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South Carolina SARE Open Forum Meeting December 4, 2013 Clemson Sustainable Agriculture Program Staff Holly Garrett; Special Projects, CSA Coordinator.

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1 South Carolina SARE Open Forum Meeting December 4, 2013 Clemson Sustainable Agriculture Program Staff Holly Garrett; Special Projects, CSA Coordinator Kelly Gilkerson; Associate Coordinator Shawn Jadrnicek; CU Organic Farm Manager Amy Nichols; SC SARE Program Assistant Geoff Zehnder; Coordinator


3 SARE Provides Funds for Training of Ag Professionals (and Farmers)  Funds available to state Land Grant Institutions with SA Coordinator (Clemson & SC State)  Plan of Work with budget and Annual Reports required

4 Planning Process for Training and Education Programs  Stakeholder involvement  Open Forum Meeting; discuss and identify issues, needs  Advisory Committee; prioritize needs and identify topics for training programs  Address emerging needs during year  Input from stakeholder groups, Extension agents, individuals

5 Review of Program Activities, 2013 Open Forum and Advisory Committee Meetings Sandhill REC: Lake House, January 26

6 Review of Program Activities, 2013 Clemson Extension Community Food System Initiative Planning  Clemson Extension Conference, February 5  Community Food Systems Planning Retreat, April 18-19 Facilitated by Jerry DeWitt - President, Carolina Farm Stewardship Board of Directors, and former professor, Extension specialist and Extension administrator, Iowa State University

7 An evening with Phil Ackerman-Leist Author of Rebuilding the Foodshed & Up Tunket Road, and professor at Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT Hosted by CU Sustainable Ag Program - Strom Thurmond Institute – Self Auditorium March 6 th at 6:30pm

8 Pest Management Workshops Co-organized by CFSA and SC SARE Disease and Insect Pest Management for Sustainable Vegetable Production April 30; Charleston, SC May 2: Clemson, SC Dr. Tony Keinath and Dr. Powell Smith

9 GAPs Workshop Co-organized by SCDA, SCOOL and SC SARE Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Certification Workshop June 27, 2013; Pelzer, SC Mock GAPs audit at BioWay Farm Instructor: Weatherly Thomas, SCDA

10 Black Soldier Fly Composting Workshop Co-organized by CIECD and SC SARE Implementing a BSF Waste Recycling System on your Farm August 30; Clemson, SC Shawn Jadrnicek and pilot BSF System at Clemson Organic Farm Dr. Jeff Tomberlin, TAMU Other Instructors: Dave Thornton, Karl Warkomski, Dr. Dave Lamie, Dr. Wallace Campbell

11 Soil Quality Workshops Co-Organized by CFSA and SC SARE Soil Fertility Management for Sustainable Vegetable Producers Sept. 10; Charleston, SC Sept. 12; Clemson, SC Ellen Polishuk. Potomac Vegetable Farms Dr. Keith Baldwin, CFSA Other Instructors: Dr. Brian Ward, Shawn Jadrnicek,

12 Organized by CFSA (Diana Vossbrinck) and hosted by Clemson University October 10, 2013 Objective: Introduce high school agriculture students to modern, sustainable and organic farming concepts and practices Farmer Presenters: Chad Bishop, Tradd Cotter, Leland Gibson, Shawn Jadrnicek, Eric McLam, Meredith Mizell, Daniel Parson, Chris Sermons, Dave Thornton

13 Organized by Clemson Extension Food2Market Program (Kimberly Baker) October 14 and 15, 2013 Columbia, SC Wide range of topics related to preparation and processing of value added food products including regulatory requirements Food Safety Workshop for Food Entrepreneurs

14 Organized by SC SARE (Kelly Gilkerson) October 21, 2013 Clemson, SC Regulatory information for prepared foods, eggs, poultry, beef, pork and lamb, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts, fluid milk products, butter and cheese Navigating Regulatory Requirements for Farm Products

15 Sustainable/Organic Vegetable Production for Lowcountry Farmers  July through September  Field demonstrations and workshops conducted by SCSU Extension

16 Other Program Activities, 2013  Clemson contact for sustainable agriculture, organic farming  Travel scholarships for Clemson and SCSU agents and other agriculture professionals CFSA and SSAWG Conferences  South Carolina SA Agent of the Year Award Powell Smith  Teaching  Creative Inquiry courses (spring and fall)  Organic farming course (summer)

17 2013 Advisory Committee List of Priority Training Topics  Regulatory compliance for farm products (how to navigate agencies, rules, etc,) (9 votes)  Soil health (fertility management) (8 votes)  GAPS: Need for several levels of food safety training including infrastructure and traceability req. (7 votes)  Organic pest mgmt: Build upon previous training, advanced topics, target conv. growers (7 votes)

18 List of 2013 Priority Training Topics (continued)  Farm energy alternatives: (5 votes)  Water in agriculture (agriculture use concerns, water resource conservation): (5 votes)  Marketing: accessing wholesale markets, market analysis tools, training for market managers in planning, by-laws, etc.: (3 votes)  Funding: accessing funding, micro-finance: (2 votes)  Farm business planning: continue Next Level training, training for additional instructors (1 vote)

19 Plans for 2014 Grant funded training  Organic Pest Management: USDA Extension IPM Program (2-3 workshops/year)  In-field diagnosis of insect and disease problems  Soliciting input on other topics  Farm Energy: “Renewable and low-cost energy systems for small farms”: USDA SARE PDP  Pre-proposal approved: full proposal in review  Topics would include greenhouse heating for season extension, bioconversion of waste into value added products, oilseed crop production and processing

20 Ideas for Training in your Community?  Supplemental training funds for local organizers   Backyard Poultry Production Workshop organized by Danny Howard and Kevin Campbell

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