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Ellen Hopkins Most of her books are about teen struggles. Crank Glass Burned Impulse Identical Tricks.

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2 Ellen Hopkins Most of her books are about teen struggles. Crank Glass Burned Impulse Identical Tricks

3 Protagonist Connor  Handsome, Devious, depressed.  Comes from a wealthy, unsupportive family.  Attempted suicide.  Now lives at Aspen Springs.

4 Antagonist Vanessa Bipolar (genetics) Comes from a supportive family. Cuts herself Attempted suicide Now lives at Aspen Springs

5 Favorite Character Tony Understanding, Considerate, Funny Hard life at home Had trouble with drug addictions Attempted suicide Now lives at Aspen Springs

6 Least Favorite Character Dr. Boston Grumpy, Bossy, Inconsiderate. Therapist at Aspen Springs

7 Exposition They were sent to Aspen Springs after they attempted suicide and failed. They met each other and became friends. Didn’t plan on getting better.

8 Rising Action Each character works on getting out of Aspen Springs as soon as they can. Become close friends while at Aspen Springs. Their problems aren’t really being fixed. Working towards being able to go on a camping trip. –Last challenge they have to overcome before going home.

9 Climax They all earn the privilege of going on the camping trip together. While on the hike others start noticing Connor’s attitude is wavering and very unhappy. Connor makes a decision that changes everyone’s lives.

10 Falling Action They return to camp, each dealing with the loss of a friend in different ways. They think about how life is going to be when they return home.

11 Resolution Vanessa and Tony continue with their relationship. Timidly, they prepare to return home. Not sure what to expect of their lives upon return.

12 Setting Aspen Springs Mental Hospital Too Clean For people with mental illnesses –Ex. Depression, Addictions, Paranoia

13 Themes Depression- a common illness that causes a sense of inadequacy and sadness. Drug Addiction- addiction to a drug. Affects people of all ages. Suicidal tendencies- commonly caused by depression.

14 Book Rating: 9 I really enjoyed reading this book because it is really easy to connect with. I know many people my age that deal or have dealt with the same things these kids dealt with. The book was very realistic and involved very serious social issues.

15 Social Issue Suicide

16 Teen Suicide Tribute Video k8s

17 Wanda’s Song The Readings BxE

18 Suicide=Nothing Listen loud and listen clear, This is a message for all to hear, To express my point of view, This news is old, it isn't new. This type of news you'll often see, In newspapers, magazines, and even TVs, About people wasting their life away, Thinking that suicide is the only way. Some say their hardships are too great, And that suicide will release them from their fate, It isn't the answer, I tell you so, This isn't the attitude that one should show. You think that suicide will lift the pain, That suicide will release you from your shame, That suicide is the only way out, You are definitely wrong without a doubt. Though maybe with the problem you cannot cope, You sit there thinking that there's no hope, Though it is easier said then done, You should face your problems, you mustn’t run. Look at the brighter side instead, You can cry out, but raise your head, Remember that life is precious beyond measure, It's filled with sorrow, joy, hardships, and even pleasure. Don't be a coward and put your life to an end, Instead, reach out for a helping hand, Because to every problem, there is a solution, Solve it and don't put your life straight to a conclusion. Ask for help, do not despair, For someone you need will always be there, To help you through your darkest times, For taking you own the worst crime…

19 Suicide Statistics Seven suicide attempts every seventeen minutes. –One Succeeds Over 90% of suicide people are mentally ill. About 750,000 suicide attempts each year in the US. An estimated 5 million living Americans have attempted suicide. Every 1 hour 37 minutes, an elderly person dies from suicide. A young person, every 2 hours 12 minutes. (Caruso, Suicide Statistics)

20 Suicide Methods Firearms- 55% of all suicide is by firearms. Hanging or suffocation- One out of every five people use this method. Third most common way of suicide is Poisoning. These three methods account for about 92% of all suicides. (Caruso, Suicide Statistics)

21 Suicide Untreated Depression 90% of people who commit suicide were mentally ill at time of death (Caruso, Suicide Statistics) If you see signs, get help. Depression triggered by a traumatic life experience, could cause suicidal tendencies. (Melissa Conrad Stöppler)

22 Life at Home Child neglect/abuse (, Child Abuse Linked to Later Suicide) Life at home can affect in both positive and negative ways. (, Child Abuse Linked to Later Suicide) Disapproval of parents –Feel as if they didn’t rise to expectations. Traumatic life experiences –Ex. Divorce, extreme stress, loss of a job.

23 How to Help 75% of suicide victims showed signs. (Caruso, Suicide Statistics) If you see a sign, get them help. (Melissa Conrad Stöppler) Talk with them. Therapist Discussion groups Get them involved with others –Friendships will make them feel cared for. Don’t leave them alone

24 Rachel Densley Period 4

25 Bibliography 2009 йил 28-February. 2010 йил 23-Februare. Caruso, Kevin. “Suicide Causes.” 2010 йил 20-February. —. “Suicide Statistics.” 2005. 2010 йил 20-February. “Child Abuse Linked to Later Suicide.” 2009 йил 28-February. 2010 йил 23- February. —. “Suicides Increase During Spring and Recession.” 2009 йил 28-April. 2010 йил 23-February. —. “Summer Employment Turns Down Suicidal Thoughts In Teens.” 2009 йил 26-March. 2010 йил 23-February. Gutierrez, David. “Sedatives Increase Risk of Suicide in Elderly.” 2009 йил 1-November. 2010 йил 23-February. Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD. “Suicide Warning Signs.” 2008 йил 21-November. 2010 йил 23-February. Nock, Matthew K. “About Teen Suicide.” 2008 йил June. 2010 йил 23-February. P, Hazell. "Adolescent suicide clusters: evidence, mechanisms, and prevention." December 1993. 20 February 2010. Unknown. “What can I do to help someone who may be suicidal?” Whitaker, Dr. Julian. “Mental Health: It's Life, Not Depression.” 2009 йил 13-March. 2010 йил 23-Februare

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