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Intermediate Junior English With Nicole Blazier and Ellen Murphy.

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1 Intermediate Junior English With Nicole Blazier and Ellen Murphy

2 At Wheaton North since 2000 Taught English 101 at ISU and also taught for 2 years at Peoria H.S. in Peoria, AZ M.S. in English Education from ISU Currently finishing Teacher Leadership endorsement at Aurora University “If it’s an English class, I’ve probably taught it (especially Junior English).” Proud parent of Sam (5 th grade) and Morgan (3 rd grade) Nicole Blazier

3 Special Education Teacher for 11 years Co-taught Junior English last year with Gina Guzdziol M.S. in Special Education Retired Wheaton Police Officer Three sons, Adam, 29, Andy, 27, and Sean, 19 Went to Uganda in July of 2014 Ellen Murphy

4 Welcome to Intermediate Junior English. This semester your child will study a variety of American authors and examine the economic, political, social, and religious influences of the eras in which they wrote. Throughout the semester, we will ask: What is the individual’s role in society, and how does this question shape the definition of the American character and the development of the American Dream? The students will analyze fictional and informational texts, write and revise formal essays, and present researched information in spoken and written form. Our goal is always to improve your student’s overall writing, reading, and speaking skills. Defining Junior English

5  The Road Ahead Students will research and present artifacts they believe are representative of modern American values. Students will also read about the major literary eras covered over the course of the semester, and compare and contrast American values today with those of the past and with their own personal values. The Units

6  Encounters and Foundations  Reading: Poetry, journals, literature, and speeches from Native American and Puritan cultures. The students will also read excerpts from The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.  Assessment: Rhetorical analysis paragraph; Introduction of Socratic Seminar The Units

7  Manipulating the Conversation: Free Speaker to Free Spirit  Reading: Literature, speeches, essays, and poetry from the Rational, Romantic, and Transcendental eras. Possible major texts include A River Runs Through It, Into the Wild, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.  Assessment: Rhetorical analysis essay; Continued work with Socratic Seminar The Units

8  Tell it How it Is  Reading: Literature, short stories, and essays from the Realistic era. The major text of this unit is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which is the student purchase text.  Assessment: Continued work with rhetorical analysis, with a focus on timed writing; Mastering Socratic Seminar The Units

9  You will treat your classmates, your teacher, and yourself with respect.  Plagiarism is a very serious matter. will be utilized as a writing, grading, teaching, and anti-plagiarism tool in this class. Please refer to the school-wide plagiarism policy in the student-handbook if you have any questions.  Late work will be accepted only for excused absences. You will have two days to make up work for every one day of an excused absence. YOU must contact me about assignments you may have missed while absent immediately upon your return to class.  Essays and major projects are due on their due date without exception. Students will lose one letter grade per day a major essay or project is late.  VERY FEW extra-credit opportunities will be given, and the teachers will present these opportunities to the students. You will not be allowed to ask for extra- credit. Class Rules

10 Grading Weighted Semester Grade  Classwork/Participation: 15%  Homework: 15%  Quizzes/Test: 20%  Formal Writing/Projects: 30%  Final: 20% Grading Scale  90%-100% = A  80%-89% = B  70-79% = C  60-69% = D  Below 60% = F

11 Go to Go to “Academics” Go to “English” Go to Nicole Blazier’s Staff Page Staff Webpage

12 Contact Information Nicole Blazier   (630) 784-7300, ext. 8408 Ellen Murphy   (630) 784-7300, ext. 8480

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