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Get A Grip! Pictures, Poetry, & Prose by Hope Krum, Bowie Librarian and Mary Boyd, MacArthur Librarian.

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1 Get A Grip! Pictures, Poetry, & Prose by Hope Krum, Bowie Librarian and Mary Boyd, MacArthur Librarian


3 Poetry-Poetry Aloud Here!/Sylvia Vardell, p.3 Poet Naomi Shihab Nye writes “Poetry wasn’t trying to get us to DO anything, it was simply inviting us to THINK, and FEEL, and SEE.”

4 Poetry-Poetry Aloud Here!/Sylvia Vardell

5 Poetry-Time You Let Me In/Naomi Shihab Nye

6 Poetry-Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse/Marilyn Singer

7 Verse ReversibleReversible Verse Fairytales written Up and down Back and front Characters good and bad Reversed Poetry unveiled Unveiled poetry Reversed Bad and good characters Front and back Down and up Written fairytales

8 Poetry-Hope Is An Open Heart/Lauren Thompson

9 Poetry-More Than Friends: Poems From Him and Her/Sara Holbrook and Alan Wolf

10 Poetry-Some Kind of Love: A Family Reunion in Poems

11 Poetry-America At War/Lee Bennett Hopkins

12 Poetry-Audio

13 Poetry/Poetic Forms

14 Poetry-Tap Dancing on the Roof SijoBoston Tea Party Line 1-one sentence 7-8 syllables (single idea) Line 2-one sentence 7-8 syllables (tells more about topic Line 3-one sentence-7-8 syllables Line 4-gives details about line 3- 7-8 syllables Line 5- Write a sentence that goes in the opposite direction of first 4 lines Line 6- Finish idea in line 5 with surprise, twist, or pun Boston Party Celebration Taxation-Representation No tea please! Justice is served. Overboard in the ocean Cry Conflict resolution? Let’s talk at Starbucks instead.

15 Poetry-Truckery Rhymes/Jon Scieszka

16 Drama “in academically rigorous literature classes students read challenging texts: classic and contemporary, fiction and nonfiction, poetry and drama. Students learn how to interpret analyze, and evaluate what they read.” Carol Jago- incoming president of the National Council of Teachers of English

17 Drama-Acting Out!: Six One Act Plays/Justine Chanda

18 Drama-Colonial Voices: Hear Them Speak/Kay Winters

19 Drama-Whose Tale Is True?/Nancy Polette

20 Fiction-Half Minute Horrors/edited by Susan Rich

21 Fiction-Troll’s Eye View: A Book of Villanous Tales/ ed. Ellen Datrow

22 Whitehurst, Lucinda. School Library Journal, Oct2000, Vol. 46 Issue 10, p38, 2p Children's literature professor Barbara Elleman says, "Short enough to read aloud in one sitting, picture books are ideal to stimulate classroom discussion; often filled with lyrical prose, they make good writing models; multilayered in story and content, they work in numerous connections across the classroom; and, containing a wealth of art styles and mediums, they offer rich aesthetic opportunities."

23 Fiction-Mama Says/Leo & Dianne Dillon

24 Fiction-A Book/Mordicai Gerstein

25 Fiction-Big, Bigger, Biggest/Nancy Coffeit

26 Fiction-Me and You/Anthony Browne

27 Fiction-Born Yesterday/James Solheim

28 Fiction-Speckle the Spider/Emma Dodson

29 Fiction-Cat Diaries: Secrets of the MEOW Society/Betsy Byars

30 Fiction-The Plot Chickens/Mary Jane Auch

31 Fiction-S is for Story/Ester Hershenhorn

32 Fiction-The Shadow/Donna Diamond

33 Fiction-Zero/Kathryn Otoshi

34 Fiction-Polar Opposites/Erik Brooks

35 Fiction-The 3 Little Dassies/Jan Brett

36 Fiction-Tell The Truth B.B. Wolf/Judy Sierra

37 Fiction-It’s Christmas David/David Shannon

38 Fiction(Historical)- Steel Town/Jonah Winter

39 Fiction-It’s a Book/Lane Smith

40 Fictional Adaptation of Literary Nonfiction Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Literary Nonfiction Describe the structural and substantive difference between an autobiography or a diary and a fictional adaptation of it.

41 Fictional Adaptation-Otto-The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear/Tomi Ungerer

42 Fictional Adaptation-Always With You/Ruth Vander Lee

43 Fictional Adaptation-Ron’s Big Mission/Rose Blue & Corrine Naden

44 Fictional Adaptation-Eight Days: A Story of Haiti/Edwidge Dandicat

45 Literary Nonfiction-Biography You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?/Jonah Winter

46 Literary Nonfiction-Biography A Picture Book of John and Abigail Adams

47 Literary Nonfiction-Biblioburro-A True Story From Columbia/ Jeanette Winter

48 Literary Nonfiction-Black Jack: The Ballad of Jack Johnson/Charles R. Smith

49 Literary Nonfiction-Climbing Lincoln’s Steps/Susanne Slade

50 Literary Nonfiction-Listen To the Wind/Greg Mortensen

51 Literary Nonfiction-Two Bobbies/Kirby Larson & Mary Nethery

52 Literary Nonfiction- Redwoods/Jason Chin

53 Literary Nonfiction-I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets:Six Word Memoirs

54 Literary Nonfiction- Mama/Jeanette Winter

55 Genre Exchange Naked Reading/Terri Lesesne, p.76 Jonas, Jonas, what do you see? I see the Giver looking at me. Giver, Giver, what do you see? I see war hurting me. War, war, what do you see? I see a soldier dying for me. Soldier, soldier what do you see? I see Jonas hurting for me. Jonas Jonas what do you see? I see Gabriel needing me. Gabriel, Gabriel, what do you see? I see Jonas escaping with me. Jonas, Jonas, what do you see?

56 Informational Text

57 Nonfiction-2030: A Day in the Life of Tomorrow’s Kids/Amy Zuckerman & James Daly

58 Nonfiction-Pika/Tannis Bill

59 Nonfiction-EcoMazes: 12 Earth Adventures

60 Nonfiction-A Rain Forest Food Chain/Rebecca Wojahn

61 Nonfiction-Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel /C.M. Butzer

62 Nonfiction: What the World Eats/Faith D’Aluisio

63 Nonfiction: Butterflies and Moths/Nic Bishop

64 Nonfiction-Down Down Down Steve Jenkins

65 Nonfiction-If America Were a Village/David J. Smith

66 Nonfiction-Walden: Then & Now/Michael McCurdy

67 Nonfiction-What's the Difference Between a Dolphin and a Porpoise?/Trisha Shaskan

68 Nonfiction-What in the Wild?/David Schwartz

69 Nonfiction-Leo/Neo: Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci/Gene Baretta

70 Persuasive

71 Persuasive-Help Me, Mr. Mutt/Janet Stephens and Susan Crummel

72 Persuasive-Do Not Build a Frankenstein!/Neil Numberman

73 Persuasive-Have I Got a Book for You/Melanie Watt

74 Persuasive-I Want a Dog!/Helen Bansch

75 Persuasive-Pros and Cons of Coal, Oil, and Gas/Sally Morgan

76 Procedual-Becoming a Citizen/John Hamilton

77 Procedural-I Need My Monster/Amanda Knoll


79 Procedural-How Is Chocolate Made?

80 Procedural-Write Your Own Poetry/Laura Salas

81 Procedural-Nibbles: A Green Tale/Charlotte Middleton

82 Procedural-Stega Nona’s Harvest/Tomie dePaola

83 Procedural-The Strange Case of Origami Yoda/Tom Angleberger

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