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UPS Packaging BY : Ellen Park & Jim Zolty MGNT 357.

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1 UPS Packaging BY : Ellen Park & Jim Zolty MGNT 357

2 History of UPS  Founded on August 12, 1907 by Jim Casey (19 years old) and Claude Ryan ( 18 years old)  In 1919, company made its first expansion into Oakland, CA and changed the name to United Parcel Service.  In 1922, acquired an innovative practice known as “common carrier” service.  In 1929, UPS became the first package delivery to provide air service by a privately operated jets.  1992- 2000, expansion in services, technology, and globalization.

3 “Common Carrier” Service  Incorporated many features of the operating principles of the retail store delivery  The key feature of UPS was able to provide extensive service rates comparable to those of the parcel post  Other features included: Automatic daily pick up calls Acceptance of checks Automatic returns  1924, introduced the first conveyor belt system for handling packages

4 Process of UPS  Smart labels are placed on the packages by the UPS employee with all the shipping information  Scans the smart label into a system that tracks the package every step of the way  Shipped off to the local UPS center (mini sorting)

5 World Port  Packages traveling under 200 miles, anything more than 200 miles get shipped to the UPS airline which flies to UPS world port  Once packages are arrived and departing, employees move the pods into the buildings or onto the planes.  Each employee only touches the packages twice while at world port (pod loading and unloading), while computers control every other step

6 Process of UPS (con’t)  Packages need to be placed on a conveyor belt  Sensors weight and measure boxes  Packages go a down a maze of 17,000 conveyor belts totaling 122 miles

7 Traveling through World Port  This process quickly screens, scans, and sorts packages to even narrower divisions by country, state, city, and zip codes  Most packages travel through the system in less than 15 minutes.  When packages are organized, employees hand pack them into the proper pods and load them back into the planes

8 Process of UPS (con’t)  Once arrived at the destination, employees unloads the packages into over 90 thousand vehicles that makes the deliveries.  Finally, the UPS driver scans the smart label to finish the delivery to let everyone know the package has officially arrived.

9 How UPS airlines work 

10 Quality Control  Loss or Damanged Packages.

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