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Act 89 Program Eliza Vagni Director of Community Services.

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1 Act 89 Program Eliza Vagni Director of Community Services

2 Act 89 Program History Program began in the early 1970s Funded by the Commonwealth of PA and administered by local intermediate units Provides auxiliary services to non-public and private school students

3 IU 19 currently provides the following services under Act 89: Remedial support for reading and math School Counseling Services at both the elementary and high school levels Pre-Psychological Services and Pre-Referral Procedures Standardized achievement testing and scoring (in support of Act 89 programs) Licenses for Discovery Education Services Dibels screening for students in kindergarten through fifth grade Consultation

4 Eligibility Eligible students are Pennsylvania residents parentally- placed in qualifying nonprofit K-12 non-public schools on a full-time basis. The following students are not funded by Act 89 and, subsequently, are not eligible for non-public education services: Preschool students Home school students Students whose primary residence is outside of Pennsylvania Students for whom tuition is paid by the Commonwealth

5 Act 89 is not... a special education program. a behavior management program.

6 Referral for Remedial Services Teacher/Principal Recommendation Parent Request/Concern Act 89 Teacher Referral Result of Pre-Referral Process Meeting Screenings (Benchmark Screenings, Dibels, Diagnostic, Terra Nova, etc.) Classroom Teacher Benchmark Screenings Student Self-referral Previously enrolled students Doctor recommendation New Students/File Records

7 Please remember… Program is most successful when students are seen on a consistent basis.

8 We can... Provide remedial instruction in small groups or individually outside the regular classroom (not during whole group instruction of the subject being remediated) Push in (small groups, co-teach, etc.) Serve as a resource for teachers (strategies) Screen Utilize diagnostic assessments Monitor student progress Communicate with classroom teachers, principals, and parents

9 DIBELS Beginning and Advanced Decoding Surveys San Diego Quick Assessment Woodcock Reading Mastery Test Qualitative Reading Inventory Basic Reading Inventory Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding Developmental Reading Assessment 2 Spelling Inventory Reading A-Z Key Math Screenings/Diagnostics

10 Characteristics of a Struggling Learner Unable to recall information Skips steps, words, lines Guesses at words/answers Low comprehension/ Unable to retell Unable to understand relationships between concepts, words, numbers Lack of fluency with reading and/or math facts Acting out / Visible frustration Insufficient decoding skills Lack of number sense

11 Students Exiting the Act 89 Program Communication/discussion with the classroom teacher, parent, principal, and Act 89 teacher is required.

12 How Can We Collaborate with You?

13 All Saints Academy Jamie Ostrowski

14 St. Clare/St. Paul Marty Memolo Cathy Keegan

15 St. Stanislaus Ellen Dempsey Helen McMinn

16 LaSalle Academy Jessica Kane Beth Kirchgessner Ellen Dempsey Gina Tomassoni

17 Our Lady of Peace Amelia Pavlikowski Gina Tomassoni

18 Summit Christian Academy Helen McMinn

19 Amelia Pavlikowski Cheryl Radkiewicz Triboro Christian Academy

20 St. Mary’s of Mt. Carmel Cheryl Radkiewicz Cathy Keegan

21 Geneva School Cheryl Radkiewicz Ellen Dempsey

22 Abington Christian Academy Helen McMinn Jessica Kane

23 Scranton Hebrew Day School Gina Tomassoni

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