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Health, Work and Unemployment Dr Justin Varney– Public Health England (PHE)

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1 Health, Work and Unemployment Dr Justin Varney– Public Health England (PHE)

2 2 Birth – 5yrs Early Years School Aged Children 5--18yrs Young Adults to Established Adults 18 to 64yrs Older Adults >65yrs Home and Family Spaces Early Years Settings Education Settings Workplace Settings Leisure & Social Spaces Healthcare Settings Places and People

3 “It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man.” Benjamin Franklin, C.18 “Being in good employment is protective of health. Conversely, unemployment contributes to poor health.” Marmot Review, 2010 3

4 4 Is work good for you health and well-being?, Waddell & Burton (2006) Vocational Rehabilitation – What Works for Whom and When, Waddell, Burton and Kendall (2008) Working for a Healthier Tomorrow, Dame Carol Black, (2008) Fair Society, Healthy Lives, Michael Marmot (2010) Various NICE Guidelines, including: The Evidence Base -Promoting Mental wellbeing at Work (PH22) -Managing Long-Term Sickness and Incapacity for Work (PH19) -Workplace Interventions to Promote Smoking Cessation (PH5) -Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace (PH13)

5 The Workplace Wellbeing Charter - National Standards Previously 30+ variations of the scheme across England In 2013-14, PHE commissioned a set of National Standards Launched in June 2014, these provide core content for existing Charter schemes and a common baseline to build from National and local support to help the transition across National website – – signposts to local schemes, provides free resources & helps create Charter The vision is of a mixed economy of providers with local authority led accountability, governance and assurance 5

6 The Eight Charter Standards 1.Leadership, Culture and Communication 2.Absence Management 3.Health and Safety 4.Mental Health 5.Alcohol and Substance misuse 6.Healthy Eating 7.Physical Activity 8.Smoking … 6

7 The Three Performance Categories 7

8 Link to the Responsibility Deal The Workplace Wellbeing Charter provides the road map to achieving the commitments made in the Responsibility Deal Pledges. The Topic Guides (released Dec 14 and Mar 15) will drill down into specific areas for guidance, resources and promising practice examples for micro, small, medium and large business linked to specific RD pledges. 8 TopicRDPTopicRDP Physical ActivityP4Mental HealthH7 Healthy EatingH4NHS Health ChecksH6 Weight ManagementInclusive EmploymentH2 CarersDementia Alcohol and Substance Misuse Smoking and TobaccoH5

9 Other Key Achievements… 9 Internal – PHE challenge physical activity, trained 100+ workplace wellbeing champions, developed staff health and wellbeing strategy Commissioned 4 rapid reviews of evidence Establishing an Academic Network for Health and Work Manchester “Ageing Well in Work” project Developing the PHE contribution on (i) ill-health and unemployment, and (ii) economic regeneration SME digital toolkits

10 Thank You Dr Justin Varney National Lead for Adults and Older People's Health and Wellbeing Sam Haskell Healthy Adults Implementation Manager or 0207 654 8027 Ellen Bloomer Healthy Adults Senior Policy Officer

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