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More Friends More Media More Fun. Monitor Build Outreach Evaluate Friends Campaign.

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1 More Friends More Media More Fun


3 Monitor Build Outreach Evaluate Friends Campaign

4 Build Team Message Tools

5 Writing, speaking, graphics, social media, and connecting


7 1. All about them 2. Hearts then minds 3. Make it simple 4. Make it quick 5. Make it yours 6. All senses 7. Repeat, repeat, and oh yeah, repeat 8. Test it out Forming your message & creating identity

8 Topic Basic/Background info Audience Outcomes What’s in it for me? Human interest element Basic message worksheet

9 The right tool for the job news releaseLinkedIn website Pinterest newsletterblog flyer Twitter fact sheets brochure Facebook guest column Flickr op-ed letter to editor YouTube

10 Go where your target audience is.

11 Our message Brochure; Featured Friend Photos; FAQ; news release Friends Facts; Programs

12 Ready to Launch Staff trained Stakeholders onboard Checked for accuracy Has our “look” Consistent with our message Tells people what they can do Has our contact info

13 News & Info NewspaperCable TVRadioWebsite/BlogsFacebookTwitter Feed the machine Keep information flowing Evaluate Adjust

14 “When a dog bites a man no one cares. When the man bites back-- now that’s a news story.”

15 NEWSWORTHY? Timing Impact/ Significance Proximity Prominence Human Interest Conflict Unusual

16 Olympic Silver Medalist Adopts a Family of Stray Dogs he found in Sochi

17 So, who cares?

18 Press releases: yes and no Yes: Keep it short and smart Think like their audience Just the facts, ma’am Understand local media Think beyond print Quotes that sound like how someone would really talk Who, what, when, where, how, why? Contact info Avoid: Jargon Burying the lead Typos Sounding gimmicky

19 Swansea library cat causes controversy More than just books: Arizona libraries add public health nurses New broadband network launched in Otis, will serve central and western Mass. Project aims to let libraries share e-books FIGHTING 'DIGITAL LOCKOUT' Salisbury votes to build new library Springfield City Councilor Tim Allen named Library Advocate of the Year Libraries are a tech and reading hub Amazon vs. your public library Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library East Longmeadow Public Library offers weekly reading for children with Bright Spot therapy dogs Seeing their way to new skills Library Headlines

20 “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take” --Wayne Gretzky

21 Celeste Bruno Communications Specialist Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 617-725-1860 X208

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