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NATO DEFENSE COLLEGE FOUNDATION Charting ahead. WHY “to promote the culture of stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area and in NATO partner.

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2 WHY “to promote the culture of stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area and in NATO partner nations …” These principles stated in the preamble to the Washington Treaty of 1949 are our heritage

3 NDC FOUNDATION: HOW “… To respond through education, research and outreach to the challenges that we are confronting.”

4 NDC FOUNDATION: WHAT Our aim is to meet the highest standards in contributing to public debate and future deliberations on strategic, security and geo-political issues

5 NDC FOUNDATION: WHO Lord Robertson of Port Ellen Honorary President A. Minuto-Rizzo President A. Politi Director

6 NDCF: Scientific Board The Scientific Board ensures that the research and conceptual standards are at global level and is our in-house innovation laboratory. It includes prominent professionals and practitioners Vincenzo Camporini, Former Defense Chief, VP IAI, leads the board

7 NDCF: Senior Advisory Board The Senior Advisory Board has the essential function to assist in the strategic decisions about the future development, funding and operations of the Foundation. It includes prominent figures from 15 different countries among NATO members and partners

8 NDCF: Partners Naturally we have a close relationship with the NATO Defense College Nevertheless the NDCF enjoys the freedom and the agility of being a private foundation with an evident added value in outreach, debate, unconventional research and education Our academic partner is the IAI, the oldest international affairs institute in Italy

9 NDCF: Past NATO and the Arab Spring Rome, 17-18 November 2011 Afghanistan after 2014 - Ask and Task Rome, 7-8 February 2013

10 NDCF: Past 2 Security in a No one’s world – Game Changers Rome, 13-14 February 2014 Western Balkans - The futures of integration Rome, 7-8 October 2014

11 NDCF: Past 3 Joint AUR-NDCF conference “Italy and the new international challenges” Rome 23 June 2013 Joint ISTRID-NDCF conference “Pyöngyang calls Tehran?”, Rome 30 July 2013 Centro per la Riforma dello Stato (CRS)-PeD political summer school “The end and restructuring of the Middle East” Tagliacozzo, 30 August 2013

12 NDCF: Past 4 ENEL roundtable presentation “Mare Nostrum, caput mundi?”, Rome 30 September 2013 UNRWA National Committee – SIOI Teachers’ course “The Middle East in a global context”, Rome 9 October 2013 Italian Parliament, House Foreign and Defence Committees, NPA hearings, Rome Nov. 2013

13 NDCF: Past 5 NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Joint Seminar, Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group. Libya: the unen(viable), Rome, 26 November 2014 Italian Red Cross-UNRWA, The ghosts of Syria, Rome, 10 May 2014 Limes, Turkey: Netchworks and Meromixis, Genoa, 17 May 2014

14 NDCF: Past 6 Trends in a no one’s world, IV International Humanitarian Forum, Baku, 3/10/2014 Dis-Techs - The liquid war scenario, Formiche & Atlantic Council, Rome, 19/11/2014 Aperimondo, Facebook Talks, Milan, 21/11/2014

15 … and future The shaping of Eastern Europe, 16-17 April 2015 Security after the Arab revolutions, May 2015 Quo vadis Libya? TBD

16 NDCF: Strategic monitoring Two strategic monitoring products are provided by area specialists: The first is focussed on Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Black Sea, Russia and China The second looks at strategic trends in major Middle East countries, adding to the Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative

17 From an important precedent… The Western Balkans conference set the precedent that this Foundation may contribute to a EU Presidency The proceedings were distributed by the Presidency to institutional bodies It set the stage for our new regional endeavour

18 The Balkan Network A current development out of our successful EU Presidency Western Balkans conference

19 AVE Since the Arab Revolution is a topical theme, the Foundation is elaborating an innovative approach AVE (Arab Vectors of Evolution) A holistic view of change vectors, clear ramifications and complex future scenarios, beyond the old game of canned analysis and statistics. Upcoming contract with ACT

20 NDCF: making strategic sense These products are strongly decision-maker oriented: where are we/they going? and why? The aim is to make strategic sense from a complex multidimensional picture We carry out specialised and tailored analytical and political training both for individuals and small groups

21 The added value The Foundation is a unique combination of scientific freedom, private agility and institutional linkage The Foundation builds upon the top level connections and operational experience in Trans-Atlantic outreach towards Middle East, Southern Mediterranean and West Asia The aim is to empower for the future and to enable change, not to repeat mantras

22 In a few words We deal with the emerging diversity and complexity in the globalized world

23 We intend To understand and shape A Cooperative Multidimensional Security

24 The Spirit To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

25 NDCF: Contacts Alessandro Politi, Director NATO DC Foundation Via Alessandro Serpieri, 8 00197 Rome, Italy Mobile: (+39) 348.710 8785 E-mail:; Web: http://www.ndc-foundation.org Jeffrey A. Larsen, Research Division Director NATO Defense College Via Giorgio Pelosi, 1 (Cecchignola) 00143 Rome, Italy Phone: (+39) 06.5052 5220 Fax: (+39) 06.50525797 E-Mail:

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