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Ellen Brewer Principal, KEYS Academy Socorro ISD, El Paso TX.

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1 Ellen Brewer Principal, KEYS Academy Socorro ISD, El Paso TX

2 A LITTLE ABOUT ME 7/1/2010 DAEP Principal – KEYS Academy, Socorro ISD 2008-2010 Director of Human Resources, Secondary Education 2005 -2008 High School Assistant Principal 2003 – 2005 Middle School Assistant Principal 1990 – 2003 Special Ed Teacher, Technology Coordinator and SRSU Student

3 WHY STAFFING? Sharing is Caring ANY GUESSES ANYONE? How has the budget situation affected your district?

4 HOW THE JOURNEY BEGAN Bullying – fighting (and this was the adults). Foresight regarding the economic situation. Staffing inequity – 2009-10 Staffing Analysis Comparison 1: Based on your answers, how does your district compare to SISD and the State?

5 WHAT WE DID Who is we? Director of HR, Secondary – Staffing Formula, Enrollment Projections, Staffing data. Director of Finance and Budget – Two year projected financial prospectus, cost analysis. Director of Public Relations – Communication plan. Superintendent of Schools – Implementation plan and communication. The Team – Implementation and follow through.

6 WHAT DO YOU DO? Comparison 2: What data from the AEIS report is used in your district to determine your district and campus staffing? Who is on your district’s staffing team?

7 PERSPECTIVES IN STAFFING District Perspective What does every campus need? What does the district need? What can the district afford? Campus Perspective What does my campus need (want)? What can I afford with my additional monies? Can the district help me?

8 PHASE I – LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTATION Training, training, training Pearson TASB Your district, your needs Plan with a team Compile Data Analyze Write down what you do! Document everything!

9 PHASE I – LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTATION Implementation Winning support and getting buy-in, a.k.a “mythology” Planning implementation What is feasible Determine what comes first Timelines Rolling out the plan – communicate, communicate, communicate!

10 PHASE I – LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTATION Comparison 3: Socorro ISD uses a “Staffing Formula” based on a teacher to student ratio to staff it’s schools. How does your district staff it’s schools? Is your district a small (1 or 2 high schools)or large district and how does this affect your staffing?

11 PHASE II – SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPLMENTATION Stick to your timelines People vs. Positions Dealing with reality and perception: don’t take it personally (try). Getting past the poppy field on to Oz.

12 Take time to reflect on the process. Don’t forget to document everything you’ve done. How can you perfect your process? Evaluations and critiques? How will you use it in the future? PHASE III – REFLECTION AND PERFECTION Comparison 4: Using today’s information and your AEIS report, would you recommend anything for your district?

13 Savings? Money (HR theory vs. Finance Theory)Finance Theory Personnel Benefits? 2010-2011 Raise, Jobs/Careers Saved, Less fighting, bullying Flexible, still in use 2011-2012 No RIF, possible raise Equitable process Transparent Fiscal Responsibility PHASE III – MY REFLECTIONS

14 QUESTIONS? Thank You

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