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Ellen Baumler, Ph.D. Montana Historical Society MHS Photo Archives.

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1 Ellen Baumler, Ph.D. Montana Historical Society MHS Photo Archives

2 African-American Population in Montana & Contiguous States In 2000, Montana’s total population was 902,195; 2,834 were African American

3 Lewis and Clark on the Lower Columbia, C. M. Russell, Amon Carter Museum

4 “York,” C. M. Russell, MHS Museum

5 York’s Islands off Hwy 12 near Townsend, courtesy Troy Helmick

6 Jim Beckwourth, Nevada Historical Society

7 Seattle Times, April 16, 1970

8 Isaiah Dorman, Negro Digest, February 1965

9 Leeson, History of Montana

10 Samuel Lewis House, National Register files (SHPO)

11 Samuel Lewis House, Interior, National Register files (SHPO)

12 Forever Free by Edmonia Lewis, Howard University Gallery of Art

13 Sarah Gammon Bickford, African American Registry at

14 Hangman’s Building, Virginia City, courtesy Ellen Baumler

15 Coggswell-Taylor Cabins, Virginia City, courtesy Kate McCourt

16 Montana Post, 1879

17 Madisonian, March 22, 1906

18 Mary Fields, High Plains Women’s Museum

19 St. Peter’s Mission, MHS Photo Archives

20 Mary Fields, MHS Library vertical files

21 A Quiet Day in Cascade, C. M. Russell, MHS Library vertical files

22 Mary Fields, MHS Library vertical files

23 Mary Fields’ tombstone, MHS Library vertical files

24 Molly (Millie) Ringold, MHS Photo Archives

25 Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Shaw 1890, MHS Photo Archives

26 Saddle Patent, 1896, MHS African American website

27 From Under Fire with the Tenth U. S. Cavalry

28 Horace Bivins and Booth equipped for service, photo from Under Fire

29 Horace Bivins and Booth, photo from Under Fire

30 Illustration from Under Fire

31 Powder Magazine at Fort Missoula, Montana National Guard

32 25 th Infantry Bicycle Corps, Mansfield Library

33 Hamilton, Ravalli County census, 1900

34 Mary Gordon, MHS Library vertical file

35 Rose Gordon, MHS Library vertical file

36 Rose’s Café business cards, MHS Library vertical file

37 Rose Café business card, reverse side

38 Taylor Gordon, Born to Be

39 MHS Library vertical file

40 Taylor Gordon, Born To Be

41 Garfield School, Butte, MHS Photo Archives

42 Polk City Directory, Butte, 1906 Butte Miner, May 2, 1906

43 Former St. James AME Church, Helena, courtesy Ellen Baumler

44 J. P. Ball, MHS Photo Archives

45 J.P. Ball photographer, MHS Photo Archives


47 William Biggerstaff. J.P. Ball photographer, date unknown. MHS Photo Archives

48 J.P. Ball photographer, April 1896. MHS Photo Archives


50 Dorsey Family, MHS Photo Archives

51 Dorsey Grocery/Wise Penny, courtesy Ellen Baumler

52 Julian Anderson, MHS Library vertical file

53 Montana Club 1903, MHS Photo Archives

54 Anaconda Standard, May 27, 1903

55 MHS Library vertical file

56 Montana Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, Butte, 1924. MHS Photo Archives

57 Octavia Bridgewater, MHS Library vertical file

58 James Wesley Crump, Norman Howard Collection

59 Clarissa Jane Crump, Norman Howard Collection

60 Social gathering in the Crumps’ yard, 9 th Avenue, Helena Illustrated, Norman Howard collection

61 Norman Howard, Helena Independent Record, December 9, 1979

62 Union Bethel AM E Church, Great Falls, National Register files (SHPO)

63 Alma Jacobs (right) and family in Lewistown, c. 1920, MHS Photo Archives

64 Alma Jacobs, State Librarian, Great Falls, MHS Photo Archives

65 Memorial Plaza, Great Falls, courtesy Ken Robison

66 Geraldine Travis, Montana Legislature Historical Highlights at

67 Two-Year-Old Nathan Jones, Great Falls Tribune, February 4, 2007

68 Unidentified African-American woman, Philipsburg, 1888-1889, MHS Photo Archives

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