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5 th Grade Parent Night ‘14 Somers Middle School.

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1 5 th Grade Parent Night ‘14 Somers Middle School

2 Counseling Department 2014-2015 Ellen Bieber 6 th Grade Counselor Stephanie Kurchack 7 th Grade Counselor Ellen Fabian 8 th Grade Counselor

3 The Role of the Counselor Support Student Growth: Academic, Career Exploration, & Personal/Social

4 The Role of the Counselor Individual Counseling Group Counseling Classroom Lessons Team Meetings Parent Meetings Source of Information and Referrals

5 Parent & Counselor Communication Email Phone calls Meetings Parent Programs Website: Newsletters Links Calendar Articles Announcements

6 Parent & SMS Communication 4 Report cards Open Parent Portal Teachers’ Websites HW- On-Line Access Assignment Pads Study Buddy 2 nd day of being ill

7 Adolescent Development Physical Puberty (lots of changes!!) Concerns about fitting in, looking and dressing like peers Noticing the opposite sex, crushes Social Peer issues, values, character development Group activities are most common (“Everyone else is going…”) Technology Use and Exploration Emotional Development of sense of self (“self-absorbed”) More emotional, moody, anxious Identity development, separation from family

8 Important Dates April 23 - 5 th Grade Parent Night May 8 & 9 - SMS Counselors Visit SIS May 29 & 30 - 5 th Grade Classes Visit SMS By Late July – Student schedules posted August – Student Orientation Sessions

9 Common Questions & Concerns that your Child May Have: Will I get in trouble if I am late to class? How do I open my locker? What are teams? How much homework will I have? How do lunch and recess work? How do I speak to my school counselor?

10 6 th Grade Orientation Details August 12, 13, 14, or 20 45 minute group sessions Students only Students will…  Review their 6 th grade schedules  Test out their lockers  Tour the building  Ask questions & Receive Answers

11 6th Grade Orientation Details  These sessions are for students only.  Students should only attend one session.  Students should bring a pencil.  If the student is unable to attend the orientation during the designated timeslot, please attend the make-up session.  If the student is unable to attend the make-up session, please choose another session.  If further information is needed, please call the Counseling Center at 276-2588

12 6 th Grade Orientation 2014 DateTimeLast Name Aug. 12 th 9-9:45 A-Cal 10-10:45Car-Cu 11-11:45D-Fa _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aug. 13 th 9-9:45Fe-Gu 10-10:45H-Ka 11-11:45Ke-L ___________________________________________________________ Aug. 14 th 9-9:45Ma-Mo 10-10:45Mu-Q 11-11:45Ra-Ru ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aug. 20 th 9-9:45S-Te 10-10:45To-Z 11-11:45Make-up Session

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