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Jane Addams The Mother of Social Work 1. Born September 6, 1860 Cedarville, Illinois 2.

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1 Jane Addams The Mother of Social Work 1

2 Born September 6, 1860 Cedarville, Illinois 2

3 Mother: Sarah Weber Addams Died in childbirth when Jane was 2. Jane not allowed to go the funeral. 3

4 Left 5 children – Mary (17), Martha (13), John (Wee-ber, 11), Alice (10), Jane (2) 4

5 Father: John Huey Addams Self-made man, Miller, Banker and Illinois State Senator. Became the wealthiest family in town. 5

6 She watched her father cry at the news of Lincolns death. Gave her a sense of “a genuine relationship which may exist between men who share large hopes and like desires” 6

7 Rippon Wisconson 7

8 8

9 Religion Did not formally belong to any Protestant churches because John could not agree with ALL of the doctrinal tenets of any of the denominations. Attended Cedarville Presbyterian Jane attended the “Union” nondenominational Sunday school 9

10 Predestination? He father taught her that actions, good or bad had moral consequences. At five thought that reading the bible aloud would to save her neighbors. 10

11 Childhood Jane begins her formal education in the Cedarville Public School, a two-room schoolhouse, where she was known as “Jennie” Addams. 11

12 Lover of Books and a Dreamer 12

13 Another wicked Stepmother! When Jane was 8, John married Anna Hostetter, a widow with 2 sons. 13

14 “Jane and Anna mixed like oil and water” Jane was quiet and equitable (fair and impartial). Anna was dramatic and had a fiery temper. 14

15 Ralph Waldo Emerson - Transcendentalists 15

16 Robert Owen New Harmony Indiana 16

17 Lucy Stone. Prominent American abolitionist and suffragist 17

18 Women and Education Less than 1% of women attended college. There were less rigorous institutes of learning for women (women’s seminaries or colleges) 18

19 Rockford Female Seminary 19

20 Caroline Potter 20

21 Ellen Gates Starr Met first year at RFS Ellen could not afford to return for a second year, but Jane and she exchanged letters. 21

22 Excellent student Class President Editor of magazine President of Castalian Society. Learned rhetoric and debate. Competed in an all male oratorical contest Placed 5 th of 9. Graduated 1881. 22

23 Mental Illness Brother Weber – paranoid schizophrena at 19 - committed to state mental hospital - was able to marry and to manage a mill for father. - always a fear of a relapse. 23

24 Mental Illness Charles Julius Guiteau – son of family friend - John feared he would be asked to testify. 24

25 Death of John Addams August 1881 Addams died suddenly of acute appendicitis Green Bay, Wisconsin Jane takes this very hard and she spent eight years in a state of depression after his death 25

26 Philadelphia Anna, George, Jane her sister Alice and her husband Harry (Anna’s oldest son) all move to Philadelphia where Jane and Alice enroll in Women’s medical college. 26

27 Disaster Anna became ill and had to have surgery. Jane, having just lost her father, having to take care of Anna became ill (mental breakdown) and had to withdraw from medical school. Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell - rest cure for neurasthenia. 27

28 For the next eight years Addams searched for an appropriate career. Two trips to Europe In London she was shocked by the poverty she observed (1883) 28

29 In 1888 - She was deeply impressed by Toynbee Hall, England's first settlement house. Provided social services and education to the poor workers. 29

30 Chicago Nation's rail center and center for manufacturing. heavy industry attracted a variety of skilled workers from Europe. By 1870 Chicago had grown to become the nation's second largest city Between 1870 and 1900 Chicago grew from a city of 299,000 to nearly 1.7 million, at the time the fastest-growing city ever. 30

31 31

32 Chicago 1889 Jane and Ellen move to Chicago and look for support among protestant ministers and club women. Begins teaching boys classes on Wednesday evenings at the Industrial School. organizes a social club for girls 32

33 Charles J. Hull Real estate developer who invested heavily in the Near West Side of Chicago. He built a family home there in 1856 Death of his wife in 1860, Helen Culver 33

34 May 1889 Addams secures a lease for the use of a portion of the Charles J. Hull family home from Helen Culver 34

35 June 8, 1889 Addams and Starr establish a kindergarten and open the parlors of Hull House to their neighbors. 35

36 Provided medical service, established a night adult education program, staffed an employment bureau, fed the hungry, encouraged kids and adults to create art, set up, and started a day care center. a circulating library. 36

37 Hull-House was furnished as a middle- class home, with fine art and fashionable furniture, because Addams believed that in a truly democratic society the poor needed to have access to a setting that enriched the lives of the upper classes. 37

38 Video She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. 38

39 39

40 May 21, 1935 40

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