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The Nkwalini Project Dr. Staussa Ervin Mind Peace International /Mbabane.

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1 The Nkwalini Project Dr. Staussa Ervin Mind Peace International /Mbabane

2 Project Introduction The Nkwalini, Zone 4, Community Health & Social Center celebrated it’s one year anniversary April 2013 of the collaboration of the building of this center between Fort Worth, TX and Mbabane, Swaziland The original project manager, Ms. Ellen Matsenjwa, has undertaken a personal project as part of her Masters thesis to enhance the services of the community and health center Dr. Staussa Ervin, owner of Mind Peace Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting, and Denise Mpinga, owner of Zaji Magazine have been enlisted to assist with the project In the last 4 years, Dr. Staussa Ervin has organized a shoe and school supplies drive for the children of Zone 4 This presentation shows the challenges and opportunities Nkwalini Community and the role Mind Peace will have in the project This is a dynamic document and will change as the project evolves

3 Nkwalini Social Challenges / Opportunities Social Challenges Drug abuse Stress Social Stigmas Child Neglect, Malnutrition Poverty Teenage pregnancy Peer Pressure HIV/AIDS Opportunities to Social Challenges Community and household recycling program Community supported urban agriculture

4 Nkwalini Environmental Challenges/Opportunities Environmental Challenges Waste management Lack of recycling Dependency on fossil fuels Green house gas emissions Pollution adding to respiratory illnesses Limited usage of renewable energy Opportunities to Environmental Challenges Educate and implement best practices in waste management and environmental sanitation Encourage recycling at household level Resource conservation Install renewable energy systems – i.e. solar panes

5 Nkwalini Economic Challenges/Opportunities Economic Challenges High unemployment High energy costs Food shortages Expensive transport system Child neglect, malnutrition Rising crime rate Opportunities to Economic Challenges Adopt cradle to cradle principle in waste management Household and community recycling program Community supported urban agriculture Create farmers market and shareholding on food produced in the community Add technical skills to community Food preservation skills Involve OVC’s to be active participants in food production

6 Mind Peace International/Mbabane Dr. Staussa Ervin created MIND PEACE to help people create and maintain the peace that allows for living a life that is balanced, fulfilling, and purposeful MIND PEACE Counseling, Coaching, Consulting has now added MIND PEACE INTERNATIONAL/MBABANE Our role will be to create a Wellness Program in the Nkwalini Community to be administered at the Mbabane/Fort Worth Health and Social Center Contents of the Wellness Program, previously identified by Ms. Ellen Matsenjwa, will include, but are not limited to, the following: –Personal hygiene and health –Encouraging physical fitness –The importance of well balanced, nutritious meals –Personal safety skills –Mental wellness –Drug abuse Train the trainer format Mobilize the Swazi Spearheaders, young community leaders in Mbabane who have attended the International Leadership Academy in Fort Worth, TX, to assist in the project

7 Nkwalini Health and Social Center

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