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Beautiful Minds Girlfriend Event Carriageworks Sunday, 30 th August 2015.

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1 Beautiful Minds Girlfriend Event Carriageworks Sunday, 30 th August 2015

2 Proposal Overview o The Organizer o The Audience o The Event o Event Speakers o Getting Involved o Event Marketing o Partnership Packages

3 The Organizer o Beautiful Minds Founder & Director o Author o Radio Presenter for 89.7FM o Public Speaker Marina Passalaris

4 Author of Beautiful Minds Beautiful Minds, A Journey of Self Discovery is a friend for teenage girls helping them navigate who they are, how to get through their tricky teen years and putting their best foot forward.

5 Marina in the News

6 The Audience Beautiful Minds Australia is dedicated to the education of girls aged 11 to 17 through life skills, fun and inspiration – helping them become confident and dynamic individuals.

7 50% of all Year 12 students have had sexual intercourse 51% of kids eat fast food or other junk foods two to four times a week Alcohol and other drugs are the 3 rd highest concern among young people 80% of 12 year old girls are not happy with their current size or think they’re fat Sources:;;; Mission Australia National Youth #1 On the list of teenage worries are bullying, abuse and suicide

8 What Beautiful Minds’ Teens say

9 The Event This is the event for Teen girls. Addressing issues such as Bullying, Nutrition, Make-up and Beauty, Suicide Prevention, Mental health, Body issues, Career advice, Self esteem, as well as sharing success stories and Teen inspiration in a positive way to help girls best equip themselves for their tricky Teen years.

10 Speakers 1: Maz Compton – Host for the event, (26.4K) 2: Jessica Smith – Paralypian, Australia Day Ambassador, Body Image speaker and campaigner (10.6K) 3: Sarah Ellen - TBC 4: A Sony Artist TBC 5: Tyde Levi – You Tuber (334,021K) & 180 K Instagram 6: Damian D – Relationship expert 6: Girlfriend Magazine Fashion Editor, Kristy Koutsogiannis (2.2k) Instagram

11 Promoting the Event on YouTube

12 Marketing MEDIA Girlfriend Magazine, Website & Social Media Beautiful Minds Website YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Speaker Blogs & Email send PR EVENT Branding Promotional video Promotional items Event tickets

13 Getting Involved o Make a difference o Impact the development of Teen girls o Support a platform where Teen girls can learn from and be inspired by exceptional role models on issues that are important to them o Engage and connect with your core audience o Build impactful relationships o Benefit from a positive, top of mind brand association

14 Sponsorship Packages We offer 6 opportunities for brands to be involved in the event. We are open to having our You Tube sensation give away and promote a beauty item on the day and have our fashion stylist promote and utilize a fashion brand on the day.

15 1. Sponsor Package- $7,000 (valued at $67,635) 1 x Email send to Girlfriend Magazine (600k) and Beautiful Minds (8k) database # mentions in minimum 2 x posts per Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platform by Beautiful Minds and Girlfriend Magazine posts leading up to and on the event day Branded Speakers’ videos on YouTube with logos included Valued at $24,405 Girlfriend Magazine: Logo and name mention on 3 x DPS (valued at $33,630), website banner and post event gallery DPS July – 28 April logo deadline DPS August – 2 June logo deadline DPS September – 30 June logo deadline Sample opportunity in Girlfriend Magazines Aug, Sep or Oct 2015 Edition Exposure on Beautiful Minds website Valued at $37,630 Facebook Likes promo Branding on Speaker Podium Brands get a 3 minute video at event 2 tickets (valued at $198) Branding on crew T-Shirts Promotional material and products in goody bags Valued at $5, 600

16 Total Media Reach – Beautiful Minds, Girlfriend magazine and Speakers 1,629,205 Speaker videos of event on YouTube 1,176,337 Event promoted on Instagram # 556,107 Event promoted on Instagram # 95,243 Event promoted on Instagram # 82,000 Blog posts and email 70,002 3 x DPS promoting the event, website banner, event gallery & social media

17 “ ” We’d love to have you on board! Free a child’s potential and you will transform him into the world - Maria Montessori

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