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Ms. Debra Winter, Dr. Maria Castro, Mr. Pierre Gay, Dr. Ellen J. Pitrelli.

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1 Ms. Debra Winter, Dr. Maria Castro, Mr. Pierre Gay, Dr. Ellen J. Pitrelli

2  Longwood educates almost 10,000 students in several towns in over 53 square miles, 40% of the students are from minority populations.  Five of the seven sites in the district meet Title I requirements with over 44% of students eligible for free/reduced lunch.  Limited resources are available to foster positive school changes.

3  The Longwood Community values providing all students with a highly rigorous academic program integrated with relevant career and technical education in a cost-saving manner.  The Longwood Community values its ability to provide all students with comprehensive educational opportunities that will allow them to grow into adulthood with a career and the ability to support themselves.  The Longwood Community values maintaining its facilities, infrastructure, equipment, and programs on a long-term basis.

4  A College-Career Pathway is defined by the National Center for College and Career Transitions (NC3T) as an educational program in school made up of a sequence of inter- connected academic and elective classes that helps students make a clear connection to college and career opportunities.

5  Longwood’s Career Education program begins in Kindergarten.  Students K-12 are engaged in instructional activities that answer the essential questions from the NYS Career Development Occupational Studies (CDOS) Learning Standards.  Career instruction for all 8 th grade students is based on the NYS Family & Consumer Sciences Career Unit.  Most 9 th grade students take Freshman Seminar which follows the NYS Career & Financial Management curriculum.

6  Automotive Technology ◦ LHS Courses—Transportation Systems, Auto I & II ◦ Articulation agreement with ESBOCES for Longwood’s seniors ◦ Internship with Toyota of Middle Island ◦ Post-secondary affiliation with SCCC Excelsior Program  Law ◦ LHS Courses—Personal and Business Law, Commercial Law ◦ Articulation agreement with ESBOCES for seniors to enroll in Law Academy ◦ Internship with Brookhaven Town Law Department (Pending) ◦ Post-secondary affiliation with Farmingdale State U

7  Cisco Academy (Computer Networking) ◦ LHS Courses-IT Essentials, Networking I and II ◦ Internships with Brookhaven National Lab (Pending) ◦ Post-Secondary Affiliation with Farmingdale State U  Architectural Engineering ◦ LHS Courses—Design, Drawing, and Production, Principles of Engineering, Computer-Aided Design ◦ Internships with Brookhaven National Lab (Pending) ◦ Post Secondary Affiliation with Farmingdale State U

8  Computer Applications ◦ LHS Courses-Keyboarding I, Advanced Keyboarding, Introduction to MicroComputer Applications ◦ Post Secondary Affiliation with Farmingdale State U  General Business ◦ LHS Courses—Sports Marketing, Principles of Marketing, College Accounting, Virtual Business ◦ Association with Other Districts—CTE TAC’s Virtual Business Network ◦ Post-Secondary Affiliation with Farmingdale State U

9  NYS Graduation mandates requires a student to have 3.5 elective credits.  Longwood offers different Career and Technical Education courses for students to explore the elective areas.  Students self select which courses to take and pathways to follow.

10  Districts must apply for either a Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) or General Education Work Experience Program (GEWEP) from SED.  Both programs provide worksite Career Exploration.  CEIP is non-paid employment for students 14+.  GEWEP is paid employment for students 16+.  Students in both programs can earn credits towards graduation.  Both programs required a Work-Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator who is CTE certified and possesses an additional extension.

11  The post-secondary institution must approve: ◦ Instructional background of assigned teacher ◦ Curriculum being taught ◦ Textbook and other materials being used  College representative may observe class instruction.  Students will receive HS credit and may receive college credit for a price.

12  There are many types of School/Business Advisory Boards. The type will dictate the level of involvement.  Longwood’s School/Business Advisory Board serves as a bridge to the community. ◦ It identifies the employment needs of the community. ◦ Community businesses provide work-based learning opportunities for its students and professional development for its teachers. ◦ Local businesses are also a source for guest speakers for career exploration. ◦ A Board is a necessary partner in the creation of Career Pathways under the NY PIN guidelines.

13  Longwood worked closely with ESBOCES to apply to be a part of the NY Pathways Innovation Network (NY PIN). As a partner, we benefited in the following ways: ◦ Longwood educators received training in creating pathways from Hans Meeder, Director of the National Center for College and Career Transitions (NC3T). ◦ We connected with other NY PIN districts across NYS to benefit from their experiences creating Pathways. ◦ Longwood personnel visited the Nashville Career Academies funded through the NY PIN Initiative.

14  Since Longwood values a comprehensive program of study for all students that include Career and Technical Education, funding must be shared. ◦ When financial cuts were needed, all budget codes were impacted not just CTE. ◦ All available grants are managed centrally to make sure they are used wisely. ◦ We utilize all outside funding:  Perkins Grant  Legislative Grants  Community Donations

15  Geographical location  Limited industry resources  Transportation  Insurance liability  Constraints ◦ Funding ◦ Staffing ◦ Scheduling ◦ Professional Development

16  Longwood will focus its resources on ◦ Monitoring development of Board of Regents new mandates regarding CTE Pathways. ◦ Creating Career Pathways that meet the needs of the community and its students ◦ Meeting NYS Graduation Requirements and the CDOS Credential for its Special Education students ◦ Introducing Industry-Standard Assessments into its Career and Technical Education offerings. ◦ Applying to SED to certify many of its CTE programs. ◦ Continuing to work with ESBOCES and the NY PIN initiative in the development of local pathways.

17  Ms. Debra Winter, Assistant Superintendent for Community and Student Services ◦  Dr. Maria Castro, HS Principal ◦  Mr. Pierre Gay, Current Director of Technology ◦  Dr. Ellen J. Pitrelli, Retired Director of Technology ◦

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