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Hold the Flag High Day 2.

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1 Hold the Flag High Day 2

2 Why is honesty important?
Concept talk Why is honesty important?

3 Partner Share Why might an officer scare people like the Johansen family? Is it better to stand up for what you believe in with an unwavering or a trembling attitude? In “Number the Stars” why did the Johansen family help Ellen Rosen pose as their daughter?

4 Amazing Words Teach your partner what these amazing words mean.
Cooperation- people work together to help others How must the people working on the Coast Guard helicopter use cooperation to help others? Manuever- means to plan something skillfully or to use clever tricks to accomplish something He used a series of maneuvers to get us to use his plan. Teach your partner what these amazing words mean.

5 French Word Confederacie cantine Glorie Rebellio Querele Estalon unio
Word Analysis French Word Confederacie cantine Glorie Rebellio Querele Estalon unio English Words Confederacy stallion Quarrel Union Glory Rebellion canteen

6 Literary Terms We are going to need our books now. 1-5 6-10 11-15
16-20 21-26

7 Literary Terms Foreshadowing These are hints or clues about future events that advance the story. Let’s think about Number the Stars. When Annemarie and Ellen woke up, they were trembling. Then an officer barked at them. How do these words foreshadow what will happen next?

8 Foreshadowing The girls were trembling because they were afraid that the Nazi officers would hurt Ellen. The officer’s harsh tone foreshadows several of the story’s events, including his suspicion and him grabbing Ellen’s hair.

9 Climax In a story, incidents advance the story giving rise to future events. The climax of the story is the high point, the place where these incidents all come to a head. What is the climax, or high point of Number the Stars? The climax is when the officer looks at Lise’s baby picture. He sees that she has dark hair, just like Ellen does.

10 Climax What gives rise to this climax?
The officer asks about Ellen’s hair, and Pap rips the photographs out of the album.

11 Vocabulary Canteen- a small container for carrying water or other drinks The soldier took a final swig from his canteen. Confederacy- a group of countries or states working together The southern states wanted to create a new nation, the confederacy, independent of the United States.

12 Vocabulary Glory-great praise and honor
They were fighting for freedom and glory. Quarrel-a fight with words The two states had been having a quarrel for a long time. TEACH YOUR PARTNER THESE WORDS

13 Vocabulary Rebellion- a fight against your own government
The federal government sought to put down the rebellion and restore the country as one union. Stallion-a male horse He had a tall stallion in the barn. TEACH YOUR PARTNER THESE WORDS

14 Vocabulary Union-a joining of two or more people or things into one
They were hoping to bring the states back to a single union. TEACH YOUR PARTNER THIS WORD

15 Conventions Let’s look at this power point before we practice.
The anthem of our country Our country’s anthem A sweater of my sister My sister’s sweater

16 Irregular Plurals Let’s begin working on the foldable
Spelling Irregular Plurals Let’s begin working on the foldable

17 Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it

18 Writing Informal letter contains: Date Greeting Closing
It has a casual tone It is usually written to someone you know well.

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