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U NIVERSITY OF N OTRE D AME ’ S T AKE T EN P ROGRAM Welcome to our Volunteers!

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1 U NIVERSITY OF N OTRE D AME ’ S T AKE T EN P ROGRAM Welcome to our Volunteers!


3 S OME OF THE “ NUTS AND BOLTS ” OF BEING A VOLUNTEER WITH T AKE T EN  Volunteer app. and waivers submitted electronically at  Volunteers adhere to University’s Protection of Children Policy  Applications should indicate schedule and preferences. Docs. should be submitted ASAP!!!  As soon as school placements are made, teams should meet and vols. should read the curriculum online. ( Use ND userid and password or Userid: taketen and Password: Taketen10  We begin in schools the week of February 2nd.

4 W HAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A T AKE T EN V OLUNTEER ? Refer to the top sheet of packet Volunteers are assigned to a team that travels to a school once a week to deliver Take Ten lessons Volunteers plan lessons together before each session Each week, volunteers work through a concept on a different part of conflict resolution Volunteers provide a positive force for the development of non- violence skills in local children Vols. need to follow school rules and always be on time, courteous, etc. Ask a fellow student about her or his experiences! Talk to Ellen at office hours: Fridays, 3:30-5:00, Dorothy Day Room at Geddes Hall (CSC)


6 L EGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS ! The newest trend in girl-oriented dress code issues (Just think, this slide replaced one featuring bare midriffs!)

7 A ND, G UYS, WE DON ’ T WANT TO LEAVE YOU OUT ! This is obviously a problem! But, so is this...

8 M ANDATORY R EPORTING OF C HILD A BUSE H ANDOUT Working closely with children can lead to disclosure of information making you suspect child abuse or neglect. If this happens, you MUST report it to your immediate supervisor (depends on site and timing) You should listen closely to the child and gather information without overwhelming child with questions You must tell the child that you are a mandated reporter and must share the information with your supervisor; you cannot reveal what the child has disclosed to anyone else. (The two sides of confidentiality.) Your supervisor will make the report to the Department of Child Protection Services, but your duty is only satisfied when your supervisor makes the report, if that is what is deemed required. Full details in handouts or contact Ellen Kyes

9 T HE T AKE T EN P HILOSOPHY Take Ten’s vision: Youth, when faced with conflict, will use the skills acquired from Take Ten to successfully resolve conflict non-violently. The definition of CONFLICT: A disagreement between two or more people; it is an inevitable part of daily life. Take Ten’s Definition of VIOLENCE: Anything that causes harm, be it physical or emotional, to others, yourself, or to your surroundings.

10 V ALUES AND P RINCIPLES F ORM THE NEXT BLOCK IN OUR F OUNDATION For the younger set, we play Two Truths and One Lie Two Ethics Debates: 1. Katrina Housing Debate 2. Bio Ethics YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN VALUES TO MAKE THESE CHOICES...

11 A W ORD FROM OUR D EPUTY T AKE T EN D IRECTOR Torey Tokarski, Deputy Director, an AmeriCorps Member She will be at office hours when I’m not Torey is making volunteer placements, coordinating teams, etc.

12 SOME WORDS FROM FELLOW STUDENT VOLUNTEERS Listen to your Team Managers and Learn! --Break--

13 T HE T AKE T EN T EAM AND R EAL LESSONS WE USE WITH LOCAL STUDENTS... Questions from the lesson? Many points in your handouts are covered by the content in the lessons...

14 D EVELOPMENTAL M ILESTONES (H ANDOUT ) Review the handout sheet particular to the children you’ll be working with If you have to err, err on the side of preparing for children younger than you actually have If you speak or act inappropriately for their age, regroup and try again. Let the teacher know that you know you goofed; they’ll forgive and help you.

15 S OME BASICS FOR ANY LESSONS (H ANDOUTS ) Always start sessions with a review—you can create your own reviews or use games in Ellen’s office Develop quiet-down methods. Anytime games are a staple Smiley Face Telephone Heads Up Seven Up Your own

16 LESSON PLANNING—IT’S A MUST!!! (HANDOUT) Team needs to meet at least one day prior to your session Write down what chapter or concept you’re covering, who’s doing what, what supplies or books you need, and how much time each portion will take Review of handout examples



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