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To increase stations membership and net income Michal Heiplik.

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1 To increase stations membership and net income Michal Heiplik

2 Proprietary & Confidential 2  Overview of goals  National Reference File update  Building scale (active projects) Agenda

3 Proprietary & Confidential CDP participation CDP Participants: 87 Stations & 78% of audience # of stations% of audience

4 Proprietary & Confidential 4 Becky Chinn, OPB Charlotte Albergetis, KPBS Susan Dwyer, WGBH Kelly McCullough, KAET Don Derheim, KQED Mary Kay Phelps, WETA Jack Galmiche, KETC David Preston, TPT Anne Gleason, WTTW Ellen Sinkinson, WNET Shane Guiter, KLRUMichael Zeller, KCPT Station Advisory Group

5 Proprietary & Confidential CDP is necessary to help solve the critical development issues all stations are confronting: Declining Prospects Channel Erosion Lack of Efficiency 20% over last 8 years Mail, TM, Pledge, Online? Cohesive Practices 5 Proprietary & Confidential

6 36% of stations 64% of stations Budget Surplus Budget Deficit TV Station Operating Surplus (Deficit) 2009-2010 PTV stations deficit of $114m+ in ‘09/ ‘10 6

7 Proprietary & Confidential Steady declines in membership ~500k donors lost since ‘06 7

8 Proprietary & Confidential CDP is a station-centric effort supported by the MMG and CPB Stations National Reference Database Quarterly reports focused on high-yield opportunities Actionable intelligence National projects with local impact 8 Proprietary & Confidential

9 Reference File 37% of PB members imported TeamApproach: - Import working: KUHT, OPB, KERA, KPBS, DPTV, MPT, TPT - Station DB issues: WETA, WTTW RoundCause: WGBH, WGBY data received Allegiance & Memsys - Final review completed 9

10 Proprietary & Confidential Goals of CDP Reporting ROAR REPORT Show potential for specific station Normalize data where possible Deliver better practices and/or third-party option

11 Proprietary & Confidential 11 Metric*Average Station Value Best Station Value Opportunity @ Best Value 5-Year Opportunity @ Best Value % Sustainers4.3%16.3%$880,400$4,402,000 % Matching Gift Revenue 1.2%3.3%$210,000$1,050,000 First Year On-air Revenue Retention 18.7%31.9%$245,520$1,227,600 Total Potential$1,335,920$6,679,600 ROAR Report (Sample) * Based on donorCentric Data from Target Analysis. 70 stations included.

12 Proprietary & Confidential 12 Metric*Average Station Value Best Station Value Opportunity @ Best Value National Opportunity @ Best Value % Sustainers4.3%16.3%$880,400$26,412,000 % Matching Gift Revenue 1.2%3.3%$210,000$6,300,000 First Year On-air Revenue Retention 18.7%31.9%$245,520$7,365,600 Total Potential$1,335,920$40,077,600 ROAR Report (Sample) * Based on donorCentric Data from Target Analysis. 70 stations included.

13 Proprietary & Confidential Building Scale – Active Projects 13

14 Proprietary & Confidential Station centric strategy and execution Stations CDP-driven execution Better Practices 14 National Reference File Stations 14

15 Proprietary & Confidential CDP progress: active projects Active projects -Prospecting (Masterpiece, ARS…) -Retention (Thank You calls) -Sustainers -Matching gifts -Scale sourcing (acq campaign) Under review -Vehicle donations -Canvassing -Data overlays and scoring -Member benefits/clubs -More prospecting opportunities -Member Transfer 15

16 Proprietary & Confidential Prospect file building First batch of names – Masterpiece contest -722,501 entries -- 113,298 unique names -92% self-localized to stations – other 7% localized by CDP -Average list – 700 names (largest list 4,500 names) Names & addresses shared Communication strategy & assets included 16 Proprietary & Confidential 16

17 Proprietary & Confidential Creating synergies Stations CDP Engage with new prospects Build relationships Convert to members Facilitate the most efficient exchange of ideas and practices Drive execution focused on conversion Build prospect file for promotion and specialized content delivery National Productions Building value for local stations 17

18 Proprietary & Confidential Thank You Calls – early results X $15.31 = # of on-air acquired donors per year revenue per donor increaseprogram potential @ 3 months@ 6 months Lift in retention33%56% Increase follow-up revenue44%71% Additional revenue per donor$15.31$20.64 18 Proprietary & Confidential Houston learnings: -Thank You calls are highly effective ($76K opportunity) -Making Thank You calls is highly inefficient

19 Proprietary & Confidential Thank You Calls (First In Market Testing) Rules for participation -Script: Only modification allowed – station name and # -Coding in membership database Data source – data from the Reference File Stations: TPT, OPB, KPBS, WTTW  Execute on populations of 3 and 6 month donors  11K members in test  Re-evaluate and correct  deploy more tests  January – project evaluation  Result confirmation will lead to national project offer 19 Proprietary & Confidential

20 Corporate Matching  Data normalized  practices led to results  Impact: -Increased Revenue & Revenue Retention -Smoothed cash-flow Corporate matching in Houston # $ChangeAvg. FY101,028$166,23121%$161 FY09979$137,9414%$140 FY08977$132,102$135 20 Proprietary & Confidential

21 Corporate Matching – CDP Solution Employer overlay -Use of National Reference File to curb cost Discounted web-module -Significant discount compared to HEP’s offering -45% improvement in company listing Employer match mailing -Simple copy approach – station-centric identity 21 Mail QTY Break- even RRAvg. GiftBreak-Even Revenue 11,0500.52% $161 $9,250 Mail QTYEst. RRAvg. GiftEst. Revenue 11,0508% $161 $142,323

22 Proprietary & Confidential Corporate Matching – CDP Solution 22

23 Proprietary & Confidential PROJECTS INITIATED BY STATIONS Building Scale – Projects under review 23

24 Proprietary & Confidential Active Projects --Vehicle Donations Estimate is for CDP stations only Excluded assumptions -Higher sales prices will likely be achieved -Actual current cost is likely higher – averages -Growth based on increased marketing/awareness -Growth based on additional fundraising opportunities at donation time 24 RevenueCostStation ShareNetSavings Now $ 14,513 $ 4,361 $ 10,15270% CDP $ 14,513 $ 2,550 $ 11,96382% $ 1,811 *in thousands

25 Proprietary & Confidential Canvassing – Early Results Rocky Mountain PBS - 4 months of testing 34,866 doors knocked 3,085 contributions (8.8% RR) -82% New Donors -15% Rejoins Avg. Gift $58 16% sustainers Cost per member: $5.97 25

26 Proprietary & Confidential Concept -- CDP Checklists Checklist Concept CDP Checklist Approach

27 Proprietary & Confidential CDP Checklists & Business cases

28 Proprietary & Confidential Staying up-to-date Newsletter Let’s Chat webinars Topic-focused webinars …call Michal or Abby 28

29 Proprietary & Confidential 29 THANK YOU! Michal Heiplik (617) 300 - 3217 Collaborative Timely Actionable

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