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2 FDOT – DISTRICT 4 – LAP CONTACT INFORMATION Ellen Daniel:Local Program Engineer – (954) 777-4480 Arleen Dano: Broward County – (954) 777-4619 Yanique Hopkins: Palm Beach – (954) 777-4561 Alex Mendez:Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River – (954) 777-4522 Daryl Schneider: Application Support for All Counties – (954) 233-4919 Local Agency Program for Federal Aid Projects

3 Established the new Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) last year. Combines the previous separately funded programs: Transportation Enhancements and Safe Routes to School (SRTS). Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century MAP - 21

4 2014 APPLICATION CYCLE FUNDING FISCAL YEAR 2017/18 County Fiscal Year 17/18 Funding Estimate Last Year’s Estimate Broward$4,407,749$2,554,202 Palm Beach$3,159,707$1,841,398 Martin$359,853$199,119 St. Lucie$650,915$360,197 Indian River$458,174N/A FIGURES ABOVE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE


6 1.On-road and off-road trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized forms of transportation 2.Infrastructure-related projects and systems that will provide safe routes for non-drivers to access daily needs 3.Conversion of abandoned railroad corridors for trails 4.Construction of turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas 5.Community improvement activities 6.Environmental mitigation activity 7.Safe routes to school program

7  Sidewalks  Bicycle Infrastructure  Pedestrian & Bicycle Signals ON- AND OFF-ROAD FACILITIES FOR NON- MOTORIZED FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION

8  Traffic Calming  Safety Related Infrastructure, Pedestrian Level Lighting  ADA Compliance Required! ON- AND OFF-ROAD FACILITIES FOR NON-MOTORIZED FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION (CONT.)


10  Trails for pedestrians, bicycles and other non- motorized users CONVERSION OF ABANDONED RAILROAD CORRIDORS

11  Includes related lighting, interpretation, and pedestrian amenities CONSTRUCTION OF TURNOUTS, OVERLOOKS AND VIEWING AREAS

12  Inventory, control, or removal of outdoor advertising  Preservation and rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities  Vegetation management to improve roadway safety, prevent invasive species, and provide erosion control  Archaeological activities relating to impacts from implementation of a transportation project COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT ACTIVITIES

13  Pollution prevention  Pollution abatement  Mitigation to address: o Stormwater management and control o Prevention of water pollution related to highway construction or runoff o Reduction in vehicle-caused wildlife mortality o Restore and maintain connectivity among terrestrial or aquatic habitats ENVIRONMENTAL MITIGATION ACTIVITIES

14 INELIGIBLE PROJECTS The following activities are NOT included: 1.Pedestrian and bicycle safety and education (except those targeting children in grades K-8 under SRTS) 2.Acquisition of scenic or historic easements and sites 3.Scenic or historic highway programs (tourist & welcome centers) 4.Historic preservation as an independent activity 5.Archeological planning 6.Transportation museums 7.Promotional activities (except those targeting children in grades K-8 under SRTS)

15 INELIGIBLE PROJECTS (CONT.) The following activities are NOT included: 8.General recreation and park facilities: playground equipment, sports fields, campgrounds, picnic areas and pavilions, etc. 9.Routine maintenance and operations 10.Landscaping only projects 11.Projects in 5 year work program 12.Recent construction 13.Replacement or reconstruction of existing sidewalks, paths and paved shoulders


17 APPLICATION PACKAGE Completed Application Typical Section Detailed Cost Estimate Spreadsheet (.xls) Location Map The checklist includes formats for each.

18 APPLICATION PROCESS  Fill out the standard application with: General Information Selection of at least one Qualifying Enhancement Activity Project Description o Location Map o Relation to Transportation System o Detailed Scope of Work o Typical Section o Right of Way (more on this soon!) o Related Project Work Phases o Detailed Cost Estimate (more on this soon!)

19 APPLICATION PROCESS: RIGHT OF WAY  No Right-of-Way Acquisition is permitted (including easements)  Public ownership must be displayed at time of application  A project becomes “federalized” as soon as there is any intent to use federal funds in any phase – ALL OF IT  A “federalized” project must follow federal regulations under the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Acquisition Policies Act

20 APPLICATION PROCESS: PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION  Application is to include checklist describing method of design and CEI  All work on design and CEI work on critical projects must be performed by a FDOT pre- qualified consultant o Critical projects are those greater than $10 million, include work on a structure, or are on the state highway system o Design and CEI consultants shall not be the same

21 APPLICATION PROCESS: COST ESTIMATE  The cost estimate is one of the most important portions of the application and allows the eligibility reviewers to determine what is included in the project.  The estimate should be prepared by a Professional Engineer and verified by the City Engineer.

22 Here’s the website: sofEstimates/BOEManual/BOEOnline.shtm sofEstimates/BOEManual/BOEOnline.shtm APPLICATION PROCESS: COST ESTIMATE  Links to the FDOT Basis of Estimates Manual and Historical Cost Information have been included on the application o Every effort should be made to create the cost estimate based on standard FDOT Pay Items o Standard FDOT Pay Items are required for Critical Projects

23 APPLICATION PROCESS: COST ESTIMATE (CONT.) Here’s the website: ricalCostInformation/HistoricalCost.shtm ricalCostInformation/HistoricalCost.shtm

24  Use this information to fill out the detailed cost estimate in Excel  Once that is complete, the following spreadsheet is generated on the next tab of the spreadsheet  Copy and paste it into your application to summarize the requested Item DescriptionCost $ *(A) Total Construction Cost Estimate (1) $0.00 *(B) Cost Estimate of Eligible (participating) items (2) $0.00 Funding BreakdownFund SourceCost $ *(C) FDOT In-House Design Support (phase 31) (3) TA$5,000.00 *(D) (Critical projects only) FDOT In-House Design Support (phase 31) (3) TA$0.00 *(E) FDOT In-House Construction Support (phase 61) (3) TA$5,000.00 *(F) (Critical projects only) FDOT In-House Construction Support (phase 61) (3) TA$0.00 *(G) Enhancement funds requested for Construction (phase 58)TA$0.00 *(H) Local Funds for Construction and Contingency (phase 58)LF$0.00 *(I) Local Funds for Contingency (phase 58)LF$0.00 *(J) Construction Engineering & Inspection Activities (CEI) (phase 68) (4) TA$0.00 *(K) Construction Engineering & Inspection Activities (CEI) (phase 68) (4) LF$0.00 *(L) Transit Related projects FTA 10% administrative fees (5) LF$0.00 *(M) FDOT Oversight CEI (2% of Construction Cost Estimate) (phase 62) (6) TA$0.00 Funding Summary *(N) Total TA funds$10,000.00 *(O) Total LF funds$0.00 *(P) Total Funds$10,000.00 APPLICATION PROCESS: COST ESTIMATE (CONT.)

25 All projects must include  $5,000* for FDOT In-House Design Support (Phase 31)  $5,000* for FDOT In-House Construction Support (Phase 61) o Critical projects will require $7,000 for phase 31 and 61.  3% FDOT Oversight of CEI (Phase 62) o These required phases will be paid for with TA funds o These phases were added to make the TAP Program self-sustaining APPLICATION PROCESS: COST ESTIMATE (CONT.)

26  You MUST request CEI funds (Phase 68) now  If you do not, you cannot take advantage of low bids!  There is a default of 12% of construction costs on the spreadsheet APPLICATION PROCESS: COST ESTIMATE (CONT.)

27 PROCESS FOR SRTS APPLICATIONS 1.Fill out the basic information on the application and identify your project as Safe Routes to School (SRTS) 2.Fill out the appropriate SRTS application: infrastructure or non- infrastructure 3.Evaluation team will determine eligibility 4.Safety office reviews SRTS components 5.All SRTS candidate projects sent to Central Office for Review 6.Un-funded projects may receive funding from Central Office

28 Infrastructure Gilbert Soles Traffic Safety Program Manager 954-777-4358 Non-infrastructure Carmen Pullins CTST Coordinator 954-777-4361 SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL (SRTS) CONTACTS

29  If your project is selected, deemed eligible and programmed you will receive a schedule  Projects are scheduled for a certain day and month – NOT just the year  Monthly schedule updates are required  Agency Submittal items identified o 30% Plan Submittal o 90% Plan Submittal o 100% Plans and Bid Documents (PRODUCTION)  Schedule float goal = zero  Negative Float > 2 months – must meet with us  Need your help for projects with more than 40 days of negative float. PROJECT SCHEDULES

30  Agency must be LAP certified  Inability to enter into an agreement in the programmed year, FDOT will release funds to District Funds  Translation: if you miss your Production Date, you could lose the funding (month and day) IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER

31 LAP Certification demonstrates the ability to administer Federal-aid projects based on:  Processes  Procedures  Team Lap Certification Workshops are held (at least) quarterly! SPEAKING OF LAP CERTIFICATION

32 Certifications Project FULL CERTIFICATION

33  Full – County Governments o Departments within the County operate under the same certification  Project Specific – Cities, Towns and Villages PROJECT-SPECIFIC VS. FULL


35 States where it is! Page? Doc? ADMIN. CHECKLIST

36 Person In Charge City Manager or Similar Local Program Engineer Ellen Daniel11\10\2014 5\5\2014 Jim Wolfe District Secretary 11\14\2014 ADMIN. CHECKLIST SIGNATURE PAGE

37 WHERE TO FIND THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CHECKLIST CLICK HERE Here’s the website: D4LAP.shtm MORE HERE! Utilized for the Construction Engineering & Inspection

38 States where it is! Page? Doc? PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CHECKLIST Your initials to verify FDOT initials to approve

39 Person In Charge City Manager or Similar Local Program Engineer Ellen Daniel11\10\2014 5\5\2014 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SIGNATURE PAGE

40 2014 ENHANCEMENT APPLICATION SCHEDULE FOR FISCAL YEAR 17/18 PROJECTS Based on MPO Schedule - Applications due to MPO May 12, 2014 - MPO submits applications to FDOT July 14, 2014 - FDOT returns eligibility determinations to MPO September 12, 2014 – Final rankings from MPO to FDOT for programming

41 FDOT CONTACT PERSONNEL Ellen Daniel LAP................….Program Management 954-777-4480 Carmen Pullins SRTS……………...…Non-Infrastructure 954-777-4627 Gilbert Soles SRTS…………………….………..Safety 954-777-4358 Daryl Schneider Consultant Support…….........HDR, Inc. 954-233-4919


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