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“If clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a silver lining that reminds me to keep on trying.” ― Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook.

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1 “If clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a silver lining that reminds me to keep on trying.” ― Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook Matthew QuickThe Silver Linings Playbook




5 Our Location Yilan City Lodong Township

6 6 Our school is in Yi-Lan City. Yi-Lan City Luodong Kai Syuan

7 7 Location Kai Syuan Elementary School Yi-lan city Teacher’s Center Yi-lan Srorts Park How to get to Kai-Syuan It takes no more than 15 minutes from your place to Kai-Syuan at your age. It’s about 3.51km from Teacher’s Center. There is a bus stop right at the school gate. (FREE ride) Yi-lan County Hall

8 Our visions 學校目標 Health Happiness Excellence Innovation Our Vision

9 Our Goal 1.Practice sound teaching strategies2.Create a happy learning environment3.Form an excellent teaching team 4.Cultivate an innovative educational community Our Goal

10 10 English Easy Go (EEG) English Song CompetitionReader Theater

11 We Love Fulbrighters

12 Interesting extracurricular activities for students such as badminton, soccer, inline skating, dance, orchestra, calligraphy, baseball,

13 Tee Ball Caligraphy

14 Dragon Dance Ocarina Performance

15 Flying Kites Tae Kwon Do

16 Go GameViolin

17 17 School Information Staff : 32 Students : about 336 English Classrooms : 1 English Teachers : 2 Classes : 13 grade 3-6: 2 periods/week grade 1-2: 1 period/week

18 18 We need your contribution in Holiday Activities English Easy Go Weekly English English Week Activities Story-telling Updating (Maintaining) English Website Instilling creativity and profound excitement to English teaching and learning.

19 19 You will be teaching… 1 st to 6 th grades 10 classes at our school. You will be working at our school and Shing Nan Elementary School.

20 Choose Kai Syuan if you are… adventurous self-motivated active in performing interested in children excited about challenges

21 But, the most important of all, you must have PASSION! for life!

22 You may wonder….

23 I want to stay with where my “roommates” prefer…. Wrong …. You will actually count more on your co-teacher, who spends 8 working-hour with you.

24 Being able to speak Chinese is a key factor to enjoy life in Taiwan and teaching at Kai-Syuan. Oops! Wrong again… It’s your grit and flexibility that guarantee you a fantastic experience in Taiwan.

25 Who am I going to work with? Then….

26 It’s an issue between me and you. NO, I mean to be an ETA. Ha, ha!

27 What the relationship will be between you and me? Friends Mother and daughter

28 And more….. Mother and son Husband and wife

29 Well, I say ALL of THEM.

30 Facts about Ellen Liao I admire creativity with responsibility. I love reading, acting, traveling and singing.

31 More facts…. I am difficult, I would like to be your family in Taiwan, if you let me. but … easy-going.

32 Well, I have a song for us

33 I got my presentation for Kai-Syuan Now it’s your turn to make a choice. And I sure would like some sweet company I'm leaving right now,what do you say?

34 When I'm done….. When I'm done…. You're gonna miss me when I'm done You're gonna miss me by my smile You're gonna miss me by my style, oh You're gonna miss me when I'm done

35 When I'm done…. When I’m done…. You're gonna miss me when I'm done You're gonna miss me by my walk You're gonna miss me by my talk, oh You're gonna miss me when I'm done

36 In case you can’t make up your mind..

37 Dear Kai Syuan Elementary Parents and Faculty, I am writing on behalf of Ms. Ellen Liao, who I worked with at Kuang Hsing Elementary School for one academic year. It was both an honor and a joy to collaborate with such a talented and dedicated individual, and I am fully confident Ellen will excel in her new position and enrich Kai Syuan with her innovative spirit. While Ellen’s formal and colloquial English skills are exemplary, she continues to strive towards a more comprehensive knowledge of the language. I was astounded at Ellen’s reading and writing proficiency. On numerous occasions, I was able to examine documents and Chinese to English translations completed by Ellen, and they were written in flawless English. Generally speaking, writing in a second language is marked by small grammatical or word usage errors, but Ellen’s writing is nearly indistinguishable from that of a native English speaker. During our many conversations, I also realized that Ellen is very familiar with the intricacies of spoken English and its many forms of slang. Combined with her exquisite pronunciation, these skills allow Ellen to provide an across-the-board English education to her students. Her English classes not only give students the grammatical and vocabulary knowledge necessary to succeed in a formal English setting, but they also emphasize the pursuit of practical spoken English skills that will allow students to communicate in real world situations. While many Taiwanese English teachers teach directly from the textbook, Ellen has enough familiarity and confidence with English to depart when necessary. She recognizes when the language in textbooks is awkward or outdated, and is able to teach students a more correct form. In this way, Ellen’s mastery of the English language is an unparalleled benefit to her students.

38 Ellen is one of those rare teachers who truly cares for and strives to better each and every one of her students. Over the last year I have been able to observe first hand how hard Ellen works to motivate students and give them the best chance to succeed. It is a normal occurrence for Ellen to work through lunch assisting struggling students or preparing students for competitions and events. Outside of her duties as an English teacher, Ellen also takes the initiative to be a positive force on the campus. For example, during the last semester Ellen sacrificed her mornings and breaks to help students organize and practice for a school musical performance that was not at all related to English. This is just one of the many extracurricular activities that Ellen supports with a joyous heart. She is passionate about education, and sees every day as a prospect to introduce her students to new opportunities and experiences. Throughout this year Ellen inspired me to be a better teacher, and I am sure that she will have an equally positive influence at Kai Syuan in the future. Above all, I was most impressed by Ellen’s innovative teaching methods. Many Taiwanese English teachers alternate between wrote learning and games to teach English and keep students’ attention respectively. This style of passive learning may allow students to perform well on tests, but it leaves them unable to use English in any practical fashion. Ellen, on the other hand, uses an integrated teaching style in which students participate in meaningful games and activities that motivate and teach English knowledge at the same time. This active learning is the most effective way for students to gain confidence and familiarity communicating in English. They gain the language skills necessary for future endeavors, and perform well on tests—not because they simply memorized vocabulary and grammar patterns, but because they truly understand the English in their textbook lessons. Because of her superior language skills, unmatched dedication, passion for teaching, and innovative teaching methods, I highly recommend Ellen Liao. Any academic institution would be lucky to have Ellen, and I am confident that she will be a valued asset to Kai Syuan Elementary. Sincerely, Grant Livingston

39 No. 130, Kai-Syuan Rd, Yi-Lan City, Yi-Lan County, Taiwan, R.O.C Address 886-3-9253793 886-3-925-2142 TEL 886-3-9251146 FAX Website E-MAIL goal Contact Information

40 40 Welcome to KaiSyuan

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