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ProMéxico Main Concepts of Mexico´s International Promotion Plan México, DF., March 2008.

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1 ProMéxico Main Concepts of Mexico´s International Promotion Plan México, DF., March 2008

2 Background FDI has a flat line behavior in last years (showing an increase for 2007) Diminished market share on international export markets. Underperformance on our Free Trade Agreements. We have lost mindshare as a friendly country to make business. Our international image is minor compared to our main competitors. We need to improve competitiveness as a country.

3 Construction

4 Mission: ProMexico has the mandated to plan, coordinate, and implement the strategy to promote the business image of Mexico abroad, attract FDI and promote exports abroad in order to contribute to economic and social development in Mexico. Vision: ProMexico Trust is a Public Entity considered by the Federal Government which has achieved a world-class efficiency because of the commitment of all its employees and officials with the development of Mexico. ProMexico has a solid reputation in all entities of the federal civil service, as well as states and municipalities because it has been an important factor promoting Mexico in the world, which has allowed the image of our country abroad generate confidence in the major investors and our trading partners in the World. ProMexico is a success story narrated by multilateral agencies deploy specialized for achieving a model of efficient operation that serves as an example to the nations of the world in terms of attracting investment and promoting exports. Mission, Vision & Values

5 Values: In our values we support from the long-term strategy to the most immediate daily activities: - Respect: For his eminent dignity based on their very nature, every person is worthy of our unconditional respect. - Efficiency: All of us at ProMexico we are committed to do a job effectively for the benefit of all Mexicans - Consistency: ProMexico works permanently in this, all aspects of our lives act in accordance with our values of honesty and dedication to service to Mexico. Mision, Vision & Values

6 ….among others. Mision, Vision & Values

7 Strategy

8 Aligning Relevant Incentives The alignment of incentives is to analyse in detail, relevant information of interest for the implementation of a project, this analysis must find the appropriate variables, demonstrating to those involved that Mexico is THE opportunity, as well as the detail needed to actions generating realistic, understandable, measurable, credible and agreed among the group that will ensure the successful completion of the project. GFM GEM EM GFE GEE EE GFM GEM EM GFE GEE EE NPD, Strategic Sectors, Poverty, Econimies, State Vocation, Information, Actors,……… NPD, Strategic Sectors, Poverty, Econimies, State Vocation, Information, Actors,………

9 General Strategy Promexico Mexico is THE Opportunity Goals Realistas Undrstandable Measurables Believable Realistics Agreed Upon Goals Extraordinary Goals SE SHCP SAGARPA ST SRE IPSect. y Org. Invitados

10 Communication Strategy Natural vocation, geography, natural resources, location Relationship with the World Business (75% of GDP/44 Countries) Macroeconomic Stability Political Maturity Demographic Moment of Mexico & the World Specialized Competitiveness It´s people “Mexico is THE Opportunity”

11 1.- Focus 2.- ProMéxico Push Strategy 3.- Coordinate 4.- Socially Responsible Action plan ………. The activity will focus on the mexican segments of high value to both FDI & Exports, this approach should reach the maximum level of detail that search for specific business opportunities at the enterprise level. ProMexico pushes the projecys and businesses, through the work of Intelligence and prospecting each one. This means that actively proposals to specific opportunities are for client/companies in business call toaction. ProMexico functions as coordinator and facilitator between mexican government agencies In terms of attracting FDI and promoting Exports. It also coordinates the Image of business aborad, in order to avoid duplication of functions. Our activity should be reflected in Mexico The progress of our communities with more needs, this means that ProMéxico works in specific activities to benefit economic & labour to regions where there are more economic gaps in order to reduce poverty..

12 How can we help? Ombudsman Soft Landing One Stop Shop Investor After Care Government Procedures Advisory

13 Basic Procedures

14 Value Proposal for attracting FDI ProMéxico offers value to the investor through a personalized case of its investment proposal, in supporting a unified process, generating value activities in prospecting, negotiating and searching for financing, we provide all services under one roof with a philosophy of comprehensive service. Opportunity analysis Personalized offer Mexican unified proposal Networking TramitologyOmbudsmanPost sales serviceFinancing contacts

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16 Business case example Regresar

17 Value proposal for trade ProMexico offers a concept of service to ensure all the relevant information for the trade opportunity. This includes complete directories, publication of export opportunities, guides to export, and the platform to create a virtual store which allows the exporter to manage the entire export process in the same place, from research opportunities, export and guides for trade, to the receipt of payments and handle & shipping information also export certification process and branding, protection to the exporter and financial contacts. Analysis and detection of trade opportunity Publication of export opportunity Personalized export consultancy Certification and branding service Virtual business plataform Exporter Protection Service Post sales service Contact with financing

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19 Thank you !

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