought in Africa, mostly intra-state in origin. In 1996, 14 of the 53 countries were affected by armed conflict, relating to 8 million refugees. In the mid 1980’s and 1990’s, 15 of the poorest countries experienced violent conflict. The question to ask is: “what are the needs for a successful state?” Some of the following can be listed: stability and absence of violent political conflict, sound political policy and institutional framework, productivity and employment, education (together with literacy and availability of information), leadership, values, suitable and versatile technology. These factors also contribute to basic human rights being met. Lastly Prof. Neethling quoted Ellen Tise: “Knowledge Economy is based on the production, distribution, and use of knowledge as the main driver of growth, wealth, creation and employment across all industries” (Knowledge Economy, 2010). Written by: Erna Mostert (Principal Librarian, Education Library) LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 2

3 World Theatre Day ~ 27 March 2010 Founded in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), World Theatre Day acknowledges the social and creative power of the performing arts. Every year a prominent arts leader is chosen to deliver the World Theatre Day International Message and share his or her reflections on theatre and international harmony. What is known as the International Message is translated into more than 20 languages, read for spectators before performances in theatres throughout the world, printed in hundreds of newspapers and magazines and broadcast by radio and television. This year ITI asked Dame Judi Dench to write the World Theatre Day Message Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench, (born 9 December 1934) is a well- known English film, stage and television actress. She made her professional debut in 1957. Over the following years she played in several of William Shakespeare's plays in such roles as Ophelia in Hamlet, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth. She established herself as one of the most significant British theatre performers. Her film appearances were infrequent until she was cast as M in Golden Eye (1995), a role she has played in each James Bond film since. In recent years she has been acclaimed for her work in such films as Shakespeare in Love (1998), Chocolat (2000), Iris (2001), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005) and Notes on a Scandal (2006).EnglishWilliam Shakespeare's playsOpheliaHamletJulietRomeo and JulietLady MacbethMacbethMGolden EyeJames BondShakespeare in LoveChocolatIrisMrs Henderson PresentsNotes on a Scandal Regarded by critics as one of the greatest actresses of the post-war period, and frequently named as the leading British actress in polls, Dench has received many award nominations for her acting in theatre, film and television. She was married to the actor Michael Williams from 1971 until his death in 2001. They have a daughter, the actress Finty Williams.Michael WilliamsFinty Williams She has worked with the non-governmental indigenous organization, Survival International, campaigning in the defense of the tribal people, the Bushmen of Botswana and the Arhuaco of Colombia. Survival InternationalBushmenArhuaco This is her message for World Theatre Day 2010: “World Theatre Day is an opportunity to celebrate Theatre in all its myriad forms. Theatre is a source of entertainment and inspiration and has the ability to unify the many diverse cultures and peoples that exist throughout the world. But theatre is more than that and also provides opportunities to educate and inform. Theatre is performed throughout the world and not always in a traditional theatre setting. Performances can occur in a small village in Africa, next to a mountain in Armenia, on a tiny island in the Pacific. All it needs is a space and an audience. Theatre has the ability to make us smile, to make us cry, but should also make us think and reflect. Theatre comes about through team work. Actors are the people who are seen, but there is an amazing set of people who are not seen. They are equally as important as the actors and their differing and specialist skills make it possible for a production to take place. They too must share in any triumphs and successes that may hopefully occur. March 27 is always the official World Theatre Day. In many ways every day should be considered a theatre day, as we have a responsibility to continue the tradition to entertain, to educate and to enlighten our audiences, without whom we couldn’t exist”. Compiled by: The National Drama Library (Tel: 051 405 8254) LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 3

4 NEW BRANCH LIBRARY FOR MANGAUNG MUNICIPALITY LIBRARY SERVICES! Lourier Park Public Library unofficially opened its doors on 12 April 2010 @ 14:00 Sent in by: Ms Rina Jansen van Rensburg From left to right: Mr Shoes Shupinyaneng (Community); Mr TJ Buffel (Community Leader), Ms Susan Ledimo (Cleaner); Mr Issac Matlabe (Library Assistant), Ms Thandi Gxabu (Library Assistant) and Ms Rina Jansen van Rensburg (Librarian) LiSLIG FREE STATE On Monday 8 March 2010 the Free State Branch of LiSLIG invited Ms Huldah Raubenheimer, from IGBIS, to tell the special librarians more about “Library Catalogues into the 21 st century”, that is the changes that are taking place in the cataloguing field. Most of the special librarians are in one man (one woman?) libraries which means we have to attend to all the services and tasks ourselves. Cataloguing and classification are not our main tasks, but we also need to know what is happening in these fields to ensure optimal service to our users. Ms Raubenheimer shared with us some serious issues facing cataloguers today, the nature of library catalogue changes, opening up to the OPAC, issues to consider, like users belonging to the Google generation who want quick answers and easy navigation, and libraries that explore strategies of expanding and enhancing existing catalogues to make them more usable and attractive to the new generation. She then discussed new rules for the ‘old’ AACR II – that is RDA (Resource Description and Access). She showed us the RDA structure and changes it will bring to MARC 21. Written by: Ms Erna Mostert, LiSLIG FS LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 First story hour three days after opening (68 kids attend) 4

5 Shakespeare’s birthday celebrated at Stratford-upon-Avon Marking the 446th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, Stratford-upon-Avon celebrates this occasion in various ways this year from 22 to 25 April. This is a unique event that has been taking place for nearly two centuries. The tradition brings together the local community, professional and amateur performers and artists and ambassadors from around the world in a vibrant celebration of the life and works of Stratford’s favourite son. The town’s streets will overflow with pageantry, music and drama and people can enjoy a packed programme of special celebratory activities, e.g. great days out at Shakespeare’s historic houses, literary and music events and amazing theatre. Shakespeare’s Birthday is celebrated over four days with the customary Saturday morning parade marking the highpoint of the festivities. Led by the Band of the Corps of the Royal Engineers, international dignitaries, local schoolchildren, community groups and performance artists come together in a colourful, walking spectacle that culminates in the laying of flowers on the dramatist’s grave at Holy Trinity Church. Onlookers are invited to join the special ‘People’s Procession’ flanked by carnival bands, dancer s and wandering Shakespearean actors … with the revelry guaranteed to continue throughout the day! The afternoon will see Stratford buzzing with street entertainers, children’s parties and workshops with lots of opportunities for people to get involved. The 2010 Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations bring together international dignitaries, performance artists, theatre groups, musicians and writers as well as local government, businesses and the community. This year’s event guarantees to treat Stratford and its visitors to a riot of colour, carnival and culture. Compiled by: National Drama Library ( Procession in Henley Street, Stratford LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 5

6 SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY WEEK “READING CHANGES LIVES” Erna Mostert with one of the speakers, Brendan Smith, Gr 11 pupil of Prinshof School in Pretoria SALW 2010 was formally launched at the National Library of South Africa in Pretoria on Saturday March 20 2010 from 09:00 to 12:00. This was an acknowledgement of the opening of the first public library on March 20 1818, which became the State Library in Cape Town. An interesting programme and light lunch were part of the morning’s activities. The Free State was also represented by Ms Raspby Ramugondo (Chair), Mr Monde Madiba (Vice-Chair), Ms Erna Mostert (Treasurer) and Ms Elmari Kruger (FS Provincial Library Services). Members, libraries and library partners were invited to display their banners as token of their commitment to the theme. The Free Sate Branch, ELITS Sub-Directorate and the Education Library of the FSDoE took part. LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 6

7 Reading is fun @ your library! Free State public libraries enjoy SA Library Week 2010 From 20 to 26 March 2010, Free State public libraries were bee hives of activity, celebrating SA Library Week and promoting the library and its services to the community. Building on the theme “Reading changes lives”, the Development Services Division of the Library and Archive Services Directorate came up with six brilliant and fun-filled activities for both adults and children with which to celebrate the day. The aim of the children’s programme, “Reading is fun @ your library!”, was to get children hooked on books in a playful way, so that reading could change their lives too. The promotional package contained letter work (South Africa Library Week 20-26 March 2010) which libraries had to cut out and mount for their displays; a vinyl promotion board with the words “Reading is fun @ your library” (meant to become a permanent fixture in the children’s sections of libraries), and all the necessary materials for the following six activities: Activity 1: Library Ladders Library Ladders is based on the popular Snakes & Ladders board game. Through this activity, children aged 9-14 years learn the basic DO’s and DON’Ts of the library in a playful, exciting way. The ladders show children that good decisions and actions will have favourable outcomes. (They allow players to “climb” and get closer to the finish). However, bad decisions and actions result in players sliding down a chute, further away from the finishing block. A list of recommended books in stock at our public libraries (e g The library book by Lesley Beake) was also included in the promotional package. Activity 2: Long Trousers In this activity, the library worker read aloud to the children from a book by Maryanne Bester entitled The long trousers. After the reading activity, the children coloured in a large-sized template of a picture from the book. The libraries could participate in a colouring-in competition by sending in their best entry (only one per library). The prize is a hamper containing a coffee mug, balloons, two books and a pencil case. Activity 3: Make your own tambourine With this activity we aimed to stimulate the creativity of children aged 10-12. Paper plates, koki pens, string and jingle bells were provided to each library, enabling participating children to make their own tambourines. The library workers used this opportunity to introduce children to story books with music as a theme (e g I can make music by Rosemary Border). Through creative activities, kids are encouraged to borrow books from the library and read. Activity 4: Soccer Tic Tac Toe This game is for everybody aged 9-90! It is played by two people. They take turns to ask each other a question from a soccer booklet provided. A correct answer allows a player to put one of his soccer balls on a naught-and-crosses grid. If Player One answers incorrectly, Player Two gets a turn. Questions were divided into five categories (general, soccer rules, legends and heroes, participating countries, and PSL Clubs), and players could choose between adult- or juvenile-level questions. Fiction titles on soccer (like Crossing the line by Lutz van Dijk) were recommended as reading materials. LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 7

8 Activity 5: Glitter-winged ladybirds, bees & butterflies Activity 5 was included for the children’s enjoyment, but it also stimulated their creativity! At each library, 30 children between the ages of eight and ten had the opportunity to decorate a bee, a butterfly or a ladybird with koki pens, wax crayons and colour pencils. The tricky part was using glitter and glue to decorate the wings of the insects! Again a list of recommended reading (e g Butterfly kiss by Vicki Churchill) was linked to the activity. Activity 6: Mealies & Beans – grow your own vegetable garden Through this activity, children were encouraged to grow their own vegetables. Reading aloud the book Mealies and Beans by Maryanne Bester formed the basis of this activity. After the reading session, each child received a planting pot and mealie and bean seeds. The child’s name was put on the pot. Children learned to make the seeds germinate and then plant the seedlings in the pots. They also had to water the seedlings daily and watch them grow. Adult Programme The adults focused on the theme “Reading has changed my life”. They were invited to the library and took part in a session where everyone was given the opportunity to talk about a life-changing book or share with the others how reading had changed their lives. The adult programme was spiced up with the Soccer Tic Tac Toe activity – it is difficult to say which group enjoyed this most – the adults or the children! Herewith a brief visual taste of Free State public libraries’ enthusiastic participation in 2010 SA Library Week: FEZILE DABI DISTRICT Heilbron Public Library Children from the local Kikkie Wikkie Nursery School took part in a successful celebration of Library Week. The kids enjoyed all the activities, Activity 1 especially. In the process they learned a lot about the importance of the library in their community. The adults found the “Reading has changed my life” session a real eye-opener – some who had thought that reading was only for young people went away with their perceptions changed. The children greatly enjoyed the colouring-in and tambourine-making activities, which gave them the opportunity to let their creative side blossom gloriously! LEJWELEPUTSWA DISTRICT Odendaalsrus Public Library The children of the Odendaalsrus community loved the glitz and glamour of using glitter to decorate their butterflies and bees. There was much discussion on where and how much of the sparkly stuff they should use, and how long they had to wait for their “fellow-decorators” to pass it on! They found the story of Mealies and beans very engrossing and were upset that it ended so soon. However, when they heard that they could plant their own mealie and bean seeds they became excited and enthusiastically talked about also cooking mealie-and-bean soup for children who are not so privileged. Smiling happily, the children start work on their butterflies, bees and ladybirds, which they soon turned into glittering works of art LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 8

9 MOTHEO DISTRICT Borwa Public Library Library Week was a roaring success at the Borwa library, where youngsters from 9 to 17 cheerily immersed themselves in the tambourine-making and colouring-in activities. The children held up their beautiful handmade tambourines, shook them and sang, delighting the onlookers THABO MOFUTSANYANA DISTRICT Clarens Public Library At Clarens the hearts of the library staff were gladdened by the enthusiastic response of the children of the community. The youngsters greatly enjoyed all the activities, relishing the challenge of the books as well as the opportunities to do something creative and compete to produce the best picture. They were encouraged to come to the library to read and borrow books. Proudly holding up the poster “Reading is fun @ your library” LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 9

10 XHARIEP DISTRICT Matlakeng Public Library The children’s activities were very educational and helped them to develop a stronger culture of reading and learning. The library staff at Matlakeng Public Library appreciated the Library Ladders game which helped them to introduce the little ones to the do’s and don’ts of the library, and the youngsters (all from Zastron Primary School) were particularly keen on making tambourines, their own sound instrument! The children of Zastron Public School proudly show their handiwork during the Long Trousers colouring-in competition LAST WORD FROM THE BRANCH COMMITTEE Annual General Meeting 2 0 1 0 The AGM will take place on 18 August 2010. This year is also election year, therefore, the AGM is very important for the Branch members. Since only paid-up inidividual members are eligble to stand / or vote for committee members, please make sure that you renew your membership before June 2010. 12 th Annual LIASA Conference The 2010 Conference is scheduled for 29 September – 1 October at St Georges Hotel in Pretoria. To qualify for membership rate, you also need to renew your membership before June 2010. Membership Drive – you can win! As motivation to members to also take part in developing the LIASA membership, the Committee promises the following: The first 5 members who recruit a new member, and provide the proof of membership payment by the new member, before the end of June 2010, will receive their 2010 membership free. If the members had already renewed for 2010, the 2011 membership will be free. LIASA FS Newsletter April 2010 10

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