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Digital Strategies for Health Communication Personas Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScM, Course Director Tufts University School of Medicine July 22, 2014 1.

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1 Digital Strategies for Health Communication Personas Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScM, Course Director Tufts University School of Medicine July 22, 2014 1

2 How can you learn about your target users? What are personas and why are they useful for design and as a team-building activity? Examples of personas and scenarios Best practices for creating personas Create 4 personas using worksheet Agenda

3 3

4 Ways to learn about usersAdvantagesDisadvantages Conducting a survey Using Pew Research and other survey data Focus groups Interviews and participatory design Observation and ethnographic research Social media, ratings, and reviews User feedback through forms, A/B testing, big data, etc. Personas 4

5 Personas defined A model of key user attributes and goals Distilled from observing real people, surveys, focus groups, etc. Presented as a vivid, narrative description of a single “person” who represents a segment and a day in his or her life including one or more triggers Used to guide the design of products, messaging, and strategy 5

6 Personas help you to: Developing personas provides an understanding of your target users and their needs Understand Personas help focus empathy on the real people that they represent Empathize Personas inspire design for appeal, usability, and effectiveness Ideate Personas aid in prioritizing features to meet personas’ needs Prioritize Personas are a first step in evaluating proposed solutions by how well personas’ needs will be met Evaluate

7 Are these TV Personalities personas? The Snob: “the most finicky of viewers” The Know-It-All: an intellectual TV addict The Escapist: loves the simple, funny shows On-The-Go Viewer: only watches shows on laptop/tablet The Minimalist: not a TV fan, but stays in the loop with reviews/synopses

8 The Support Seeker: “turns to friends and pros for answers” The Serial Snacker: prefers snacking to meals, eating is a habit rather than a need The Free Spirit: plays by own rules, resistant to rigid weight loss programs The Sweet Tooth: cannot live without sweets The Distracted Diner: a busy multi-tasker, unaware of food intake Are these Diet Personalities personas?

9 We’ve got to push the brand more. It would be so much cooler if it had videos. It needs to be “green”. I want the site to be sky blue with yellow accents. Our competitor has blogs. Creating personas is a group activity Creating personas is an internal activity

10 Obstacles to persona use – even more likely when “outsourced” 10

11 Personas help to avoid the two most fatal design flaws Design for oneself – Egocentric intuition fallacy of designers Design for everyone

12 You are not the user... Lisa is the user

13 Persona example adapted from Claire Berman, MS

14 Current users of MGH BHMBI – General public, patients, providers Desired – Patients with chronic disease or stress who seek information about complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) on their own – People referred by their medical or insurance providers – People whose companies offer wellness programs Goal: expand reach

15 Meet Paul Demographics – Paul is a 35 year-old Caucasian male living in Newton, MA – He is married with no children – He has a college education – He works as a Financial Planner in Boston and commutes for an hour each day by public transportation Technology – Paul has an iPhone and a laptop. He is online all the time! Health – Paul thinks his health is good overall – He has had a few anxiety attacks recently due to job stress – He has a family history of heart disease

16 Scenario: Paul Paul’s morning – He wakes up at 5:30, goes for a run, gets ready for work – He eats breakfast with his wife and they leave for work Commute to work by bus – He starts to feel anxious as soon as he gets onto the bus and thinks about work – He checks email and financial news on his iPhone Early morning Commute to work

17 Scenario: Health trigger Work – Paul spends 10 hours at work with short lunch break Commute home by bus – Paul starts to feel overwhelmed with work pressures – His breathing becomes rapid and he feels like he can’t get enough air – It passes after 10 minutes but scares him – He’s had other anxiety attacks and is scared of having a heart attack like his father and grandfather Commute home Work………………………………

18 Scenario: Trigger for access Paul’s wife, Ellen – Ellen was home first, poured a glass of chilled white wine, and read the mail – Their health insurance provider’s magazine includes an article about stress, mentioning the MGH Benson-Henry Mind Body Institute Paul gets home – And tells Ellen about his anxiety attack on the commute home – She insists he look at their website At home

19 Will this help Paul?

20 Scenario leads to redesign Goes online – Still dubious, Paul goes to the site and notices a quiz, Are you stressed, which he tries – He finds some short instructional videos and plans to watch them on his phone the next day on his commute Next day – Paul watches the videos, making sure no one else on the bus can see, and tries some exercises – He decides it’s something he can do for a week because it will make his wife happy and may work

21 Will this help Paul? 21

22 22

23 Personas production value varies


25 Focus on emotion

26 Define emotional state: how do you your personas feel?

27 Best practices in persona development Segment your users 1 Define characteristics 2 Create 4 personas 3 Create scenarios with triggers 4 Evaluate your personas 5 Learn from them 6

28 Persona video and worksheet

29 Group A Andreas Klein Erica Noonan Catherine Leamy Karina Ngaiza Group B Lynda Banzi Amanda Bilski Jacob Silberstein Kari Auer Group C Monique Hill Jacob Ehrlich Larisa Naderiani Ludan Zhang Group D Emily Klein Holly Batchelder Karen McIntosh Matthew Goodridge Tammy Ellis Group E Nicole Schultz Lisa Shmerling Charlotte Rowe Rajiv Krishnaswami Persona assignments by demographics

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