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Becoming an Environmental Coordinator What’s it all about?

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1 Becoming an Environmental Coordinator What’s it all about?

2 Overview What is being an Environmental Coordinator all about? Benefits for you Why we need you What you need to know about the Environment Team Environment Team headlines over last 4 years Staff induction

3 Environmental Coordinator Role STATUS It is a voluntary role (at the moment) Other Universities have formalised the role Some Environmental Coordinators at UoL have had the role written into their job summary Reward mechanisms will be investigated

4 Environmental Coordinator Role MAIN POINT OF CONTACT Departmental contact for the central Env Team Contact details to be included on Environment Team webpages Can choose to receive Env Team news articles automatically Will be informed of green issues through regular updates from Env Team – mostly email but also at meetings

5 Environmental Coordinator Role COMMUNICATION & INSPIRATION Big carbon savings achievable through changed behaviour at work Need to maintain levels of interest with colleagues and students Includes ad hoc involvement in communication campaigns e.g. Big/Little Green Weeks etc. Act as an ambassador for the central Env Team Inspire activity in colleagues and students

6 Environmental Coordinator Role INVOLVEMENT IN ENVIRONMENT TEAM ACTIVITIES Attend update meetings (about 3 per year) Always have workshop sessions where we can share ideas on our work Green Impact project – Dept environmental accreditation & award scheme Communications events – help always needed Environmental induction at a Dept level

7 Environmental Coordinator Role ADVICE TO COLLEAGUES/STUDENTS Should be able to answer the following: Where is my nearest plastics recycling bin? Does the University have an environmental policy? Which bin do I put my crisp packet into? Where can I get hold of recycling bags? What is the University doing about its carbon footprint? When is the next green event?

8 Benefits of the Role Recognition for involvement now possible through the Green Impact award Access to Dept/building data allowing the setting of building targets for energy-reductions – important when Depts are recharged for energy usage (currently under discussion) Will be pursuing option of including a line in job descriptions to cover EC roles References for active ECs will be available if needed Cakes – sometimes… and homemade! :o)

9 Why we need you! Get quick messages out about green initiatives Involve the whole University in green developments Facilitate/devolve greater responsibility for green actions to the Dept/College level Respond to the requirements of the strategy – 60% carbon emissions cut by 2020 – a VERY BIG ASK – we must have support from Depts to achieve this

10 What you need to know about the Environment Team Who we are What we do Where we are based Accessing our webpages to find: – Environmental Sustainability Policy – A to Z of waste and recycling – Strategy Latest news

11 The Environment Team Dr Emma Fieldhouse – Environmental Manager Chrispal Anand – Carbon & Energy Manager Phil Ball – Waste Manager Dr Sandra Lee – Sustainable Travel Officer Ellen Holmes – Communications & Events Intern Victoria Robinson – Ecological Surveyor Jay Gohil – Administrative Support 50 + Environmental Coordinators (staff in Depts) 400 + Environment Team volunteers (students)

12 The Environment Team Top from left: Phil, Chrispal and Emma Far left: Sandra Left below: Ellen Bottom: Vic

13 What does the Environment Team do? WORK THEMES Energy Waste Water Biodiversity/Land management Building/Construction & Renovation Transport Procurement Corporate Social Responsibility WHY? Legal compliance Driven by policy/strategy WHAT? Communication IS KEY Working towards formal Environmental Management Systems (commencing 2012)

14 Contact details Within the Estates & Facilities Management Division of Corporate Services Room 17, Fielding Johnson Building All queries to go to several members of the team and will be responded to within 5 working days Also, and for specific queries on these issues Webpages:

15 What has been achieved in the last few years?

16 Recycling Scheme Introduced an award-winning recycling scheme across all of the non-residential (and now residential) buildings using 600 hours of volunteer time. We now recycle up to 86% of our waste.

17 Carbon Footprint We have produced a carbon footprint for the University and we are committed to reducing our footprint by 20% by 2012 and 60% by 2020

18 District Energy Scheme The holes appearing on the campus in 2011 and up University Road are for the pipework for the District Energy Scheme The scheme has been led by the City Council and links University and public sector buildings through heating pipework so heat can be generated and distributed more efficiently Once switched on at Easter 2012 it will produce a 10 – 15% reduction in the University’s carbon footprint immediately

19 Green Buildings We are committed to achieving BREEAM ‘excellent’ (a green building design scheme) in all of our major projects Percy Gee SU is currently shortlisted for a sustainability award

20 Energy Performance of Buildings Display Energy Certificates put in the foyers of buildings over 1,000 m2 to demonstrate energy performance

21 Carbon Trust Standard Achieved in 2010 Based on a relative reduction of 7% since 2004/5 Gas and electricity absolute reductions of 6.6% and 2% respectively were seen on the main campus this year (2011)

22 Setting the target The University has committed to a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 from what we produced in 2004/5 The district heating network will produce up to 15% reduction

23 Showing our waste footprint Waste pile in Queens Hall as part of Little Green Week 2009

24 Strategy Approved Environmental Sustainability Strategy Provides a plan for the next 5 years covering: – Carbon – Research – Teaching – Campus impacts

25 Volunteer Assistance We have used hundreds of hours of volunteer time to help us with many different projects Volunteers shown receiving certificates and promoting the Golden Bin Challenge

26 2011 in pictures

27 Environment Team Headlines New cycle store being built outside the library (will be opened in spring 2012 and house 300 bikes) Travel plan approved New parking scheme has reduced permits by 13% in 2011 Many discounts available Go to for details



30 ES Strategy 2010 - 2015 Environmental Sustainability Strategy to be released around University in February 2010 It has 4 strategic aims covering: – Carbon – Estates environmental impacts – Research – Teaching Carbon commitments – 10% by 2010 carbon reduction – 60% absolute carbon emissions reduction by 2020 against 2004/5 baseline (equivalent to 50% against 1990 levels)

31 Staff (& Student?) Induction MAIN THINGS TO BE AWARE OF Nearest recycling containers – where to get a recycling deskbin from (staff only) A to Z of waste and recycling (from webpages) so they know what to recycle into which containers Env Sustainability policy (from March 2007) Env Sustainability strategy (2010 - 2015) – impacts on research and teaching & campus Location of webpages Student (and staff) volunteering opportunities

32 Any questions?

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