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Reconstituting the Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) (Acquisition) Workforce.

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1 Reconstituting the Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) (Acquisition) Workforce

2 2 Purpose To inform you on the Air Force Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) (Acquisition) Workforce Reconstitution initiative

3 3 Overview Background AFSO21 LCL (Acq) Workforce Event Objective Boundary Conditions On-going Workforce Development Efforts Governance / Focus Teams Events Summary

4 4 Background AFMC/CA Tasker “The Acquisition Logistics Workforce has eroded: Evaluate the Health of the Acquisition Logistics Workforce & fix it!” Reference: AFMC/CA tasker, 12 Oct 07 The AF must ensure a world class LCL (Acq) Workforce with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to enable optimal life cycle product support for weapon systems / sub systems

5 5 Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century Playbook AFSO21 LCL (Acq) Workforce Event Problem Statement: The LCL (Acq) workforce responsible for ensuring supportability: 1. Is not effectively used during system acquisition (most critically prior to Milestone B); and, 2. Is not effectively managed and resourced to ensure availability of people proficient in the necessary LCL competencies impacting supportability of fielded systems.

6 6 Translating warfighter performance requirements into tailored product support spanning the system life cycle Value Proposition - What the Logistician brings to the table Where is the Logistician most effective? What are we doing to facilitate up-front Product Support Planning? BA Concept Refinement System Development & Demonstration Production & Deployment Systems Acquisition C FRP Decision Review LRIP/IOT&E Design Readiness Review Technology Development ( Program Initiation ) Concept Decision Pre-Systems Acquisition Operations & Support Sustainment Acquisition Sustainment (AS) Tool Kit Logistics Health Assessments (LHA) Independent Logistics Assessments (ILA) While the initial cost to acquire a weapon system is high …… …..Sustainment costs represent largest portion of total ownership costs Objective

7 7 Develop and “right-size” the Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) (Acq) Workforce engaged in system acquisition, with the competencies, skills and management support necessary to translate and design warfighter performance requirements into tailored, affordable, effective product support spanning the entire system life cycle Charter signed by co-champions: Mr. Michael Aimone, AF/A4/7 & Mrs. Barbara Westgate, AFMC/CA 15 May 08

8 8 Product Support Competencies (OSD Human Capital Strategy) Product Support Integration Manpower, Personnel & Training Requirements Planning Maintenance Planning & Management Program Management & Planning Deployed Distribution / Transportation Supply Management Boundary Conditions Focus on 346 series / AFSC 21XX (officer) & 2XXXX (enlisted) personnel involved in logistics planning activities during weapon system / subsystem acquisition without regard to: – Geographic location / Product and Air Logistics Centers – New or fielded system Use as template for other LCL competencies

9 9 On-going Workforce Development Efforts DoD Logistics Human Capital Strategy (HCS) (Big “L” – focus on entire career field) Integrated Life Cycle Management Product Support (ILCM PS) (Competency focus) LCL (Acq) WF Recon – focus on DAWIA coded positions – leverages off HCS LCL (Acq) WF Recon – career centric - lends fidelity to ILCM PS

10 10 Co-Champions Mr. Mike Aimone, AF/A4/7 & Mrs. Barbara Westgate AFMC/CA AFMC/A4 Core Team Lead Ms. Sherry Ott, AFMC/A4U Core Team Organization Focus Team Ms. Brenda Robinson, AFMC/A4U Ms. Judy McCoy, ASC/AQY Processes, Policy and Tools Focus Team Ms. Jean Martin, AF/A4M Ms. Terry Brinston, AF/A4I Workforce Focus Team Development, Management & Requirements Ms. Linda Sny, AF/A4R Ms. Jeanette Bonnell, OO-ALC/DPD Advisor Ms. Sue Lumpkin AF/A4R Subject Matter Experts Consultant Mr. Bill Budden, HQ DLA LCL (Acq) Workforce Reconstitution Governance CULTURE Addressed by all Focus Teams

11 Objective – Address Workforce Management and Development initiatives needed to ensure success with developing and right-sizing the LCL (Acq) Workforce 11 LCL (Acq) Workforce Reconstitution Workforce Development Focus Team Team LeadsTeam Members Linda Sny - AF/A4R Jeanette Bonnell - OO-ALC/DPD Ellen Greenwood - AF/A1PF Lt Col Michelle Trigg - SAF/AQXD Dave Robitaille - OC-ALC/XPQ Judy Lloyd - AFMC/A1D Ed Herger - ESC/AE Eilanna Price – 77AESW/LG (ASC) Kenny Dees - WR-ALC/XPQ Sandra Wimberly - AFMC/A4D Michael “Bo” Gourley – DAU Jill Levy – AFNWC/XP (AFMC) Bernadette Whitehead – DLA Guy Fritchman – AFIT/LSB Mike Hinshaw – SMC/PIL

12 12 Team LeadsTeam Members Brenda Robinson - AFMC/A4U Judy McCoy - ASC/AEL Ed Herger - ESC/AE Elizabeth Jones - AAC/EN Robert Valdez - OC-ALC Greg Lewis - WR-ALC/XPQ Dan Kerns – OO- ALC Joan Cole - AFMC/A5P Vanessa Jeter-Freeman AFMC/A1MP LCL (Acq) Workforce Reconstitution Organization Focus Team Objectives: – Address issues related to infrastructure or environment in which the Life Cycle Logistician functions in systems acquisition – Identify structural (organizational) and regulatory issues associated with efficiently and effectively performing LCL work Managerial rather than logistics processes that affect the LCL workforce – Address management of LCL work and how that work relates to other functions and organizations within acquisition and larger logistics communities

13 Objectives: – Address creation of a quality, enterprise approach to Policy, Processes and Tools for the Life Cycle Logistician – Integrate AF Policy with tools and processes to ensure high confidence of product support in all programs across the acquisition life cycle. 13 Team LeadsTeam Members Jean Martin - AF/A4M Terry Brinston - AF/A4I Albert Griggs - SAF/ACE Peggy McMillen - OC-ALC Deb Inman - SAF/IEL Dennis Kicklighter – 598 CBSS Danny Bridges – AAC/ENQL Kandus Whitaker – ASC/AQY Chris Milius – HQ AFSPC/A4S Scott Dotson - WR- ALC/XPO LCL (Acq) Workforce Reconstitution Processes, Policy & Tools Focus Team

14 14 14 Apr - Brief AFMC/CA Events 4 Qtr3 Qtr2 Qtr1 Qtr4 Qtr3 Qtr2 Qtr1 Qtr CY 09 CY 08 Define / clarify problem, establish boundaries Identify Focus area Leads and team members Develop action plans (to include ROE, timelines, interdependencies metrics, exit criteria) Address other LCL PS competencies Implement and execute action plans May Sign Charter 20-22 May LCL (Acq) WF Core Team Mtg Jun (Acq) WF Focus Team Kick off Jul-Sep Focus Team Meetings

15 15 Summary Defined problem statement, boundaries & focus areas Chartered Integrated / related with other on-going LCL Workforce Development efforts Focus Teams kicked off – Moving warp speed ahead Translating warfighter performance requirements into tailored product support spanning the system life cycle


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